On bright summer afternoon in Pixie Hollow, Tink and her friends were all returning from work early. For the past weeks, each and every fairy had to work extra hard. For Vidia, this half-day was a blessing, and all she wanted was to go home, and rest with Tink. Vidia walked into the house, lagging her arms and groaning a bit. She immediately dropped herself unto her bed.

"What a day." Vidia groaned to herself as she rested.

Just then, Tink came in, placed her shoes at the door and laid beside Vidia.

"Hey babe." Tink cooed as she kissed the fairy's forehead.

"Hey." Vidia responded softly sounding deflated.

"You stressed out too huh?" Tink asked as she rubbed Vidia's cheek.

"Yeah. I don't know how much more I can take." Vidia said softly.

"What you need" Tink began, "is a nice little vacation."

Vidia moaned in satisfaction upon hearing Tink's idea. "That's sounds great babe."

"Doesn't it?" Tink said sounding more energized. She wanted to take a nice trip with Vidia for months, but with the extra work, she never found the time to even mention a vacation.

"It can be just me, you.." Tink's words were cut short by Fawn who came to their window, overjoyed with conversation of a vacation.

"A vacation!?" Fawn cheered. "That sounds great!" Fawn flew into their home and sat on the bed. "So.." Fawn began, "Where do you wanna go?" Fawn asked looking at Tink and Vidia.

"How about Hawaii?" Silvermist asked flying into the room with Rosetta and Iridessa.

"Or Paris maybe?" said Iridessa as she grabbed the nearest stool to sit.

"If you ask me" Rosetta began, "Anything in London would be just divine."

"Uh, guys.." Vidia began sternly, "Tink and I were hoping to have this vacation alone."

"Oh sugar don't be ridiculous." Rosetta began, "What's a vacation without your closest friends?"

Vidia rolled her eyes and looked at Tink, suspecting she might have something to do with their friends randomly showing up at the house.

"Tink..." Vidia said with a slightly annoyed face.

"Please Vidia" Tinker Bell cried, confessing the truth, "Can't they come, it'll be flitterific if they did."

Vidia was, at first, immediately going to tell their friends off, as she really wanted a vacation with just Tink and herself, but, for the happiness of her love, she decided to let them tag along.

"Fine." Vidia said with a slight smile.

"Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!" Tink cheered hugging and kissing Vidia.

Rosetta, Iridessa, Silvermist, and Fawn cheered in excitement and the friends gathered around to discuss where they were to go, and basically plan the whole trip.

A few days past before everything was decided and prepared. They were going to Hawaii. It was a warm summer morning, and the friends were planning to leave that night. Tink and Vidia were all getting packed and were prepared to meet the others at Pixie Hollow Airways.

"C'mon babe, we don't wanna miss our flight." said Vidia as she flicked the lights out.

"Coming!" Tink shouted as she gathered the last of her clothes.

Eventually, the two headed out and made way for PHA. They were greeted by Silvermist who was told to wait outside the building for Tink and Vidia.

"Hey Sil." Tink began, "Where's the others."

"They're inside waiting." Silvermist answered as the three went inside the air conditioned building.

The building was mildly crowded with many fairies and sparrow men making way for their flights. It turns out, this time of year was the primary time for vacationing. The three eventually met up with Rosetta, Fawn, and Iridessa.

"Thank god you guys are here, I'm soo excited!" Fawn cheered. She was without a doubt, the most anxious to leave Pixie Hollow for a while.

"You all ready to get going?" Rosetta asked.

"Are you kidding me, lets move." said Vidia as the fairies made way for their flight, which was a large dove.

Within minutes, take off proceeded. Tinker Bell looked back in amazement as Pixie Hollow looked more glamorous than ever. She sat beside Vidia, while Rosetta was seated with Fawn, and Iridessa was seated with Silvermist. With only minuets in flight, Tink fell right asleep on Vidia's shoulder. Vidia smiled as she watched her beautiful love rest. She softly kissed her on her forehead, and rested her head atop the tinker's.

It was such a peaceful time, with exciting thoughts running through everyone's heads. Little did they know, this was to be their last happy memory.