From the depths of the Dreamwidth Tiger & Bunny request meme comes the ultimate crisis that is a little less than infinite! Please don't sue me, Sunrise, I'm just a poor college student!

Issue 0 (not intended for resale)

"This is an emergency report! There's been a crime! A group calling themselves the Big Bucks Band have stolen a million Stern dollars! Live on the scene is Sternbild's newest Hero, Barnaby Brooks Jr., here to put a stop to the dastardly thieves!"

"Alright, the newbie's in downtown, Gold Stage. Plenty of space. Time to get to work."

On the lowest level of Sternbild, a shabby gang pile out of their rusted van, carrying crowbars, dented bats, and bricks. They stroll up to a building that has fewer boarded windows than the others and promptly smash the glass.

"Seriously, these Heroes really are helping us poor bastards. They go and stop the dastardly thieves so we can do our jobs down here in peace!"
They laugh as they began taking boxes of electronics to their van. The announcer's voice drifts from the van's stolen radio system.

"Yes, the light of justice falls brightly on the back of this great Hero!"

A Tiger slinks in the shadows, stilling his breath. Just a little closer.

The burglars never notice him.

"Ah! The criminals have left their guards down! Barnaby strikes!"

A cry makes the gang look back."What the-"

A blinding right hook takes out another member.

The gang is only stunned for a second before they rush towards their attacker.

"Two smashing kicks and the thugs are out for the count!"

They try to overwhelm him. They try to corral him, try to swing their crowbars and bats at him. He rushes towards them, dodges their attacks, and heavily elbows one thief.


Two thieves.

He grabs one of their makeshift weapons and flings it towards a wall, its owner carried with it.

A three thief KO.

"Oh no! There they go in their getaway car! Will they escape?"

The smarter ones take advantage of their allies' beatings to hop into their van and take off.
Their relief lasts for about six seconds.

"And our hero brings them to a halt with a wire shot!"

A series of thuds makes some of the passengers look towards the back windows.
For a split second, they see the trailing end of a dark coat.

ThudthudCRASH- the hood caves in. The man in the dark coat aims another kick to the window, which cracks but doesn't shatter. It does its job; the driver can't see through the spiderweb impact point.

"Amazing! What a show of style and foresight!"

The driver slams on the brakes in panic, unintentionally launching their van's assailant several feet into the air.
He frantically takes lopping, scrambling steps backwards to expend his sudden inertia.


He trips over a startled alley cat and lands in a graceless pile of limbs and garbage bags.

"Oookay, didn't think that one through."

The driver gets out, sees the man trying to untangle himself.
He takes his only chance.
His eyes start glowing blue.

"What's this!? The enemy has revealed himself as a NEXT!"

The remaining pack members see the blue, see the swirling cloud of dust gathering around their boss.

They now know what he is.

They flee from the NEXT who founded their ragtag gang, who helped them elude the heroes, who activated his power have a fighting chance against their opponent.

He's a NEXT. It doesn't matter anymore.

"An explosive attack! Seems like this NEXT has the power to make bombs in mid air. What will our hero do?"

The NEXT boy has the power to move small, fine clouds of dust. Not a marketable power. But combined with a little Wikipedia science and a Zippo...

Tiger hops up and strikes a pose, trying desperately to save some dignity. "All right, forget you saw all that, time to take you punks do-!"
He sees the dust gathered around him and hears the click of a lighter.


The blast was surprisingly quiet, more of a rushing sound than anything. But it burns hot and bright and quickly. A huge fireball engulfs the alley. The rundown buildings are illuminated, the trash bags ignite.

Anything caught in the explosion is roasted.

"Is this the end of our hero's tale?! ...Wait... coming out of the smoke, it's-!"

A glowing blue figure strides out from the ashes and flames.

"It's the Hundred Power! Barnaby Brooks Jr. has activated his NEXT ability and survived the explosion!"

Tiger walks a few dozen paces away and releases a now completely traumatized cat from his arms, who darts away to somewhere without clumsy humans and dust explosions.

The two NEXT stare intensely at each other. They move.

The NEXT boy summons more dust as quickly as he can, which swirls all along the street. He readies his light.

"The criminal launches another big bang, but it's no use, Barnaby goes in for a final attack!"

The flames go down to the end of the block. No chances this time.

There's a loud crack of breaking pavement, and the flames part at the center, pushed by a burst of air.

The NEXT looks up.

The hero is up fifty feet in the air, glowing with the blue of his powers and the orange from the flames below him. The momentum given by his power allowed him to jump out of the inferno and aim an attack at his foe.

The pyromaniac tries to dodge, though he knows it's too late.


He's hit square in the face.


He's down.

Tiger walks through swirling dust up to his fallen opponent and squats down next to him.

He sighs.

"You need better friends."

"This is Unit 34, following up that report of an explosion in south central Bronze Stage. We've apprehended eight suspects for a related charge of attempted burglary. I also believe we have a possible code 333."

"A 333? Are you sure?"

"Preeeetty sure. Most of the suspects were found unconscious and cuffed with black and bronze striped zip ties, and a note apologizing for any possible property damage, quote 'but it's that smart-alack NEXT punk's fault for starting it.'"

"...Yep, it's him. Definitely him."

A man wearing a long dark coat with the insignia of a tiger on the back watched the police take away the defeated gang.
He sits on a ledge, listening to an old transistor radio.

"And here's the score for tonight, ladies and gentlemen! Barnaby Brooks Jr. was in top form, gaining a total of 1000 points!"

"And the supreme winner tonight, with a grand total of 100 bazillion points, is Wild Tiger!"
Kotetsu T. Kaburagi threw his arms up in a cheer. No one saw; the police already left.

"Thank you all, heroes, for making Sternbild a safer place to live!"

Kotetsu stood up with a smile, and unbeknownst to him, the Hero Barnaby Brooks Jr. held the same expression for the cameras.

""Just doing my job.""

The crowd cheers for their hero, and a Tiger leaps off into the night.

"...Um, Ben? C-could you come pick me up, please? I... kinda twisted my ankle jumping off a building. Again."


"Sorry. I won't try to act cool anymore. Promise."