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For any new readers, I would recommend that you read 'Guardian of the Princes' first but if you want to push on through reading this one, go ahead! It might not make much sense though!

Context: This one shot takes place after Loki (finally!) declares his love for Herja but before Thor's coronation. They will probably be quite a few during this time as it should be fluff central!

A Monster in His Lady's Chambers

It was evenings like this that made Loki thankful he wasn't Thor.

It was odd to think now that he had always been so jealous of him while they were growing up and that he had constantly felt like he was in competition with his older brother. But now...well now everything just felt so natural. Thor had his upcoming coronation on his mind which left Loki with plenty of time out of the spotlight; which in turn gave him much more time to spend with his unofficial fiancée.

He sat down in his chair at his desk, removing his leather tunic and throwing on a loose black shirt before sitting back and turning his attention to the magical theory book before him, goblet in hand. He had just returned from a long, romantic and thankfully very private walk in the gardens with Herja and his spirits were high. All he wanted now was to read a few chapters of his book before clambering into bed and, with any luck, dream about the beautiful winged woman he had spent all evening with.

Loki had only just read the first page of his book when the door to his chambers flew open and he saw a flash of blonde hair and a white nightdress before a weight collapsed on his lap, clutching onto his shirt front.

"Herja? What – "

"Loki! Loki, you have to help me! There is something in my chambers, something terrible and you must come and remove it or I shall not sleep! I shall not, I swear it! In fact I do not think I would ever sleep again! Loki, you must help – "

Loki placed his hands either side of her face to steady her and forced her to look into his eyes. "Herja, calm yourself! Now, tell me what is troubling you so greatly."

"Loki..." She whimpered and she was alarmed at how terrified she looked. "You must come and look!"

He eased her off his lap and she stood, staring around wildly. "Very well. Show me what has alarmed you so."

She seized his hand and pulled him out of his chambers, down the stairs and slowly opened the door to her own chambers, peering around cautiously. She stepped inside, pulling him behind her and he watched her, bewildered, as she stared at her desk with a frown.

"Oh, it has moved!" She cried, sounding horrified. "It could be anywhere!"

"What has moved?" Loki asked, exasperated, holding her hand.

"The...the thing that has crawled into my chambers!"

Loki felt another stab of alarm. Had something tried to attack her? Was something watching her? "Tell me what it looked like and I shall try to identify it as best as I can. Fear not, I am sure we can resolve this."

Herja's face twisted as she tried to remember. "It was brown with a hairy body and long legs. And there were so many of them! And it moved so quickly! It was the size of my hand!" She was about to continue when she shriek and leapt behind him, clutching his shoulders. "There it is! There! On my cloak on the chair!"

Loki tried not to laugh when he realised what she was referring to. "Herja, it is merely an arachnid!"

She squealed as it started walking again, its legs moving quickly over the smooth material. He felt her cling on to him tighter and he couldn't resist laughing this time. "I do not care what it is Loki! Just remove it from my chambers!"

"I cannot remove it with you clutching my arms, can I?" He said fairly, trying to gain control of his laughter. "Now, loose me go and I shall remove this poor little arachnid you have taken such a vehement dislike to."

She released him slowly, reluctant to let her protection go. He carefully picked up the cloak from the chair, not wanting to startle it any further and Herja glared. "Little? Loki, it is far from little! It is monstrous!"

He laughed again and walked cautiously to the open shutters to shake it off over the end of the balcony but it suddenly started moving again and Herja squealed and launched at him, clutching onto his shoulders again. Loki jumped and dropped the cloak, allowing it to scuttle off the cloak and disappear into a dark corner of her chambers where they couldn't see it.

"Loki! Why did you drop it?" She demanded, glaring up at him over his shoulder.

He glared back. "You made me drop it when you decided that throwing yourself upon me would be a wise move!"

She sighed and looked on the verge of tears. "Well I shall not sleep now, shall I? I will have to lie awake here for hours until the sun comes up or until that thing makes a reappearance and you can remove it."

Loki's eyebrows rose high. "I can remove it? So you are expecting me to be compliant when you wake me at some awful hour of the morning to get the poor thing out?"

"No, of course not!" She cried before softening her tone and taking his hand gently in hers and stroking his pale skin. "Can you merely...stay here with me? I do not want to be left alone, Loki! Please?"

Loki tried to pretend to hesitate. "Well...yes. I suppose I could sleep here with you tonight."

Herja squealed again but this time it was in delight. "Oh, wonderful! Thank you! I may be able to sleep if you are here."

Loki smiled as she bustled around the room, making it look a little more orderly as he was going to be staying the night. When presented with a request to stay in a beautiful young woman's rooms for the night, it really is not a difficult decision, Loki thought. He watched her tidy up the dresses and throw them onto the chair before pulling back the covers and remove the braid from her hair so it flowed down her back. She slid under the covers, wiggling her feet excitedly as she tapped the empty space beside her. He grinned and pulled off his shirt and boots before sliding in next to her, relishing the gentle warmth of the blankets.

He felt her stretch out beside him and he tensed when she leaned against him to rearrange her pillows. Loki's initial excitement at sharing a bed with her had now been replaced with an odd nervousness and he remembered that this wasn't the first time they had shared the same bed.

"Loki," She began, sounding like she was smiling. "Do you remember the last time we shared a bed?"

He tried not to think about how her breath tickled his neck and how she had wound her fingers through his as he answered, wanting to keep his voice even. "I was just recalling that actually."

She giggled, apparently thinking about their younger selves, along with Thor, all crushed together in Thor's bed; telling each other stories and eating the food they had snuck out of the palace kitchens. He smiled too, wondering what his younger self would have said if he could have seen them now. Loki could only imagine the expression on his younger self's face.

Do not fear, boy. She notices you eventually.

"It is odd to think of it now. It was so long ago...and so much has changed." She sounded wistful and distant so Loki plucked up the courage to look her in the eyes; since he had clambered into bed with her, he had felt like his fourteen year old self again – awkward and embarrassed by his own feelings for her. He gently brushed her golden hair off her face and asked,

"You...you do not regret what has changed?"

She looked at him with a surprised expression on her face. "Oh, heavens no! Of course not, Loki! Do not be so silly...how could I regret what has transpired between us?" She turned onto her side to look into his eyes properly. "I love you more and more each day...you have taught me to control the magic I have and you have accepted me for who I am unlike some of the people here who cannot see past my poor background."

Loki wanted desperately to tell her that he loved her – something he wanted to do every time he saw her – but he found he couldn't. Somehow, those three words just seemed so meaningless and small compared with what she had just spoken to him; she opened up her heart to him in a way she never had before and he was speechless. The only suitable response he could think of was to pull her into a kiss, draping his arm around her waist and holding her close to him. He jumped as he felt her bite gently on his bottom lip and his arm slid down, daring to squeeze her backside a little seen as she had used her teeth on him. She jumped too and broke away from him, laughing softly.

"Oh, Loki." She sighed and he was happy to hear that she sounded content and comfortable. She bit her lip and looked at him through her eyelashes. "What would someone say if they walked in on us?"

Loki grinned, enjoying her mischievous tone. "If anyone was to burst into your chambers without knocking, I would take issue with that first." He thought for moment, realising that there was one person who would. "Though perhaps my brother would be likely to...and if he does, I shall curse him to Valhalla and back."

She laughed again, winding her fingers back around his and leaning in close to him before pressing her lips against his. She pushed against his chest causing him to lie on his back as she lay on top of him, running her nails over his pale chest. He growled a warning against her lips, as though he was daring her to press harder and she nipped his bottom lip again in response.

His long fingers were just winding into her hair when she pulled away with a choked scream. He jumped and watched her clamber off him, pressing herself up against the wall and pointing over his shoulder.

"Herja? What in the name – "

"It is there!" She cried still gesturing wildly. "Behind you on the pillow!" He glanced to his right and saw the slightly furry arachnid perched on the pillow next to him. He grinned and picked up the pillow slowly, not wanting to disturb it like he had before. She whimpered. "Oh, Loki, please! Remove it quickly!"

He chuckled and as he stepped out onto the balcony and shook the creature off the pillow, he heard her call, "I fail to understand what you are finding so amusing!"

He returned to her chambers where she was still stood on her bed, leaning heavily against the wall as though she had just run a marathon. He rolled his eyes as she insisted that he hold up the pillow for her to inspect, just to be sure there was no longer anything crawling over it. Once she was satisfied, she glared at him again.

"What do you consider to be so amusing about this, Loki?"

He shook his head, smiling. "It is merely...it is merely that this is the only thing I have ever witnessed you to be truly afraid of."

Herja suddenly looked so innocent and upset, he immediately felt a little guilty. "I am very afraid Loki! I would like it if you could give me a little comfort rather than mocking me." Her words only intensified his guilt and he walked towards the bed where she stepped to the edge and leaned against him as he put his arms around her, unaccustomed to having to look up at her rather than down.

"Please accept my apologies, Herja. I just did not expect you to be scared of something so common and inconsequential." She kissed him lightly and he took this to mean that she accepted his apology. He sighed. "Well then...I suppose my work here is done. Am I to return to my own chambers?"

Her only response was a pout and she did not move her arms that had encircled his neck. He raised a dark eyebrow.

"Or...I could remain her and provide you with 'a little comfort' if you would rather." He said teasingly.

She smiled again and nodded. "Yes...I think you may have to. Now, into bed with you, Prince Loki. Protect your lady from stray arachnids."

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