"Pizza." Sandra replied after looking through the leaflets for a while.

"What kind?" Gerry asked as he sat down next to her and rubbed her legs.

"Cheese, sausage, meatball and chicken."

"Okay, I'll order a large one; I know how much you eat." She got up and pulled him up next to her and dragged him to the mirror.

"Let's just remember I am smaller than you." Sandra replied as she laughed, Gerry pulled her into a hug. He loved her when she was like this, not in guv'nor mode. Well he loved her all the time, they'd been together a about a year now and still it was just between them, they thought it'd be easier that way.

"I love you." Gerry told her as he reached down and kissed her, she pulled him back to the sofa as both of them pulled back for air.

"I love you too Gerry. Now you know where the phone is, go order the pizza."

Gerry soon returned having ordered the pizza. "The pizza place is really busy, it could be an hour before we get our pizza."

"So we have an hour." Sandra said playfully, "What could we do in an hour?" she continued in a playful tone.

"Watch TV. I recorded something I thought you'd want to watch the other day when you were… well I can remember what you were doing!" It didn't even scare Sandra that he was so comfortable in her home, it had done the first few months they were together but now he spent so much time round hers, it was basically his home too.

"What is it?" Sandra asked curiously as she snuggled up into his side, and he wrapped his arm around her shoulders.

"Some female comedian. She's hilarious."

After 50 minutes of both of them laughing their heads off the pizza finally arrived.

"Get the plates out babe!" Gerry called through as he shut the front door. So now they were both sat in the living room with the pizza box on the coffee table in front of them.

"They've only gone and given us the wrong one." Gerry moaned.

"It's fine look. You like bacon, pepperoni, beef and tandoori chicken."

"I suppose."

"You just like moaning Gerald."

"Well it's the only thing I can moan about now a days. I mean my life's perfect, I have the most gorgeous women by my side, not got money troubles and I'm still doing the job I love."

"Well I can change all three of them if you want."

"No I don't want you to. Anyway you wouldn't, you'd miss me at UCOS and you love me so you wouldn't."

"Try me Gerry." He leant across taking her empty plate out of her hands and laying it on the table before pushing her down on to the sofa and kissing her.

"Come on Gerry." Sandra replied breathlessly as she beckoned him to follow her up the stairs.

"I love you Gerry." Sandra told him as they lay in each others arms their breathing just about returning to normal.

"I love you too Sandra. Always have and always will."

She smiled. "Gerry I think we need to be more careful."

"Sandra, we couldn't be anymore careful."

"Gerry if any of the boys came over they'd straight away know we were together, lots of your stuff is downstairs and you answer the door and phone."

"Well do you want me to move my stuff and stop doing that?"

"No." she answered seriously.

"Women, never know what they want." Gerry retorted.

"I do, I want you."

"You have me."

This is possibly the end, I haven't decided yet! Reviews welcome.

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