So, I was inspired to write this one shot, and if you loyal readers know me, you know I get ideas like this frequently, so I just decided to go ahead and make a place to put them all. This first one requires that you read the entirety of TGS, and takes place the night after the battle... and Trunks's encounter with a certain fuku.


Usagi groggily wandered downstairs at six in the morning to the sound of her new father-in-law laughing his ass off harder than she'd heard him since she'd met him three days ago, and stared at him in annoyance once she reached the living room. "I love you, Tousan, but if you don't shut the fu—what the fuck is—OH. MY. GOD. TRUNKS!" She bellowed at the top of her lungs, only setting Vegeta to laughing even harder.

Stranger was immediately at her side, growling as he scanned the room for a threat. Until he felt his mate's hand gently grip his chin and turn it towards the television screen. And there was what had made her scream for him, the sight of two barely lit bodies moving against each other passionately.

Even though you could hardly even see anything, there was no question that it was them on the screen; every now and then you'd catch a flash of Trunks's or Usagi's golden hair in the moonlight, or a glimpse of the sword strapped to his back, or her tiara on her forehead.

"Fuuuuuu…" Usagi groaned, unable to even finish the curse word on her lips.

"We got caught," Trunks said flatly, burying his face in his hands. "Fuck me running."

Vegeta, who was still laughing so hard that there were tears rolling down his face, finally composed himself just enough to snort, "well, brat, you should have been more careful, huh? It wasn't even a…" the Prince of all Saiyans actually giggled… "security camera! Some damned human caught part of your tryst on a damned cell phone, and you didn't even sense them!?"

"I was a little busy at the time, Father!" Trunks snarled, punching him in the shoulder. "Claiming my mate, if that isn't obvious by the video, damn it!"

"Oh, it's obvious, brat!" Vegeta cackled, laughing so hard that he actually fell off the couch this time. "Would you like me to turn up the volume, girl? There's audio, too," he added with an evil grin after a few minutes, since his children had decided to ignore him and stare aghast at the screen as the news channel continued to loop the breaking news.

Usagi reluctantly reached for the remote, hesitated, and finally let her curiosity get the better of her as she cringed and turned up the volume. Trunks and Vegeta could already hear it, due to their superior hearing, but it was near-silent for her.

And then she groaned again, sagging against Trunks as she heard the newscasters commenting; it would have been funny if it had been anyone else but them on the screen.

"Well, ladies," a woman's voice chuckled, "it seems that the Golden Warrior is now officially taken!"

"That goes for you gentleman, too," a man laughed off screen. "Apparently young men all over the city are suffering broken hearts at the sight of Sailor Moon in the arms of the Golden Warrior!"

"Oh, but we all knew it was going to happen, if it already wasn't going on, Rick," the woman commented. "I think it's kind of sweet, really. These two young superheroes, falling in love and having a passionate moment… it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy for them."

"Yeah, it wasn't really a surprise," Rick agreed. "The surprise is that they actually got caught, since they're both so notorious for their avoidance of any type of publicity. Even the police have seen them only a handful of times."

"For those of you just joining in, this is Channel Fourteen News reporting. A videotape was given to us late last night, confirming the suspected relationship between the Golden Warrior and Sailor Moon. Now, we must warn you, this video is a tad graphic, even though you can't actually see anything, so we advise you to get any children out of the room. The audio is more graphic than the tape, which is what you really need to worry about."

Usagi turned as red as a tomato when they restarted the video, this time with audio, and she heard her own cries of passion and the sound of Trunks growling for her to hold still, that she belonged to him. And then she heard herself moaning his name in ecstasy as he ordered her to come for him, and she wanted nothing more than to crawl under a table and disappear.

Thank Selene; at least the tape had started after she'd called her mate by his actual name, so his identity hadn't been revealed.

Trunks looked to his father, who was still chuckling, sitting on the couch once more, and when Sailor Moon cried out loudly as she came on the television, Vegeta pumped his fist in the air triumphantly. "That's my BOY!"

"Kami, Father. Shut. Up," he snarled.

Vegeta abruptly stopped laughing when he smelled the unmistakable scent of salt and water, turned, and saw Usagi crying ashamedly. "Damn it, girl, don't do that," he groaned, rising from the couch to embrace her tightly. "No one knows that it's you, they just see Sailor Moon."

Usagi shook her head against Vegeta's solid, muscular chest, letting her tears soak into his black muscle shirt. "No, Tousan, the girls will all know. Motoki, a few of my other friends… the Asshole," she added with a miserable groan. "Oh, sweet goddess, no… Haruka… she's going to have a complete and total shit fit if she sees this."

"Haruka?" Trunks asked, rubbing a soothing hand up and down his mate's back as he turned the volume back down for her benefit.

"Tenou Haruka, I'm sure you've heard of her," Usagi sniffled. "Yes, her," she added firmly, knowing that Haruka still portrayed herself as a man when she drove in the races. "She's Sailor Uranus, one of my outer Senshi. And she's extremely protective of her Koneko… God, she's going to freak the hell out over this."

"I have an idea," Vegeta rumbled thoughtfully. "If it really bothers you that much, Usagi, why not go to the station and just take the tape back? It's not like they can stop you."

"Tousan, you're amazing," Usagi whispered, standing on her tiptoes to kiss him full on the mouth before hugging him tightly. "I won't even have to do that; I'll just call the station and demand that they take it down immediately."

"And if that doesn't work, then we go up there and take the disc," Trunks added with a growl. "I'll be right back, moon goddess, let me get a secure videophone that they can't trace. Father, clear a space that won't be recognizable to anyone that sees us."

"On it, boy."

Usagi immediately transformed and silently fumed while Vegeta moved a white loveseat to what was now a blank wall, after he'd cleared it, and plopped down on it when he grunted that he was finished. Trunks returned quickly, carrying the necessary equipment, dressed in a black tank top and loose black pants, his sword strapped to his back.

"Alright," he finally said, sitting next to Usagi as he ascended, "it's dialing."

"Channel Fourteen N—oh my God…"

Usagi took that moment of frank disbelief on the receptionist's face to speak. "I want that damned video taken down at once and destroyed, do you hear me?"

"Um… uh… I'll patch you through…" the woman replied, obviously struck stupid by the sight of the two of them on her screen. She swallowed. "…to the newsroom. Hold for just a moment, please."

Trunks and Usagi both huffed impatiently when the screen went blue, signaling that they were on hold. "Hey, looks like you brats are about to go live," Vegeta chuckled, turning the volume back up a bit.

"Karen… it seems that we have Sailor Moon and the Golden Stranger on line one?" Rick said, the shock evident in his voice.

"Really!?" Karen practically squealed, losing her newscaster professionalism for just a moment. "Put them through!"

Usagi and Trunks both blinked and hesitated when Karen and Rick, sitting at their newsdesk, popped onto the screen.

"Let me just say that it's an honor to meet you both!" The woman exclaimed, beaming broadly at them.

"If it's such an honor, I'd appreciate it if you took down the footage of me making love with my husband," Usagi replied angrily. "How would you like it if someone secretly videotaped you in an intimate moment and broadcast it for the world to see!?"

Trunks snorted a little as Usagi's voice raised to a shout with that last statement and she started to rise out of her seat. "Sit down, Moon," he purred, wrapping his arm around her waist. "I'm sure these are reasonable people."

"Now, now, Miss Moon, this is news, and we're merely reporting it," Rick said professionally.

"Well then," Stranger said softly, while his mate silently fumed, "I suppose it'll make the headlines when we suddenly stop protecting the city, won't it?" The smile on his face was as smug as his father's had ever gotten when the two on the phone gaped for a brief moment. "You heard me right. Either stop broadcasting that video and destroy the disc, or we no longer save your sorry asses."

"But… but you can't do that!" Rick shouted indignantly. "Think of all the people!"

"We do!" Usagi yelled, her eyes brimming with angry tears. "I've been saving your sorry asses since I was fourteen years old! Stranger since he was much younger! We have lives, damn it! Lives we could have spent doing something a lot more fun than putting ourselves in danger for the sake of humanity! And it should be obvious that the only thing we've ever asked in return is some gods-damned privacy, what with the way we avoid any publicity! So take it down or we quit!"

Trunks chuckled when his mate nearly slid off the couch with the way she was leaning forward, and tugged her back against his side. "Gods, woman, that temper of yours. Sit down before you fall on the floor." He turned back to the screen, where it was obvious that Karen was having a hard time wiping a soft smile from her face at the sight of that little display. "Look," he continued calmly, "we're just asking for privacy, that's all. Not fame or recognition or awards or money. Just privacy in our private lives. So take down the video, please. And that goes for all stations, television and internet alike."

A tall, older man stepped behind the desk and took a seat between the two anchors. "I'm Mike, the manager of this station," he informed them, "and I'm sorry to say that we won't be bullied into not reporting the news."

Stranger smirked dangerously at the man. "Look, I'm not stupid, and neither are you. We don't just protect you and your children at night. We also protect the businesses. What are all your sponsors going to do to you and the other stations that continue to broadcast that footage? They're going to pull their sponsorship, and you people are going to lose an awful lot of money. Why? Because we protect them.

"Especially the banks. You people will go out of business before I can even get around to filing a lawsuit for the violation of our privacy. So just spare yourselves the headache and pulled the damned video," he concluded, leaning back comfortably into the loveseat.

Finally calm enough to speak, Usagi cleared her throat. "I personally call upon the people viewing this broadcast right now to boycott any station showing this tape. I'm sure you all remember the attack from yesterday, right? Well, we fought those youma last night and defeated them, but none of you know about it because I used my powers to put you all to sleep so no one would get hurt. I then repaired all of the damage. If it weren't for us and our friends, the city would have been rubble by now, and you would all be dead.

"So," she continued, after a slight pause. "Don't boycott the stations simply because we're threatening to quit. Do it because you owe us your lives already, several times over… and because it's the decent thing to do."

"Or we could just go blow up the station," Trunks suggested with a playful grin directed at his mate.

"I'll admit, I'm tempted," she grumbled.

"Is that a threat?" Mike asked seriously.

"We don't make threats," Stranger spat. "If I wanted that station gone, it'd already be in ruins."

"Sweet Selene, it is too early for this shit," Sailor Moon grumbled crankily. "Excuse me," she remarked caustically to the video screen, "I'm going to get a cup of coffee. Stranger?"

"Yeah, beautiful, one cup of diesel fuel, please," he answered, pulling her to him to brush his lips over hers. When he let her go, he smirked at the sight of Karen, who had a sappy smile on her face. "So… where were we?"

"I believe you were making threats," the manager replied tersely.

"Um… I'm sorry to interrupt," Karen said, "but can we compromise, perhaps?"

Trunks blinked and shrugged. "I'm all ears." He snorted, rolled his eyes, and waited patiently when the station manager pulled the woman to him, and he and both the newscasters began heatedly whispering to each other.

Sailor Moon joined him back on the couch while they were still huddled up tightly behind the desk, and handed him a cup of coffee. "Super strong. Four hours of sleep strong," she added with a snort, sipping at her own caffeinated brew. "What are they doing?"

"Something about a compromise, and now that jackass manager is wasting my time," he grunted, knowing very well that the object of his ire could hear him.

Both of them smirked a little when someone with a headset walked onto the stage and whispered something to the manager, who looked up at the screen and glared daggers at the pair of superheroes. "Let me guess," Trunks said smugly. "Sponsors calling?"

Karen shot them the barest nod when the manager stormed off the stage, swearing under his breath. "So," she said amicably, "I was thinking an interview with the two of you, right now, in exchange for taking down the video without any fuss. No uncomfortable questions, I swear."

Sailor Moon leaned into her mate and whispered in his ear. "What do you think?"

Stranger turned his mouth to her ear. "I don't mind, as long as that woman's the one asking the questions. Both of those assholes can take a flying fucking leap. You ok with it? Because if you're not, I don't mind saying no, either."

When his mate took a sip of her coffee and finally gave him a tiny nod, he looked back at the screen. "Ok, but you ask the questions, since you seem to have more than half a brain. Nothing that will embarrass Moon, and nothing that could possibly reveal who we really are. And we reserve the right to refuse to answer anything."

"Done!" Karen replied gleefully, moving her chair to the center of the desk as Rick made a graceful exit. "So… how did you two meet? Was it while you were fighting crime? I know the first reported sighting of you together was about a year ago."

"Yeah," Trunks answered, "it was a year ago, and Moon sort of had this genius moment and managed to track my movements. She cornered me and suggested we join up."

"And that was it?"

"No," Usagi snorted, smacking Trunks's arm when he nodded, "the jackass turned me down and said he didn't play well with others."

"Yeah, I did, didn't I?" He replied sheepishly. "But I saved your sexy ass at that robbery a few nights later."

"Which you wouldn't have had to do if you'd just been there to help me in the first place," Usagi said in a sing-song voice. She grinned a little when Karen chuckled. "Sorry."

"No, it's alright. Honestly, it's downright adorable the way you two interact. Next question. When did you two fall in love?"

"Immediately for me," Trunks said without hesitation. "Only I didn't know what it was until a little while later."

"Um… well…" Usagi blushed when both her mate and the interviewer waited for her to answer. "I realized it about six months later. I'm sure Stranger remembers that night pretty well. And no," she added quickly, "it's not what you think at all, it was just a very emotional moment for me. A break up. I can't go into more detail than that, sorry."

"Understood," Karen said brightly. "When did you two finally get… you did say you were married, right?"

"Hai," Usagi replied.

"A few days ago. She was severely injured, and while she was recovering, a few things… came to light," Trunks allowed.

"A confession of secret love from the both of you, no doubt?" Karen smiled warmly when they both had the grace to blush at the memory of their first argument and stare into their coffee cups. "Well, that answers that question. Was the video a result of the youma attack on the city?"

"Yeah, heat of the moment thing," Trunks lied, not about to disclose the plans they'd previously made to shred her fuku. "Sorry if we blinded anyone," he added with a grin, leaning back comfortably to wrap an arm around his mate, who had only turned even redder.

Karen laughed and shook her head. "So, Sailor Moon, what's it like to be married to what is arguably the sexiest man on the planet?"

"Exhausting," Usagi choked, taking a drink of her coffee to hide her smile.

"In more ways than one," Trunks added, waggling his eyebrows.

"Hell, Stranger isn't the sexiest man on the planet anyway," she teased, "his father already claimed that title, thank you." Sailor Moon laughed when Vegeta called out an affirmation from the couch on the other side of the screen, followed by a barking laugh.

"I take it his father just heard you?"

"Tousan hears everything, especially when it's about him. Not that he needs that ego of his stroked," Usagi huffed.

"I have to admit, I envy you, Sailor Moon, being surrounded by so many attractive men."

"Don't be, the tempers and the egos that go with all of them give me a regular migraine." Usagi blushed when Trunks leaned in and whispered something in her ear before tugging on it with his teeth, then slapped at his arm. "Cut that out, baka! Not on TV!"

"Hell, woman, we did more than that on TV last night," he teased, grinning when she glared daggers at him.

Karen was obviously trying her very best not to burst out laughing on national television, these two were just downright romantic in her eyes. "I don't know about our viewers, but I think it's just great that two of the saviors of our world have found a slice of happily ever after," she sighed.

"It is kind of nice," Usagi admitted, looking up at Stranger with unadulterated love in her eyes.

"More than nice," he replied softly, leaning in to kiss her. He kept it short and sweet, though, since they were on TV, and he didn't want Usagi to punch him in the balls later on.

"So, on to less personal questions, I for one have been wondering where all the other Sailor Senshi have disappeared to. It seems that it's only been you, Sailor Moon, for several years, until Stranger showed up."

"Some stuff happened that I can't talk about, and I decided that my Senshi deserved normal, regular lives. After all they've done, they deserve it, Karen. And if they're watching right now… and I know you are, Mercury… please keep Mars from calling me and bitching me out. It's too early."

"I take it you're going to get chewed out a little over the video?"

"A little?" Trunks laughed. "Red's going to have heart failure, and we're both going to be dodging fireballs for a week after she screams at us until we're deaf." He guzzled the last of his coffee and sighed. "This is going to be a very long day."

"Well, off of that subject, since it seems a little stressful for the both of you. I take it that Stranger and the other Senshi don't get along?"

"Oh, no. They get along great," Usagi said with a shrug. "They're just going to give us a lot of crap for getting caught, and Sailor Mars is known for her temper. Even more so than myself, lately."

"Like a big happy family. Speaking of family… any plans for one?" Karen chuckled when they both jumped a little and looked at each other, neither of them wanting to field the question. "Guess it's a little soon to be thinking about that. Have you met each other's families, though? I know you've met Stranger's father, Sailor Moon, but has Stranger met your parents?"

Usagi's eyes popped a little at that thought and she shook her head. "I… uh… my family doesn't know I'm Sailor Moon, actually… and Stranger's family… well, they know about him, so they know about me. I guess I'll have to take him home to meet my mother and father… eventually."

"That should be interesting," Trunks stated with amusement.

"I'll say," the reporter agreed. "I'd love to be a fly on the wall for that conversation. So, where do you two see yourselves in ten years? Still fighting crime?"

"Probably," they answered simultaneously.

Trunks grinned at the sound of their voices in unison. "I've been doing it for fifteen years or so, her for nearly ten, so it's safe to assume that we'll still be patrolling the city in ten years."

"Will you wind up passing the torch of heroism to your future children?"

Usagi said "no," just as Trunks and Vegeta both said "yes."

"Ah, I see we have a disagreement," she giggled. "Apparently your father-in-law is involved with saving the world as well?"

Trunks smirked a little at that when they all heard his father huff and mutter something in Saiyan. "When the mood strikes him. It's a family business, let's just leave it at that."

Sailor Moon jumped when her there was a loud beep, and she groaned. "Karen, we're going to have to cut this short…"

"Sailor Mars, I take it?"

"Hai, and what she's about to say is probably not fit for television."

"Hang on, Sailor Moon." Karen turned her head. "Cut the cameras, go to commercial."

"You can answer it, girl, they're at commercial," Vegeta grunted after a few moments.

Cringing, she opened her communicator. "Yeah, I know."


"Oh, like you did, Mars?" Usagi asked blandly, smirking when she heard Trunks and Vegeta both snicker. "That's what I thought. Are you finished yet?"

"Not even close, but I'll save it for later. And just so you know, Neptune was up early this morning, so Uranus knows all about the video of her little Koneko. Stranger's in for the beating of a lifetime, and you'll be lucky if she doesn't scream at you until you're deaf."

Usagi just swallowed and nodded meekly. "Shit fuck." Turning off the communicator, she groaned a little. "I have calls to make, Stranger… lots and lots of calls…"

"Well, Sailor Moon, I'd like to thank you for such a wonderful and candid interview," Karen said genuinely, "and I swear I'll make sure that the video isn't shown again."

Trunks grinned sheepishly and chuckled. "I don't suppose that I could get a copy of it…?"

Vegeta laughed at that and once again yelled, "that's my boy!"

"I'll give you the original, if you'd like," Karen replied with a laugh. "Since it's the only copy we have anyway."

"I'll meet you on the rooftop of the station in twenty minutes."

And with that, Stranger signed off of the videophone and blasted off before his mate could stop him, while she groaned about Saiyan males and prepared to make a few phone calls.