Okay. This is the first chapter of the sequal to "While We're Young" as youve seen its called..."While We Can." This story will include the Reaping, Clove and Catos baby daughter Caroline, The Games, and an Alternate Ending. I migh be switching PoV's at times, but this will once again be mostly from Clove's PoV .
So without further ado, here is Chapter One:

I wake up to a loud crying inthe room next to Cato's and mine. Cato and i both grunt and try to get up, only to be pushed down by the other. "No, Cato, its fine. I'll go. Shes probably hungry." "Okay Clovey."
I get out of bed, tiptoeing to the babyroom where the crying is coming from, and push open the door.
There she is, our little girl, Caroline, wailing in her crib.
"Caroline, shhhh."I whisper, picking her up."We dont want Grandma to wake up next door, now do we?"
I hear Cato laugh in our room, and carry Caroline back to ours.
"Remember when we found out that little Carrie was on her way?"
"Yea."I laugh back at him, thinking back.

It was about a month after the 'Epic' battle between Jared and me, after id found out hed stalked me for nearly a year after i murdered my ex boyfriend. Cato still has a scar on his back, and its a subject we dont discuss at home. Cato's father Brutus decided to give Cato and me his Victor Village house for Cato's 18th birthday, and he moved in with my mother Enobaria. Thats also the day i found out i was pregnant, and although Cato and i were overjoyed.. Well, Mom wasnt. I doubt she was waiting on a crying little whale at our side, and Caroline's crying is proving her right. But since then she is captivated by Caroline. Even Precilla and Ryan, who were at first all against her, love her. Rosie moved back to District Two, Drew and i are talking again. He has this creepy habit of showing up in fronjt of our door asking to see Caroline, but im still not over what happend. Until i am neiter Rose nor Drew are seeing my baby. And Cato fully agrees.

I lay my head on his schoulder as he holds Carrie in his arms, rocking her to sleep.
When i hear the soft snores, i take her off him again and move out of the room, laying her back in the crib and leaving the door on a crib. Then i crawl back in bed to Cato, who presses his lips on mine for a while, and then i close my eyesand try to drift off to sleep as long as Caroline will allow me.