A one shot just for yall! Sorry if it's not insanely great, but oh well. I had so much fun writing it! Ana and SeleneA, you guys are AWESOME.

"Are you sure you don't want me to come, too?"

Usagi's eyes bugged out a little and she vigorously shook her head no. Dealing with her parents was going to be hard enough, but taking him with her and Trunks!? "Um… uh, no. But thanks, Tousan. I think we'd better save you for another night."

Vegeta scowled and huffed, crossing his arms over his chest. "Girl, believe it or not, I do know how to behave myself." He rolled his eyes a little when she burst out laughing at the thought of him on good behavior.

"I'm sorry, Tousan, really I am!" Usagi cackled, giving him an apologetic hug. "But the very idea of you 'behaving,' as you so put it… it's just hilarious."

"I'm a crown prince of Vegeta-sai, may I remind you. I know how to behave in that sort of setting, Usagi," he snapped, fighting the urge to shove her away.

"Oh, don't act that way, Tousan. I tell you what. If this goes over better than I think it will, we'll set up dinner with my parents and you and Kassan. This is just an awful lot to drop on my parents at once, what with them being human and all. How would you react if you found out that Bra was secretly Sailor Moon, not even the same race as you through magical means, and she was pregnant and married by someone you'd never even met?" Usagi smirked when Vegeta's scowl got impossibly deeper and he gave her a curt nod.

"You have a point, girl. But you forgot one thing."

"And that is?"

Vegeta grinned sheepishly and gave her a wink. "You forgot the part about getting fucked on national television." He laughed when she swung at him and missed, but he was kind enough to catch her before she fell on her face. If she hadn't been pregnant with his grandbrat, he would have let her break her nose, though.

"Quit teasing my mate, Father." Trunks pulled her into his arms and nipped at her shoulder through her blouse. "Calm down, Usa, everything will be just fine."

"Ugh, I know it will, I'm just nervous as hell about this. You don't know my father, Stranger. He's going to have a nuclear meltdown over all of this. And when he finds out that we're mated and not married…"

"Seriously? You're not worried about his reaction to finding out that I'm half alien, and you're Sailor Moon, but you're concerned about him thinking you're pregnant out of wedlock?" Trunks chuckled when she shrugged a little and nodded. "Woman, we can always just go and get married. It doesn't make any difference to me."

"Me either," she answered honestly.

"But if it'll make your parents happy, it'll make you happy, too," he replied, kissing her forehead. "And I'm positive it'll placate them to actually witness you tying the knot, Moon."

"Just make sure the woman doesn't catch wind of it until the day before the wedding," Vegeta advised seriously. "I saw this thing about women called bridezillas on TV one time… Bulma's infinitely worse, and she's not even the bride."

Unable to even wrap her brain around the fact that Vegeta had watched Bridezillas, Usagi just nodded numbly.

"He watches soap operas too when he thinks no one's looking," Trunks whispered in her ear.

"Well, he'll get along beautifully with my mother," Usagi chuckled. "Days of our Lives, Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital… you name it. She watches it."


They flew to the outskirts of the city and landed as Sailor Moon and the Golden Warrior before finding somewhere out of sight to detransform and dart out onto the sidewalk to join the afternoon commuters. Thankfully it was only a two mile walk from their landing zone, so it only took them thirty minutes to get to the door of Usagi's childhood home.

"How do I look?" She asked nervously.

"A little windblown, but otherwise perfect," Trunks purred, running his fingers through her hair in order to straighten it a little. "How about me?"

"Sexy as hell," she said flatly, licking her lips. "The glasses only make you hotter… they give you this sexy nerdy look. Oh, uh… here," she said quickly, pulling a hair tie from her subspace. "I love it down, but my dad has this thing about men with long hair," she sighed in exasperation.

"I could always cut it," he teased.

"If you cut your hair, I cut mine," she replied with a savage gleam in her eyes; this was an old argument, and she always won; even Vegeta had shut up about his son looking like a girl when Usagi had threatened to cut her own hair short.

They approached the door like it was no big deal, but once they were there, both of them hesitated to knock. "It's your house," Trunks said flatly.

"It's your funeral," Usagi countered, raising her hand to simply turn the doorknob. Fuck knocking, her mom would likely laugh at her for doing that anyway. "Shoes off," she reminded him quickly, pointing at a pair of house slippers for guests before putting on her own, which were still tucked away where she'd left them the last time she'd visited. "You remember all the Japanese etiquette, right?" She whispered.

"Went over it with Goten and Rei last night," he assured her, pecking her lips tenderly. "Don't worry, Usa. Rei told me that if I get stuck, I should just do whatever your dad does. That way I don't show him up with better manners and I don't look like some American idiot. I got this."

"God, I hope so," she sputtered nervously, before raising her head towards the kitchen. "Mom, I'm home!"

"Usagi!?" Ikuko quickly came out of the kitchen and poked her head around the corner of the hallway. "What brings you—oh… you brought a boy!? Oh, thank God, I'm so thrilled!" She gushed, darting into the hallway to stand in front of Trunks, slowly looking him up and down. "My, my. What a handsome young man!" Tickled pink that her daughter was actually dating again, she hugged him tightly, ignoring the hand he'd extended to shake.

Well, they had Mom hooked, which wasn't a surprise, at least. Usagi knew that her mother would be thrilled to see her back in the dating game… even though she wasn't exactly dating. "Mom, this is Trunks Briefs, he's—"

"What!?" Ikuko drew back to look at him closer and gaped. "You mean to tell me that you're dating the heir to Capsule Corp!?" She shot her daughter a grin that clearly said, "GOOD GIRL!" before drawing Usagi into her arms. "I knew you'd get lucky one of these days!" She gushed.

"Mooooom…" Usagi blushed furiously and shot Trunks an apologetic look, but she could tell through the bond and the way his jaw was twitching that he was enjoying every second of his mate's embarrassment. Oh, I'm so getting back at you for this, Stranger.

Looking forward to it, beloved. Trunks kept a polite smile on his face when a tousle-haired teenager came thundering down the stairs, and gave him a little bow of greeting. "You must be Shingo?"

"Dear God, Usa brought a man home?" Her brother laughed at that and shook his head. "Must be pregnant!"

Ikuko stopped dead at that statement, shot her son a glare of death, and turned back to her daughter. But when she saw how blanched Usagi was, she moaned and rubbed her forehead. "Please tell me that he's not right, Usagi. Please, for the love of God."

Shingo grinned before darting into the kitchen for a snack. "Told ya so!"

"SHUT UP, SHINGO!" Both women yelled in unison.

"Well… this isn't much different than my family," Trunks snorted in amusement. "Only the King of the Trolls is seventeen instead of fifty-five."

"Yeah, Tousan's just going to fucking love my little brother," Usagi groaned. She rubbed her mother's arm comfortingly when it looked like she was going to cry. "It's not what you think, Mom, I swear." She held up a hand to silence her mother when she opened her mouth. "We have a lot to tell you," she said, managing to stay calm by drawing on her princess aspect. "So let's just wait for Dad to get home, and we'll tell you everything, ok? For now, we'll sit in the kitchen and I'll make you a cup of tea."

Ikuko blinked at that in surprise and nodded. "You grew up, honey. When did that happen?"

"A few months ago," she answered honestly, leading both her mate and her mother to the kitchen. "It's part of the story, don't worry. You'll get to hear it in a little while, Mom. We'll give you what Dad will consider the worst of it, so you'll be prepared to help us with the nuclear meltdown."

Ikuko sat down at the breakfast bar and paled a little. "Do you mean to tell me that your pregnancy is not the worst of it?"

Trunks was the one to answer that by looking at his mate and brushing her hair out of her face tenderly. "Moon… just get it over with. We'll do it together, ok?"

Shingo's head popped up at that and he nearly hit his head on the stove hood. "Did you just call her-?"

"Moon Crystal Power, Make Up." Usagi sighed, not even bothering to throw her henshin broach up for effect. She immediately transformed just as Trunks removed his glasses and hair tie and went straight to level one, taking care to keep his ki from burning anything around him. He unbuttoned the uncomfortable dress shirt after removing his tie, and sighed with relief when he was back down to his black tank top. "Thank Kami for small favors at least."

"Shit. Stranger, a little help here?" Usagi asked from the other side of the counter.

"Huh? What's—oh," Trunks snorted, unable to control the urge to laugh. Shingo had fainted, and was lying on the floor next to the stove, out cold. "Guess it was too much of a shock for him."

Usagi popped up from the floor then and looked at her mother, who was just staring at Trunks in disbelief. "Mom? You ok?" She asked in a mixture of concern and nervousness. "You're not going to faint or anything, too, right?"

Ikuko turned her head to just stare at her daughter, not in disbelief, but with dawning understanding. "It makes total sense, now," she whispered. "The nights you'd disappear… your shitty grades… your inability to get up before the crack of noon." She blinked for a moment and shook her head as if to clear it. "The girls… your friends that used to come over all the time… are they…?"

"Hai," Usagi said with a serious nod, as Trunks placed her brother on the couch and she immediately began to fill him with her healing light. "Ami is Mercury, Rei is Mars, Mako is Jupiter, Mina is Venus. Mamoru was Tuxedo Kamen. And my cat is an alien from the planet Mau, and speaks better English than we do."

"She's taking this awfully well," Trunks muttered out of the corner of his mouth. "I think she's in shock."

"No," Ikuko said slowly. "It's an awful lot to absorb, but it makes perfect sense. I never even told your father, but when you were fifteen or sixteen, I seriously suspected the truth… but I didn't want to believe that my baby girl was out there on a nightly basis risking her life against monsters."

Usagi sighed with relief and smiled; her mother was so much smarter than anyone gave her credit for. "One parent down, one to go," she chuckled. "But I doubt Dad will take it half as well."

"After that tape?" Ikuko snorted, throwing her hands in the air. She went around the counter and put the kettle on, shaking her head as she chuckled at the memory of Kenji in front of the television, remarking that Sailor Moon was one hot little number. "God, your father… he said you were hot when he saw that tape!" She cackled, smacking her hand on the counter as she laughed her ass off. "I can't wait to see his face when he realizes—oh my God, I wish I had a camera to capture the moment!"

"Oh, hey, he's coming around." Usagi stroked her brother's hair back with a white-gloved hand and gave him an understanding smile. "You ok?"

"You mean the monster doll…? Mika?"

Usagi chuckled and nodded, still caressing his tousled brown curls like she would whenever he was little and sick. "Yeah, that was me, honey. I actually wanted to tell you years ago, but I promised I wouldn't tell anyone until it was absolutely necessary. Same with the other girls. Rei's grandpa is the only one in any of our families that knows, and only because we kept meeting at the shrine so often." She chuckled at that and shook her head. "Thank God for that, too, or the poor man might have had heart failure over Goten being like Stranger."

Ikuko blinked at that and looked up from the teacups she was filling. "You mean…? Trunks, dear, if you don't mind me asking, what are you, anyway?"

"Well, that's a little complicated. The better question is 'what is my father?' My mother is human, but my father, Vegeta, comes from an alien race known as Saiyans… they were a warrior race from a planet called Vegeta-sai; it was destroyed when my father was a boy. He and Son Goku are the only two full-blooded Saiyans left."

"Son Goku?" Shingo asked, sitting up slowly under Usagi's careful observation. "You mean he's an alien, too?"

"Yup. He was sent here to destroy the planet when he was just a baby, actually. But he hit his head and forgot his orders. My father was in his late twenties when he pretty much got stuck here. He's the crown prince of what's left of our race."

Usagi wasn't surprised to see her mother brighten at that, and she laughed and nodded. "Yes, mother, I married a prince," she snorted.

"Wait… what!? You got married!? And you didn't tell us!?" Ikuko shouted, setting her teacup down with a sharp jerk.

Trunks held up his hands in a peaceful gesture. "Not the kind of marriage you're thinking of, ma'am, but we're prepared to do that to make you and Mr. Tsukino happy. Your daughter and I have been through a Saiyan marriage, which is much deeper and binding than any human ceremony. Saiyans mate for life, and are bound to their mates body and soul. It's not a matter taken lightly among my people."

At that, Usagi bared her shoulder for her mother, showing her bite mark, just as Trunks proudly pulled his tank top to the side to bare his own. "It's a Saiyan wedding ring," she supplied for her mother's benefit.

"Huh, did that hurt?" Shingo asked curiously, studying it closely.

"Oh, it was a good hurt," Usagi replied before she could stop herself, and turned bright red at the admission, much to her mate's amusement.

"Ok, just so we can get this straight before your father walks in," Usagi's mother began diplomatically, "you're Sailor Moon, he's the Golden Warrior, he's half alien and you're married and pregnant, but willing to go through a human ceremony for our benefit? Is that about everything?"

"No…" Usagi said meekly, staring at her boots. "I'm also a reincarnated moon princess, destined to be queen of a utopian society a thousand years or so from now, and I'm also the Queen of the Stars. I think that's it."

"She's also Lunarian by blood, not human," Trunks added. "That's a little more difficult to explain; genetically, she's actually not your daughter, even though you gave birth to her."

Ikuko was bothered by this, but she worked past it in her thoughts after a full minute. "It doesn't matter, Usagi. You'll always be my baby girl no matter what." She sighed wistfully and shook her head. "My baby's having a baby."

"It's a boy, by the way." Usagi held up a hand and smiled when her mother opened her mouth to obviously contradict her. "I know, machines can't tell this early. But Tousan seemed fairly sure that it was a boy; he said my smell was similar to Trunks's mother's when she was pregnant with him, rather than when she was carrying Bra. Besides that, the ratio of Saiyan males and females is something like four to one, so I have a seventy-five percent chance of a boy anyway. Girls are rarities for them… Bra is one in only like…"

"My sister's the only female out of six Saiyans on the planet," Trunks supplied. "Only one out of four that have been born on Earth. Father was actually a little upset that neither of 'Kakarot's spawn' felt the pull for her, since he'd been hoping to keep the bloodlines as close to half Saiyan as possible."

"With the limited gene pool to work with?" Usagi asked incredulously. "I mean, I'm not as smart as Ami or anything, but even I know that that'll be damned near impossible, Stranger."

Trunks shrugged and sighed. "I'm not going to be the one to tell him that, woman. You have at it."

"Pass," she chuckled.

"Usa? Just how long have you two been together?" Ikuko asked suddenly.

"Just a couple months, Mom, why?"

"That ten days or so that you were gone without calling home… was that your honeymoon?" She asked curiously. Ikuko came around the counter immediately when Usagi started trembling, her blue eyes welling up with tears. "Usa… Usa, sweetheart, what's wrong?"

Trunks was there in a flash, pulling his mate into his arms and holding her tightly. "Shh, Usa… shh… you're safe, you're safe, you're safe," he chanted gently, nuzzling the shoulder of her uniform as his chest vibrated with that unique Saiyan purring. He scooped her up effortlessly, and cradling her in his arms, took her to the couch and sat down with her in his lap. "Breathe, moon goddess," he urged, giving a nearly imperceptible shake of his head to Usagi's mother, coupled with a hand signal to just wait a moment. "Do you need me to call Father?" He asked gently.

Usagi just barely shook her head as she tried to get a handle on her trembling arms and legs. "Sorry," she whispered into his neck, as she tried to focus on breathing in his scent. "I'm—I'm alright, Trunks."

"No… you're not," he grumbled, but he grudgingly let her slide to the couch cushion beside him, only so they could work on getting that worried-sick look off of Ikuko's face.

"Usagi, what happened?" She asked gently. "Did it have something to do with you being Sailor Moon?"

"Ikuko," Trunks said quickly, trying his best to keep from sounding nasty; his beast was rising to the surface in reaction to his mate's distress, and he was only going to be able to keep it caged for so long if Usagi kept shaking like that. "I will tell you about it later if you insist on hearing about it, but not right now," he stated firmly.

"No, of course not. That kind of stress isn't good for the baby. Here, Usagi," she said, placing a cup of tea in her gloved hands. "It'll soothe your nerves, honey."

"Thanks, Mom," Usagi sighed, leaning into her mate for support and comfort. "Speaking of stress," she added with a tiny smirk, "when is his royal loudness going to be home?"

"Any time, I figure. Hm… shouldn't you break the news as Usagi and not as Sailor Moon?"

"Hell no," Shingo snorted; up until that point he'd been so in awe of them that he'd been unable to speak, and then he'd been too worried when his sister had started shaking, but the moment Kenji was mentioned, the little troll was back in action. "Not only will the look on his face be priceless when he sees Sailor Moon and the Golden Warrior sitting on our couch, but he'll shit himself when you say, 'hi, Dad!' when you first see him!"

Trunks smiled gratefully at Shingo when Usagi giggled, her nerves easing at the idea of her dad actually shitting himself in the living room. "Actually, stunning him into silence at first would probably be best, what with the way Usagi's been freaking out about her father learning about the baby." His superior hearing picked up the sound of dress shoes on the front porch, and he snorted with little humor. "Speak of the devil, he's here."

"Superior hearing," Usagi said quickly, when her mother gave her a questioning look. She grinned suddenly as an idea occurred to her. "You really want to fuck with him?" She asked Shingo. When her baby brother nodded, Usagi held up a hand to silence him, and waited for the front door to open and shut, signaling her father's arrival. "Ohayo, Tousan!" She called happily, waving wildly for Shingo to keep quiet; he had to clap his hands over his mouth to keep from barking out loudly.

"Usagi! You're home!" Kenji called from the foyer, as he removed his shoes and put his briefcase away. "What brings you!? Your mother and I have missed you so much! Shingo too, though he'd never admit it!" He added with a laugh. Then he spotted the pair of lace-up combat boots next to his daughter's tennis shoes, and changed his tone. "Usagi, did you bring a boy home!?"

"Hai, Tousan. Why don't you come in and meet him? He's really been looking forward to meeting you, and Mom just loves him!" She added, nearly crying at her effort not to laugh.

"Yes, dear, he really is such a sweetheart!" Ikuko called, grinning at them as she joined in on their game. "And you won't believe how much our daughter has changed since we last saw her!" She added.

Shingo lost it at that and had to bury his face into a pillow to muffle the sound of his howls of laughter.

Kenji stalked into the living room then, his face clearly stating that he was ready to get down to business and grill his daughter's suitor about everything from his past girlfriends to his job and his parents… until he looked at the couch and blinked, his jaw falling to the floor.

Usagi wiggled her fingers in greeting as she grinned at him sheepishly. "Hey, Daddy. Surprise?" She huffed and rolled her eyes when her ears were greeted with Shingo's laughter as he fell over and lost his grip on the pillow. "And you call me the hyena."

"OH MY GOD… IT'S JUST—TOO FUNNY! NEED—NEED THE CAMERA! PHOTO ALBUM!" He cackled, holding his sides as he cracked open his tear-filled eyes to see his father still staring at Usagi in disbelief.

There was a quick flash, and all three of the couch's occupants turned their heads to see Ikuko holding up her camera phone. "I really love your mom already," Trunks chuckled.

"Hey, I have to agree," Ikuko said flatly, "we don't get to see that look often. Close your mouth, dear," she instructed her husband with a laugh, as she came around the counter to rub his shoulder comfortingly. "She's still our daughter, you know."

Finally finding his voice, Kenji swallowed. "You mean… all this time?" He whispered.

"Since I was fourteen," Usagi confirmed, rising from her place on the couch. "Here, if it makes it easier…" She detransformed for the benefit of his sanity before hugging him tightly. "There, no more Sailor Moon. Just Tsukino Usagi, daughter of Ikuko and Kenji. Better?"

"Hey, wait a second!" Trunks said sharply, jumping up from his seat. "Did you say Kenji!? Tsukino Kenji? Dear Kami, that is just… that's so ironic! I knew I'd seen you somewhere before, but I couldn't place it!"

They all blinked at that and just looked at Trunks. "What, Stranger? You know my dad?" Usagi asked in confusion.

"Yeah, he works for my mom's PR firm!" He laughed, immediately lowering his ki to reveal his identity.

"Now that does not surprise me one bit!" Kenji chuckled. "Your mother is always going on about how her husband and her son are always working out and fighting, and that's why I'm always dealing with her and your sister!"

"Yeah, the fighting thing kind of runs on the male side of the family," Trunks confirmed. "Though it's been nice to have Usagi joining us for workouts every morning, too. Father's really pleased with her progress; he doesn't say so, but you can tell he's proud of how well she's coming along."

"Usagi's been fi—oh, right. Sailor Moon," Kenji said, shaking his head. He still couldn't believe it, probably wouldn't be able to for a few days. He suddenly scowled at the two of them, his hands curling into fists.

"Wow, that took a lot longer than I thought," Shingo laughed.

"What?" Trunks whispered towards his mate.

"What do you think?" Usagi asked nervously, quickly backing out of her father's reach. He looked like he was going to strangle her as his face turned a familiar color of purple that she'd seen a lot as a teenager. "Daddy…now… in our defense…"

"DEFENSE!?" He roared. "You were out in the OPEN, Usagi! Not only are you two not even married, but that sort of thing is only done behind CLOSED DOORS!"

"Actually, sir, we are married," Trunks said calmly, his inner Saiyan subtly putting him just slightly between Kenji and his mate. "I'm sure you saw the interview right after. Everyone did."

"Oh, my, that's right," Ikuko said, smacking herself in the forehead. "I'd totally forgotten about that. Now I feel like an idiot for getting upset, heh." Her small smile turned down slowly as she remembered their interview, recalling just about all of it; she'd only ooh'd and aaw'd over it a dozen times the morning it had aired, and several times afterward as well. "Trunks, dear?" Ever the worrying mother, she grabbed him by his arm and drug him out of Usagi's hearing range, despite the fact that her daughter was looking at her strangely. "The interview," she whispered. "You'd said she was injured. Severely injured."

Giving her the barest of nods, Trunks's expression grew grim as he bent his head to her ear. "Later. Usagi is suffering from PTSD, I can't discuss it around her; most of the time she'll have an episode like you just saw. Ok?"

"Hai," she said firmly, ushering him back over to her daughter. "Sorry, Usa, just had to borrow him for a moment." Ikuko glared at her husband then; after her revelation, she was very concerned for her daughter's mental health and the health of her unborn grandchild. "And you, mister, are going to calm the hell down and take a seat. You're not going to yell or freak out or threaten our daughter or her husband… mate… whatever in the hell his people call it. The stress isn't good for your grandson."

Usagi's eyes popped, and her and her father wore very similar expressions as they stared at Ikuko. Unfortunately for her, Kenji regained his voice first. "You're PREGNANT, TOO!?"

"Sit. Down," his wife ordered firmly in her no-nonsense-or-I-lock-you-out tone, pointing at the couch. "In fact, Usagi, why don't you go upstairs and give us a few moments to discuss this all like adults?" She added, her tone shifting to sweet and loving.

Shingo caught his mother's eye and winked; that episode with Usagi shaking had freaked him out a little on her behalf, and he'd do his best to shield his big sister from what looked to be a conversation about whatever had affected her so badly. "Hey, Usa… I've still got the old console hooked up to my TV, with all the old Sailor V games, you know… and you still haven't beaten mine or Ami's high scores."

Usagi's head slowly turned and she glared at her baby brother. "You are so fucking on, you little brat.

"Just like old times," Ikuko chuckled, when the brother and sister thundered up the stairs towards Shingo's bedroom.

"Come on, Mr. Tsukino," Trunks urged, daring to take the man by the arm and lead him to the vacated couch. "This is a lot to take in, I know, so let me start off with saying that I love Usagi more I can even explain to you, and that she'll be taken care of and kept safe for the rest of her life."

"And the crime-fighting?" Kenji asked seriously. "I know she's been doing it for years, but I really don't approve of my daughter—"

"Not while she's pregnant," Trunks said flatly. "Kami, we've already had two days of me forcing her to lay down and rest because my inner Saiyan thought she looked tired," he grumbled.

"Your inner what?"

"Oh, that's right. Let me start at the beginning, then…"

Trunks started from his childhood, while Ikuko brewed coffee and kept it coming and both of Usagi's parents tried their best to keep their questions to a minimum. At least until Trunks got to the part about meeting their daughter and how he'd felt the pull. Then he'd had to go into a lengthy explanation about Saiyan hormones, pair-bonding, and everything that went with it.

Then he broached the subject about Usagi's captivity, and actually had to lay a comforting hand on Kenji's arm when it look like the older man was truly going to break down in tears. Ikuko already had, but was doing her best to keep her composure while she sipped on a cup of coffee. "She still has episodes… sort of like flashbacks, and so far only myself and my father have been able to get her calm when she's like that. Father went through something very similar, only his captivity lasted fifteen years." He nodded when Ikuko and Kenji just stared at him in disbelief. "Yeah, that long. He's a tough old bastard, and he's awfully difficult to get along with, but him and Usagi… you'd have to see those two when they really get going," Trunks laughed. "The shit that flies out of her mouth sometimes… I think she says it just to make him laugh, you know?" He sighed and looked up the stairs, where he could hear his mate cussing out her little brother. "Usagi is so damned amazing. You both must be very proud."

"You're getting off the subject, young man," Kenji said, but not unkindly. "Usagi's captivity. What happened after?"

"Oh, that. Well, the short version… I killed all the bastards that had taken her. I already told you how I found her. Then I took her to our cabin out in the middle of nowhere, cleaned her up and nursed her back to health. Father brought me some senzu beans—they heal injuries really fast—and her injuries, combined with her being Lunarian, required two of them before she was healed up. Then I fed her and calmed her down once she woke."

Ikuko smiled warmly and hoped her husband didn't realize that with the way her daughter had been found likely meant that she'd been naked the entire time Trunks had taken care of her. "And then I'm assuming you married her," she snorted.

The Saiyan had the decency to blush before he gave her the barest of nods, and didn't miss the warning glare she shot her husband, who looked ready to explode again. "Father started training her almost immediately; you'll have to ask her about how he taught her to fly," he chuckled. "And then a couple nights later, we fought the youma and won… can we just act like that tape never happened?" He added hopefully. "I've already caught so much shit from the other Saiyans—though they were mostly amused—the Senshi ripped us both a new one, and Haruka hasn't even shown up yet since she's abroad. But she's promised an ass-kicking fiesta the likes of which we've never seen," he added with a grumble.

"I'll save it for another time," Kenji allowed, "but I'm definitely not just dropping the subject."

"Fair enough," Trunks sighed heavily.

"For the record, I think the whole thing's awfully romantic," Ikuko said lightly, giving her new son-in-law a peck on the cheek. "So, when's the wedding, then?"

"Usagi!?" Trunks called up the stairs.


"Gods, that woman is so competitive… anyway, tomorrow if you'd like. We discussed it on the way over. Rei's grandfather said he'd do it anytime we wanted, and we want it to be on short notice so my mother doesn't try to take over."

Kenji was the one to laugh at that and nod. "Yeah, Bulma would have that wedding running on a damned schedule if you let her, right down to the 'I dos'."

"Exactly. We're not even going to tell her until right before we leave. What would be a good time for you?"

"Well, I have plenty of leave built up at work," Kenji said thoughtfully. "I haven't missed a day in over ten years… and I'm sure no one's going to say a word when I tell them it's because my daughter is marrying Trunks Briefs," he added with a laugh. "How does one o'clock sound?"

At that, Usagi came thundering back down the stairs, and Trunks gave her an unadulterated look of love. "Sounds perfect," he said softly. "We'll meet you there."

And I'm sure you can all guess what the next one-shot will likely be lol. Well, you'd be wrong. The next one I'm already working on, and it'll be rated M. Got inspired, you know…. Hehehe.