Alright this is more of a teaser. I've been discussing with a few readers about my story and basically I've kinda killed this story. I had no plan as such at the beginning in where to take this, just an origin plot and first contact. However I do have others I've planned out proper so I'll probably start on those. I may add to this story from time to time if I think of something new, but as I have said, I don't have a plan in where to take this. If anyone for some reason really would like to continue this story themselves and have a plan for it I'd be more than happy to discuss handing it over, otherwise I'll leave it in my archive as the first story always has sentimental value. :D I really appreciate the support and interest you all have shown me and this story and I hope to see you around with my other stories.(: I did not expect over 50000 views :L So thank you all! (: Once again reviews etc are welcome and appreciate constructive criticism. Regarding anonymous reviews, I wish you wouldn't as I can't reply to you as I try to do for all my reviews although I know I've missed a few. :/

Tuchanka. A barren nuclear wasteland, due to the infamous Krogan "itchy trigger finger". Civilization stuck to ancient underground bunkers from battles long ago, while the Krogan had been reduced to fighting over individual bunkers like they were worth their weight in eezo. The only sign of a previous era of glory was the last functioning Shroud tower the Salarian Union constructed that hadn't been destroyed in the rebellions. It stood as a monument to a time Krogan and Salarians stood side by side, in foxholes and trenches against hordes of Rachni. Despite their ferocity, even Krogan had horror stories from the war. They were glorious days, but days of long ago, thought never to occur again as the average life span of a Salarian in a room with Krogan was somewhere around 1.25 seconds. But today was a new day.

All over Tuchanka, Krogan and Turian as one froze, and turned their gaze skywards as a great rumbling began to make itself known. Through the clouds shuttles, fighters and various classes of ships descended unto the battlefield. The Hierarchy forces gave a battle cry and threw themselves into battle with renewed vigour. This was not to last however as the first airstrikes hit Hierarchy artillery positions. Everyone watched as the shuttles landed and Union troops poured out. Thankfully due to the element of surprise the Union ships had entered Hierarchy airspace unopposed and deposited its forces amongst their lines. It was quite a sight to some Krogan watching as Hierarchy captains ran over to the shuttles in joy, only to get their heads blown off by shotgun fire. Union forces flooded Hierarchy positions thanks to surprise and as usual, superior equipment. In the meantime the Krogan just stood still, completely taken off guard by Salarians not only shooting Turians, but winning? They were shaken out of their stupor from a roar over the coms.

"This is Urdnot Wrex, leader of the Krogan Empire. My brothers, sisters, all Krogan. Now is the time to put aside your grudges and to fight once again under a single banner, like our forefathers of old. Now is the time to retake our rightful place in the galaxy! The Tau'ri and Salarian Union are with us in this fight. Krogan, we will fight for Tuchanka, we will fight for ourselves and our ancestors, but more importantly we will fight for our children! In the name of Empire I promise you we will see the Citadel once more but not under the control of the tyrannical dictators that are the Council! Now my fellow Krogan, FIGHT, FIGHT FOR FREEDOM!"

With a roar the Imperial Krogan Army charged as one alongside the Salarian Union Armed Forces into battle.