-Chapter 1-

The trip back from Tranquility, Nevada to Washington, D.C. Was rather long. Instead of using the time to review his constant influx of information from his sources, as he usually did, Soundwave found himself replaying his memory files about Faith Melody. Unsurprisingly, they started with her carrier.

Her name had been Hope Madison. She was a corporal with the American Marine Corps assigned to the above-top-secret psychic division when they "met." he had been both surprised and pleased when he found other telepaths, even if they were organic. Eventually, he determined few of them had much control over their abilities; their connections fluctuating with him on their own end . . . except for Hope. For some inexplicable reason, they seemed to always find each other. This lead him to respect her, which then lead to fondness that ultimately culminated in their daughter.

When he discovered that she was carrying, and that he was the only possible co-creator, he was, for the first time in his existence, shocked. In fact, not that he would have admitted it, he even glitched. Soon after he rebooted, his logic circuits screeched at him with a single, inescapable fact; he could not be involved in her offspring's life. It would doom both their spawn and its carrier to a life of ridicule at best, experimentation at worst. She had come to the same conclusion as well, but insisted he would share their creation's life through her mind.

Soundwave smiled in fondness as the memory files played through his processors of the pregnancy, only turning somber when he relived the day she died; it had been the day after Faith Melody was born.

The date was October sixth, two thousand, eight. His sources had informed him that the notorious wealth-monger, Swindle, was planning on robbing the hospital where his hatchling and her carrier were. He had warned her to leave the hospital, but the staff was reluctant to release the newborn. Finally, after signing them both out against medical advice and employing a taxicab service, she was leaving.


His link with Hope Madison was becoming tenuous as he raced through the streets to the hospital. The only thing stronger from her side of their connection than the pain of her mortal injuries was the fear for her daughter.

When he got there, he knew it was already too late to save her, but he still had to find out about the femmeling's status. If she had died as well, then he would take her remains with him and release her into the sun, a fitting disposal for a Cybertronian.

Once he arrived, he observed the scene dispassionately, his lifetime of war desensitizing him to the carnage, . . . until he located her;

The cab she had been riding in had been crushed under the carport. His scans indicated the driver had died instantly, while his lover was losing a terminal amount of vital lubricant from her injuries. Her heart was beating erratically, confirming that it was already too late to save her. He edged his was closer, trying to be near her when she offlined; he didn't want her to die alone.

It was the sudden wail of their hatchling that made him react without processing his actions, oblivious to the humans surrounding him as he transformed and rushed to the vehicle. The only attention he paid to the rubble as it flew from his hands was to make sure it cleared the survivor; his daughter. Finally, the only obstacle between him and the infant was the vehicle roof. He peeled it off with a loud squeal as the metal protested, but could not resist.

She was laying across the seat, huddled over a small bundle that was moving under her. Gently, he sat her up and removed the infant from her limp arms. Her eyes were staring sightlessly as her head lolled back on her neck.

He felt her recognition as he watched the crimson drip steadily from her lip plates.

"Cold," she managed to whisper as he lifted her broken body next to his chassis.

"My spark will keep you warm," he promised as her last breath left her with a shudder.

"Protect Faith," he felt over their connection as it suddenly cut off.

"With my very existence," he promised aloud as he laid the body of Hope Madison gently on the ground beneath a maple tree.


Soundwave had beat a hasty retreat once he had removed his daughter and her mother's belongings from the vehicle. He had researched everything he could find on raising human young that was on the internet. It soon became evident that there were as many different, and often conflicting, opinions as there were stars in the galaxy. He gave up trying to figure them all out for the moment and concentrated, instead, on their immediate needs; shelter, nourishment and clothing. That meant currency to obtain them, which he had plenty of access to, thanks to his relationship with Dylan Gould, and a caretaker for the femmeling that could administer them. He settled on Ratbat. His cassette had been the child's guardian ever since.

The spymaster pulled himself from his musings when traffic began to increase as he neared the outskirts of Washington, D.C. As much as his spark was with his sparkling, he still had a job to do.