"Gerry go check what's taking forensics so long please." Sandra asked him. The year was coming to an end and Sandra wanted to get this case done before the unit closed for Christmas.

"Brian, did you get anything useful from McKenzie's parents?"

"No, they didn't know anything other than what they'd told the original investigating team."

"For God sake, Jack cheer me up, please tell me you got something."

"I have actually. There's been another reported sighting."

"Great. When and where?" Sandra replied

"This morning around 6 o'clock at Dover ferry port."

"Okay, did he get on the ferry?"

"We don't know, he wasn't caught on any cameras and no one else has seen him since."

They had been investigating this case for at least a week now and they'd only just managed to get somewhere. 16 year old McKenzie and his 15 year old girl friend Phoebe went missing on the 21st September 2009, on the Christmas day of the same year Phoebe's body was found. It was assumed that McKenzie had met the same fate, but recently people had claimed to have seen him so UCOS had reopened the disappearance case and Phoebe's murder.

Soon enough Gerry came back to the office only to find just Sandra sitting there.

"Where are the other two?" Gerry questioned her.

"They've gone to Dover."


"There's been sightings off McKenzie at the ferry port so they've gone to see if anyone else remembers seeing him. Anyway did you find anything down at forensics?"

"Na, they say they've been busy and they've only just got round to re-examining all the evidence from our case."

"Great." Sandra replied sarcastically.

"So if they're gone and I doubt they'll be back until late tonight, how about we sneak off early and go back to mine?"

"Sounds great."

"Come on, let's go."

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