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An Unladylike Request

Loki shifted in his desk chair, his legs protesting at being kept still but he had no choice.

It was dark outside and there was a cold breeze coming through the open shutters, making him shudder. He would have closed them but right now, that chilling wind was the only thing keeping awake and focussed. He'd been writing this new legislation for his father all day and, while he had no qualms about doing it, he was longing to sleep. He had even missed dinner to continue it and, although servants had brought a more than adequate meal to his chambers, he wanted nothing more than to stretch his legs and sit with the others for supper.

He picked up the quill once more, resigning himself to a night of isolation, work and boredom when there were two loud thuds on the door as though someone was clumsily knocking. He frowned though in truth he was welcome for a distraction, however momentary it may be, stood and opened the door. To his surprise, it was the one person he was longing to see.

"Hello, Loki." Herja said and was it Loki's imagination, or was she slurring a little? He rubbed his hand over his mouth to try and hide the grin breaking out over his face.

"Herja. What can I do for you at this late hour?"

She made no response except to slide past him into his chambers. He was surprised by the lack of preamble but not offended and he couldn't help but grin again as she stumbled a little before leaning against his desk, evidently waiting for him to sit down in his chair again. He did so and he was confused as to why she was just watching him instead of speaking.

"Herja? Are you well? You seem...thoughtful." And tipsy, he added mentally.

"I quite well, thank you." She responded her tone still a little slurred but nevertheless she still seemed very much herself; she still had her own mind. And he had to admit, she looked ravishing. Her hair was loose, one of the straps of her dress had slid down her arm and her cheeks were flushed.

"I am glad you are feeling so fine but that still does not tell me why you have decided to come to my chambers in the dead of night after a little too much wine."

She pouted and scooted further along the desk, her legs pressing against his. "I missed you at supper."

His heart warmed at that. "Did you truly?"

She sighed dramatically. "Yes, I did. I missed your longing looks across the table."

He snorted with surprise, his eyes widening. "My...longing looks? I do not quite recall ever giving you those." She never made references to moments like that and, while he would admit to himself that he did give her heated glances over supper, he would never admit it to her. The wine she had drunk was evidently making her brave enough to address it.

She rolled her eyes lazily. "Oh, Loki...do not pretend. You are always giving me that look."

"What look?" He asked innocently, sitting back in his chair with his legs splayed apart comfortably. He couldn't stop himself taking in every inch of her as he waited for her response; he wondered what she had been doing over supper and how bored she must have been to drink as much as she did. But by the gods, she looked incredible.

"It is the look you are giving me at this very moment." She replied at last, biting her bottom lip a little.

Despite the fact he had the upper hand over her while she was in her drunken state, he felt his cheeks burn. He wasn't used to her being so honest and he found himself torn between finding amusing, embarrassing and downright arousing. He cleared his throat loudly and said, "Herja, do you not think you should perhaps go to your chambers?"

She whimpered. "No, Loki, please do not send me away! I have missed you and..." She trailed off and looked at him through her eyelashes coyly. He wasn't sure whether she was playing him well or whether she was simply too tipsy to realise the effect she was having. "...I have come to you for some attention."

"Some attention?" He repeated, smiling slightly. "I do not understand."

She pushed back her hair over her shoulder. "You have been so very busy all day and I have not spoken with you at all! I am accustomed to you giving me your attention and confess that I was longing to hear your voice."

Loki felt his heart swell. He had always been the one who had desired her, watched her, loved her from afar and it was invigorating to know that she now needed him as much as he needed her. He saw that the other strap of her dinner dress was beginning slide off her shoulder too and he just couldn't resist her anymore.

But instead of him seizing her, they met somewhere in the middle; his hands easing her towards him and her clambering onto his lap eagerly, straddling his legs with her own. She pulled her skirts out from under her and they pooled between them, revealing her lower legs. He ran his fingertips over her soft skin lightly, making her shiver. She pressed her plump lips against his and he slid an arm around her waist, pulling her flush against him. His other hand pushed her skirts up a little more and rubbed up and down her thigh, making her sigh against him. He parted her lips with his own and their tongues danced, adventurous and teasing.

She broke away from his lips to set a burning trail from his mouth down over his jaw to his neck which she nipped playfully. He growled, his hands still preoccupied with her well-rounded hips and her smooth thighs, and she moved across slightly to whisper huskily in his ear,

"Loki..." She sucked on his earlobe and he felt a bolt of pleasure shoot through him. "...make love to me."

Her request made his whole body tense suddenly. "I am sorry? Herja, I really do not think – "

"Please." She moaned against his ear. "I ache..."

A growl vibrated through his chest and it took all his willpower to seize her wandering hands and hold them still. He pulled away from her and immediately missed the warmth.

"Herja...we cannot. You know that. It is not worth the risk because if someone found out..."

She pouted. "Surely you are selling yourself short?" He looked at her, confused and she elaborated. "'Not worth the risk'?"

He laughed softly and shook his head, raising an eyebrow. "Oh, I have no fear of that." She bit her lip, amused by his confidence, and he quickly continued before he got too distracted by her. "But you are a valkyrie and if anyone were to discover that you are not pure...you would lose everything and my father would be furious."

"I know, I know." She sighed and wrapped her arms around his neck and rested her head against his. "But I long to..." She trailed off and he realised some of the effects of the wine she had consumed were wearing off as she was blushing a little.

He smiled and tucked a rogue piece of hair behind her ear. "I feel the same." He replied honestly, enjoying her openness. He held her close for a moment before he had a thought. "Perhaps I can..." He cleared his throat and asked himself whether he was really going to say this. He summoned up a new wave of courage and continued. "Perhaps I can ease your ache without you losing your maidenhood..." He wasn't sure if he was asking or suggesting so he just left it open for her interpretation.

She pulled away enough to look at him curiously. "I do not understand. How?"

He didn't know how to say it (or rather he would not say it) so he simply asked, "Do you trust me?"

She nodded immediately and she swallowed out of either nerves or anticipation. "Of course."

He gave her no more notice of what he was about to do other than to trail his hands up her thighs slowly, watching her closely in case she asked him to stop. She didn't and her eyes partially closed as his hands reached the top of her thighs and slowly moved between them. She gasped when his fingers finally touched her intimately and Loki realised that he really should have locked the door before they started this. But it was too late now and he didn't want to take his eyes – or his fingers – off her.

He hoped his hands weren't trembling too obviously; despite his confidence earlier, deep down he was just as nervous as she was. He desperately wanted her to give her all the pleasure he could, knowing she deserved every bit of it and he wanted nothing more than to hear her moans and know he (and he alone) was the cause. It was a lot of pressure for him and he didn't want to let her down. But as she moaned loudly again as he touched a particularly sweet spot and he knew that his nerves certainly weren't putting her off.

"Is that alright?" He murmured against her soft skin as he pulled her closer with his free hand and nuzzled her neck. "I do not want to hurt you. If you feel uncomfortable, just tell me to stop – "

"Do not stop." She moaned and he felt her nails dig into his back through his black shirt. "This feels so...overwhelming." Suddenly, Loki realised that she had never even done this to herself. Another wave of arousal washed over him as he thought about how his hands would always be the first to bring her something so pleasurable and so new. He shifted his fingers slightly, parting them and delving a little deeper. She gave a loud gasp.

"Shhh!" He chastised lightly. He knew that servants roamed the corridors at night and he did not want any of them coming to check on him if they heard noises coming from inside his chambers. She leaned forward and covered her mouth with his shoulder, her gasps muffled. It wasn't long before he felt her body tense and her hips bucked against his fingers. He winced as she sunk her teeth into his shoulder and let out a whimper. She collapsed against him then, her breathing slowing as she relaxed and he moved his fingers from her gently. She shifted so she was sat on his lap properly and draped her legs over the arm of the chair. She toyed with the ties on his shirt and brushed her fingers over his pale skin.

"Do you feel better?" He asked, smiling a little at her glazed expression.

"Much." She titled her head up for him to kiss her. He kissed her gently and intimately before pulled away and played with the ends of his dark hair. "Thank you."

He laughed and shook his head. "It was not a selfless act. It was as much for my own pleasure as yours, I assure you. To know that I can do that to you and no one else can...that is intoxicating."

She rested against him for a little while longer before sighing and swinging her legs back down, her feet touching the cold floor. "I must return to my own chambers before I fall asleep here."

He nodded and his body suddenly felt hollow without her weight on him. "Goodnight then, love." He kissed her hand and she grinned.

"Goodnight." She was just about to open the door when she turned back to him. "And I will repay you for what you have done for me." She flushed. "I only hope I can please you as much as you have pleased me."

He felt a jolt of excitement shoot through him and he gripped the edge of the chair to stop himself from getting up and begging her to stay the night here with him. Instead, he managed to control himself and said,

"I look forward to it."

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