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Fawn cheered her father on, watch Grim Reaper run like a mad horse. His head bobbed up and down furiously, and his hooves struck the ground with unimaginable force. The sleek black thoroughbred was hastily approaching the next jump, and her father took his whip, and smacked the horse on it's flank.

The jump was huge, but Grim's ears were pricked, showing everyone that he was ready. Yet, the famous Red Death was approaching quickly from behind, and passed her father and Grim. Fawn dug her boot into the ground furiously. She hated Red Death, because he was Night Fury's arch enemy. The two raced so much, and Night Fury won most of the time. Yet, Red Death kept coming back, and he was starting to win more often.

Suddenly, the crowd was screaming out of fear. Fawn looked at the jump. Her eyes widened, and suddenly, the whole world was useless to her. Why should she be here? Why is this happening to her? Why would he leave her to face the world by herself? Blood splattered the hedge, and the red liquid splashed all over Grim's silky black coat. His hooves crushed into her fathers rib cage, shooting right through him. Blood covered bones could be seen.

Fawn screamed, and began bawling. She screamed so hard and loud, she wept so hard her throat began to hurt. "NOOOOOO!" She yelled. No matter how hard she screamed though, he was gone. He left her. The ambulance came, and went. So, two weeks later, Fawn sat on her bed, rain splattering her window. She looked at the picture of her father and her, tears falling sadly.

Her world was now shadowed by darkness and misery. The worst possible thing had happened. Although, as she looked into her father's promising green eyes, something told her he hadn't left her completely alone. He seemed to be saying, 'Someone will find you, my woodland creature. A hero will save you.' Much to her surprise, she would find later, that he would be right.

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