The Tributes from District Two? Both of us? But that.. That's impossible..

My head pipes up, and my eyes search across the stage - to where Vine is wal;king, straight towards me and feet take off, and I run up to him without hesitating.

"Hi Clovey." He says softly, so only we can hear, hugging me back.

"V-Vine? But.. You were.." I stammer, all my usual arrogance and attitude gone. He died. I saw it myself.

"I'll explain everything later. Come on then, lets get this over with, then we can go home."

The broadcast will take three hours, and everyone in Panem is forced to watch. This plot twist must mean that every single person in District Two is happy, because for them, this means that most of them will barely have to work throughout the year. Being one of the most favored Districts, together with One, we already make a lot of money -not everyone, of course, even I know that, but most of us do. It also means we get the best rewards for Victors, seeing as we bring forth the most -especially this year, with this special exception in the rules.

"So, Vine," Caesar starts, as we sit on the huge soft bench that replaces the single chair normally used, Vine's arm slung around my shoulders lazily. "Will you tell us all what happened?"

I shoot both of them a glance, before moving my gaze to the pink skirt of the dress, fumbling with the fabric in my hands.

"Well Caesar.. We all know that Everdeen was about to kill Clove after she killed the girl from 11, Everdeen's ally. But I couldn't let that happen - the entirety of Panem knows that Clove has her daughter, her fiancé, her mother, and her friends. I on the other hand, have her as my best friend, so the choice came easily."

"You didn't have to help me though, it would have been fine if you'd just let me die there." I say quietly, but the microphone they straped to one of the dress straps makes my voice echo anyway.

"Don't be ridiculous, Clove." Is his simple reply.

"So, Clove," Caesar says again, a stressed look on his face from the tension. "How do you feel about winning?"

"I feel... relieved." I say, after a short pause. "Relieved that I'm safe, relieved that I get to go home, relieved that Vine is alive and safe when I thought he was dead and gone.. And relieved that I get to go home and see my babies."

The audience cheers, obviously happy about the fact that I mentioned Cato and Caroline. I give them a smile, playing the innocent card, like the past few weeks never happened.

"And you, mister Anderson? Are you happy you won?"

Vine gives a nod, his arm still around my shoulder, though his attention is fully on the host. "I am. At least I get to go home, see my friends, annoy this kid," He gives me a quick grin, and i roll my eyes toward the audience, who burst nto over dramatized laughter.

"Great. Now, how about we take a look at all the highlights in your Games?" We nod, not that we have a choice, before turning to face the screen.

It must've taken a while to cut two weeks worth of footage, every second of every day, into two and a half hours of footage. The film starts with the Bloodbath, and it becomes clear then that the video will center us and the other Careers entirely.

Glimmer's death is first, and the crowd goes silent. Only now do I get to see the transformation that the Tracker Jacker venom caused her./ She used to be pretty -but when she gets buried in District One, her home, she wont be pretty anymore.

The rest of the footage is mostly us, hunting, eating, killing, talking.

Then comes the Feast. The one moment I was dreading in this entire video, even before I knew Vine was alive.

I watch every detail, entranced by the memories that all of Panem will now see. I watch the arrow piece my shoulder, I watch Vine tackle the bitch to the ground, I watch as Marvel -ugh even the sound of his name makes me frown- pull out the arrow, and then I watch Everdeen stab Vine before I go nuts, stabbing her in her back. Over. And over. And over.

I can't help a small smirk as the blood splatters around the people on the screen. I wonder how many people back home are looking at this as transfixed as I am, or if they are looking away right now. I shoot a glance to Vine, who is grinning at my reaction to my last kill.

Then Vine and I have -what I thought to be- our last talk, him dying after making Marvel promise to take care of me. Which never happened, quite the contrary actually.

And finally - the final battle the next day. Me, Jenna, Thresh, and the asshole from One, running to the Cornucopia from opposite directions, the mutts behind us. Vine's arm tightens around my shoulders when we watch as Marvel leaves me hanging so the mutts have full access to killing me. Then the screams coming from the girl that looks like me on the scream, as she recognized her allies, and all the people she killed, in the muttations trying to kill them.

Vine grabs my hand as we watch me break down over seeing his Mutt trying to attack me, before Marvel kills Jenna, and I throw myself in front of the grief-struck Thresh in some weak attempt to save what I thought to be a friend.

I watch as I'm held up against the Cornucopia, yelling for Cato, and it cuts away to Cato's reaction back home. They must've used material from the camera's in the District Square. His face twists with agony as he watches me squirm, yelling for him to come help me, while he quite obviously can't.

And then Marvel drops the bombshell, resulting in me finishing off what Thresh started, before Thresh crouches down beside Jenna, takes the Nightlock berries, and I scream again, falling of the Cornucopia -again accompanied by footage of Cato watching me with his face struck with panic and fear- and then the announcement that I have won.

The film ends with me being pulled into the operation room, my body covered in cuts and bruises and everything seemingly broken from the attack, whilst Vine watches on from outside the room.


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