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The pale dragon chapter 4; Realization

Ember and the others gasped at what Maxios did. Was Maxios really going to leave him there? Why did he smash this Talos aside? Ember understood why Flame hated Maxios, what he did to Talos was horrible! Maxios seemed to know Talos… what is going on? Spyro drummed his claws on the floor. It was all he could do to keep his outrage in check.

"All in favour of failing Maxios say aye." Rumbled Terrador. He was angry as well. A chorus of 'aye's' sounded. Grim satisfaction passed through Ember. But what about Flame? What is he doing now? She peered into the seeing crystal. He was staying with Talos. Aww. Spyro looked at Sparx.

"Go get Keza. She will want to see that her son is alive." Sparx nodded. He left the room in silence. That never happened before. She continued to peer into the crystal. Wait. What was Flame doing? He was rolling on the floor for some reason. What was he doing?

Flame was in fact laughing. When he finally realized what Maxios said about Pyre he burst into laughter. Talos looked up. His tears were frozen onto his face.

"What? What is it?"

"Puh… Pyre going out with Maxios, her never forgiving you, what bullshit!" Talos blinked and stopped crying.

"What?" He said in an aggression edged voice.

"The last time he asked her out he got a kick in the balls. He couldn't pee straight for two days afterward. I can't believe that he said he wa—" Peeewwwo! Flame's head snapped up. He looked to see that Talos has gone. Where'd he go?

"MAXIOS! I'M GOING TO GUT YOU LIKE A DEAD FISH!" Yelled Talos as he charged through the ankle deep snow. A couple of heavily armoured soldiers blocked his way. But Talos was way to powerful for them. He smashed them aside with a sweep of his cluster spiked tail and continued without breaking pace.

Flame smiled. His work was done. He sniggered and followed Talos' trail of destruction.

Maxios walked into a chamber that surprised him with its size. Wow, this place was huge. He looked around there were several ice pillars around the place. Looks like a throne room or something. If this was a throne room, where was the king? He saw Pyre lying patiently, staring at him with those lovely lilac eyes. He still had no idea she hated him.

When Pyre saw her purple 'savior' come, her muscles immediately tensed. She despised Maxios for what he did to Talos.

Talos… why did he have to run away? Why? She looked down at her paws and she imagined for just a brief second she was holding Talos'. She sighed. She never had the chance to tell him about how her feelings for him. Would things be different if she said sooner? The ground around her rumbled; the ice king awakes. He stomped pass her and advanced towards Maxios. The enchantments around Pyre made her invisible to the ice king.

"Kick his ass." She thought bitterly. She could have sworn that Maxios said;

"Wow, thas' big." She saw Maxios charge forward and breath fire into the ice kings face. This made him reel but he clubbed Maxios with the pommel of his sword. Maxios landed onto the ground with a 'thud'. "Come on, get him now." He sprang away from the ice king and used his 'body control' to keep him away while he recovers. Bloody coward. She continued watching the epic (she had to admit) battle. Meanwhile a certain white dragon was making his way towards the chamber.

Talos stormed past the door that led to a giant fortress and went into the hole in the wall nearby. It stank of Maxios.

"He's good." said Spyro with a grin. Keza was there now and she stared, open jawed at her son.

"He's… he's alive. After all these years. He's alive." She wept tears of joy. She turned to Spyro. "Thank you, thank you for telling me that my son is alive, I'll be able to tell him how much he means to me!" Sparx huffed.

"Don't everyone thank me at once." He grumbled dryly. Keza turned to the dragonfly.

"And you where the first to tell me this wonderful news, thank you so much for bringing this to my attention." Sparx puffed his chest out with pride. Ember hopped up and down.

"Breaking news guys, third candidate entering throne room." Ember chuckled. "Oh Pyre, you're in for such a shock. And you Mrs Keza." Keza turned to the young dragoness.

"And why's that young Ember? My son being alive is shocking enough, I am glad yes, but still surprised. What else should shock me about my son returning?" Spyro grinned.

"Because Talos came back in a big way, he's using a power we have never seen before. And he used it well, like he trained all his life." Keza started. An ugly thought came into her head.

"Did he and Maxios meet?" Spyro sighed and nodded. "And?" Terrador answered for Spyro.

"Maxios attacked him. But not before saying something that… hurt Talos a lot." Keza bristled with anger at this. "We have failed him as a result of this." Keza said nothing. But evidently she was furious. She started when the teleporter activated and a purple dragon appeared out of the green mist.


Talos stalked into the throne room, menace and rage in each step. Maxios will pay for deceiving him. Redemption meant everything to Talos. He saw the huge ice giant battling his bastard brother. Evidently Maxios was exhausted; he was panting, sweating, huh, and swearing a lot. Talos studied the ice colossus that was beating the crap out of him. Was that Dante; the last living king before undeath claimed this place? Dante pinned Maxios with his foot and rammed his sword down.

Maxios disappeared in a cloud of green mist before the blade could kill him. Talos walked into the center of the chamber.

"Well I'm none the wiser as to what just happened there but thank you for beating up my brother. I'm guessing you're Dante." He smiled and was totally relaxed in front of the roaring ice giant.

In the temple. Ember was impressed, this dragon's got guts to stare down an ice king.

Dante roared and charged. Talos let out a roar that equalled the giants and unsheathed his metal claws.

"Come on Dante, I survived numerous foes and challenges. Nothing can stop me from saving Pyre. Not you, not the Ancestors, nobody!" Talos charged forward and his gunmetal claws clashed against Dante's ice sword, sparks flew. Talos grunted and was driven down by the ice king's strength. He teleported away and appeared above Dante. He increased his gravity and slammed his fist onto Dante's head, creating a force bubble around it to lessen the strain on his fist and increase the damage even more on icy's helmet. "Okay, a full frontal attack won't work." He thought as he returned his gravity to normal and landed gracefully on his hind paws. "Go for the eye slits? If I send a blast of force from my paw I could blow its head off. But I need to weaken him first, or at least de-shield him. Gotta do this fast." Talos ran forward and enacted his plan.

Pyre couldn't believe it. Talos… Talos came back. Here to save her from Dante. Or was he? Did he know about the test? As Pyre watched the duel between dragon and colossus she began to become confused. Talos had power! Did he after six years discover his element? What happened to his claws? She wanted to go to him, be with him. But couldn't. If she took one step out of the barrier, Dante would kill her. She saw Talos spin like a white whirlwind and smashed his spiked tale into the side of Dante's knee, drawing a cry of agony from the ice king. The king dropped his sword, and clutched the shattered mess that used to be its knee. Whatever power that Talos was using, it was certainly making him much stronger. Talos grabbed Dante's shoulder guard swung over its head and launched a savage kick that shattered his shield. Damn, Talos was good.

Talos chuckled as Dante struggled to get up.

"Not long now 'Icicle head'." He calmly walked towards the straining ice king. Talos wasn't arrogant, he was however a realist. And he knew that not even an ice king could recover from a blow like that. The ice king conjured a massive ice spear and tried to run Talos through. But Talos grabbed the spear, decreased the ice kings gravity, and pulled. "Get over here!" He yelled as he threw the ice king from his laying place and smashed him into a nearby ice pillar. It shattered, although whether it was from the impact or Dante's cry of pain… Talos couldn't tell. Dante wasn't done yet, he had one card left to play; Dante roared and sent several icicles flying at Talos.

And Pyre. Talos dove into his power. If he failed; he and Pyre were dead. Dante's power battled Talos. Talos could feel himself getting forced back; he dug his claws into the ice and poured more power into his force. Talos begun to sweat and he could swear his nose was bleeding; he couldn't take this for long. He needed to stop Dante at all costs. He won't fail Pyre again, not again. Dante laughed in triumph.

It was the worst thing he could ever have done, because this action provoked the following action from Talos; he used his fury mode. Talos lifted into the air with a resounding howl of pent-up grief and rage. Dante felt himself being crushed by his own amplified weight; the ice was cracking beneath him. Talos had no fury of his own, either that or he hasn't found it yet. But Talos had a sort of fury where his powers would increase to superlative levels. Aptly he called it his fury state. Talos' eyes became silver spheres of pure light. The air around hi rippled like he was encased inside an invisible bubble, his body glowed with a dull reflection of the bright magnesium flares that replaced his eyes. Dante's ice crystals slowly turned around until all of them pointed at the doomed ice king. Talos, still in the air gazed down at Dante before waving dismissively. As one the icicles plunged into a screaming Dante. He howled in agony as his own spikes impaled him. Talos tensed up. Time for the finisher.

The same aura that encased Talos now surrounded Dante. He was slowly lifted up until his head became level with Talos. Talos reached out as if trying to grab the ice king, but he was several meters away. Pyre, despite her awe, was confused again. But it ended when two sounds filled the air; Dante's howling and the tortured sound of crumpling metal. Pyre saw that the ice king's armour was bending.

"That's it!" She thought. "Talos is crushing him, can he do that?" He could. The whine of abused metal was increasing in volume, so was Dante's screaming.

"No Dante, last king of Ousholak." Whispered Talos, even through the noise, Pyre could hear his unsettlingly calm voice. "I will not spare you like Spyro did. You have never spared any intruder before, nor have your troops, you tried to kill me and the one I hold most dear to my heart. For this, I will end you now." And with that, Dante's head was crushed. He fell limply to the ground. But Talos didn't stop. He threw several nuclear and force blasts into the ice king until all that remained was a gaping hole. Talos floated gently back to the ground, the bright glare of his eyes and aura disappearing, his breath came in great sucking heaves. He gazed at Pyre for a seemingly infinite time. Pyre could see the sadness in his eyes. "Pyre." He panted. "Pyre… I, I'm sorry, I'm so… very… sorry." Talos took a few steps forward before stumbling forward on nerveless legs and fell face first onto the floor. Pyre gasped and rushed forward. She caught managed to hoist Talos' head into her paws.

"Talos, wake up, please. Don't die, please, not like this. Don't leave me again. I don't want to lose you again." She cradled the unconscious force dragon and held on for dear life as if he was a lifeline. She wrapped her wing around him to keep him warm, and lied down net to her saviour, sobbing. She heard footsteps behind her and whirled around to see an exhausted and severely battered Flame. "WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN!?" Blared Pyre.

"I was… holding off… the undead army, they tried to… help their… king… they all… died suddenly so I came here to see what was going on." He explained, managing to recover his breath in the process. He looked around. "Um where's Dante?"

"Gone, dead. Talos tore him apart." Flame looked around and saw several pieces of Dante all over the place. Ouch. Flame bent over and pushed a talon into Talos' neck.

"He's alive, good and strong. But leaving him in the cold like this won't help that much." He took out a small jade crystal from his satchel and spoke to it. "Hello? You there?" A voice crackled back. It was Spyro.

"Were here, we saw what happened to Dante." Flame nodded.

"Tell me afterwards but now take us home. Talos needs help." The green mist took Flame, Pyre and the unconscious Talos, leaving the throne room truly empty of all life.

Talos is alive don't worry. Now you know why Dante legged it. Talos, Pyre, Keza and Maxios are mine and mine alone. So will Talos be okay, how will Maxios react to his little brother beating what he could not? And will Pyre explain these 'mysterious' feelings for Talos? Find out next chapter. Comment please, I feel lonely.