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Chapter 4: The Test

Harry sighed as he walked through the corridors towards the DADA classroom for his detention.

He couldn't believe that Buffy had given him detention when it had been Draco who had started the fight during her lesson. He was the one who called Hermione a mudblood, he was the one who threw the first punch. Why did Harry have to go back there?

He stepped inside the room and spotted Buffy sitting at the desk, she looked tired and slightly annoyed so he quickly took a seat at his usual desk. Draco had yet to arrive.

He watched as Buffy scribbled away on a piece of parchment and he sighed again. Either she hadn't heard him enter or she was giving him the silent treatment.

Suddenly he felt rather guilty for acting like he had in her class. She was trying to help all of them after all, by letting them learn new ways to defend themselves. He and Draco may have just ruined that.

"Buffy..." He watched as her eyes lifted up to him, noticing how she didn't appear surprised to see him there. So she had just been ignoring him...

"I'm really sorry for earlier. I just... I hate it when he calls my friends names, I just lost it."

The corner of her lips lifted as she sat back in her seat, "I know, Harry. And I know all too well how infuriating it can be to watch people bully your friends, trust me I was just the same back at school. But you can't sort everything with fists, you know?"

She ignored the voice in the back of her head that screamed out at her. 'Hypocrite!'

"Yeah... Though, to be honest I don't know why you asked me to come here. I've learned my lesson, I won't be causing any more fights anytime soon."

She smiled at him then, her eyes shining with something he couldn't place. And then he realised, it was the same look he had seen on Dumbledore's face when he had told them about the Tournament. It was a look that said 'I know something that you don't'.

His eyes narrowed at the gleam in her eyes. She was up to something and from the looks of it, he wasn't going to like it much.

"What are we doing for detention? Cleaning trophies? Writing lines?"

She laughed, "Nope, nothing like that. I'm going to teach you something important. Besides how to punch properly, that is. That right hook of yours was so sloppy."

Just then Draco stepped into the room and Buffy rose from her seat. "Great, everyone is here. Let's get this party started then, shall we?"

The two followed her as she led them out the door and through the darkened corridors, stepping into a part of the castle which Harry hardly ever passed by. She told the pair to stand still as she looked up upon a blank wall, ignoring the confused and annoyed boys behind her.

She walked up and down the corridor, pacing back and forwards several times, knowing that she was getting strange looks from the students as she did so. As she walked the final length she stopped to look upon the wall once more, smiling to herself when a door appeared.


"How did that..?"

Once the door appeared fully she gripped the handle and pushed, walking into the Room of Requirement with a grin on her face. Inside it looked just as she had imagined.

"Welcome to the room of requirement, boys."

Harry and Draco followed her inside and looked around in awe of the massive room that had just materialised from out of nowhere. The room was lit by hundreds of candles placed in various places, in the middle was a huge fireplace, a fire already burning and adding some heat to the otherwise cold room.

Dotted around the room were many different stations, each with a different obstacle. One was simply a crash mat laying on the ground where another was two large pedestals opposite each other, a deep pool of water underneath. It looked like an assault course of some kind.

Harry was amazed, but he couldn't help but think that this looked more like fun than a punishment. He turned to Buffy and waited patiently as she looked around the room.

When she was satisfied she turned back to them with a smile and that same gleam in her eyes. "I've brought you here to teach you a valuable lesson, one that you might find useful in the future. In order to fight properly you have to be able to trust in your allies."

Harry felt his mood rapidly deteriorate as she continued on.

"You two need to learn to trust in each other in order to complete the course here," She gestured behind her to the obstacles. "You can't get past them on your own, so you will need to work as a team, to help each other get through it. On the battlefield, trust is your most important weapon. Now get to work."

Harry and Draco looked at each other and groaned, ignoring the cat-like grin on their teacher's face.

Buffy watched as they started on the first station, where they had to build a bridge between the two pedestals, or risk falling into the water below. She stood back and let them get on with it, they wouldn't understand her lesson if she was constantly getting in their way.

By the end of the night Buffy was happy enough to give the boys some well earned hot chocolate before sending them off to bed. She laughed as they argued on their way out, but she still couldn't help but smile.

Neither of them would admit to it, but they had made a good team. They might have started out badly, but eventually they had come to rely on each others strengths in order to get past the obstacles. At one point Draco had even saved Harry from falling off one of the beams.

She knew she hadn't made a big change in them, they would never be friends and she understood that, but hopefully they wouldn't be quite as eager to throw punches at one another anymore. And if they did, at least she had some good blackmail material.