Status Update 30/10/2018

Hello one and all!

After an extremely long procrastination session, I have decided to consider the possibility of returning to my stories. I have come to realise that I might as well try, even if the results are once again a terrible read, at least it may help others to avoid the train-wrecks that my stories can be. That and it might be fun, so why not?

That aside, my intention is to re-write Stargate Effect. Not sure if I will take down the current version or leave it as a legacy as it was my first attempt (as poor as it was). Maybe I'll add the new version to the current one with a cut off point? Anyways, From the Ashes of Defeat a possible re-write or continuing along the same line and Rise of the Confederacy will continue on the same path (although I will make changes based on the Clone Wars series so heads up to any haters/lovers alike.)

Lastly, there are many I should thank for their advice and support, even the bluntly harsh ones as these stories are for people to enjoy so I'll aim to make them enjoyable. Of course, I'll no doubt make similar mistakes again as I haven't done any writing since so any skill I had (debatable) is gone.

On that note, I'll say Happy Halloween and hope everyone enjoys!

Signing off,