Author's Note:This is an idea that I had floating about that I've finally decided to post. I've done some stuff with Marvel and 40k and this is an attempt at a 40k/Avengers crossover. Well it's actually more like a fusion, but it has some crossover elements. You'll see what I mean. Although the title is a bit misleading, only Thor, Fury and Coulson show up so far.

Also thanks to scriviner for editing this. If you spot any mistakes let me know.

The Inquisitorial fortress on Tesserata Prime was a grim forbidding structure carved right out of a mountain. Established four millennia ago as a center for Ordo operations, it was constructed with some of the finest defenses in the Imperium of Man. Underneath the protective veil of a high grade void shield, dozens of tall forbidding towers jutted out of the black rock below. Dozens of more complexes and buildings were linked deeper underground. All sorts of facilities were available at Tesserata Prime.

And now two figures walked on the top floors of one of the towers.

''They're not happy you know.'' Inquisitor Drax told his colleague. Drax was a slender man of medium height, his features covered by his hood, leaving only his pale lower face exposed in a worried frown.

''I'm aware of the Mechanicus's problems with Magos Stark.'' Inquisitor Lord Fury replied. He was a tall muscular dark-skinned man wearing a set of carapace armor and a stormcoat over that. Unlike many Inquisitors he had no ornate finery or baroque warplate. His sole major features were the Inquisitorial rosette at his belt and his bionic eye that glowed crimson in the shadows.

''Even your influence extends only so far old friend.'' Drax reminded him.

''I'm not inclined to argue the finer points of Mechanicus doctrine with you now. However Magos Stark had defended himself quite well in the theological courts.'' Fury told him.

''What about Banner? He's all sorts of trouble.'' Drax asked.

''He's a Doomsday weapon-'' Fury began.

''He's an abomination.'' His compatriot hissed.

''-That may be. I've certainly heard many call him that. But He's an abomination in the service of the Emperor. I have countermeasures in place.'' Fury reassured him.

''For everyone's sake let's hope so. Stark was fine enough, but I warn you some or our colleagues are growing more and more concerned about some of the methods you are using in your service.'' Drax mused.

''I was given a mandate by my late mentor to protect the Imperium. I will use whatever methods I deem fit to do that. So far nothing I've used is explicitly heretical or connected to the Ruinous Powers, no matter what some of my rivals may claim.'' Fury looked at him.

Suddenly the two were interrupted by a vox-bead on Fury's stormcoat. Fury touched the link on his coat and activated the communications rune.

''This is Fury.''

''Inquisitor Fury this is Agent Coulson. I have news from Grentax II.'' The voice of Agent Coulson sounded in his ear. Coulson was one of his best field agents in Fury's staff.

''Well then?'' Fury asked.

''The hammer. We found it.'' Coulson told him.

''Excellent. Prepare to extract.''

''Ahem, there is a complication sir.''

''What kind of complication?''

''Someone else has it.''

Lightning crackled in the sky as the Deathwatch kill-team frantically moved through the shattered remains of a long dead city. In the distance sounded the screams and howls of daemons and heretics, along with the ever present sound of gunfire.

''He's coming, I can feel him!''' Codicer Rooks of the Howling Griffons hissed in pain, rivulets of blood running down his eyes and nose.

''Who?'' asked Magni of the Space Wolves. He was a tall powerfully built Astartes with long blonde hair toughly bound in a scalp lock. Ice blue eyes stared out as he grimaced, revealing his fangs. He clutched his chainsword and bolt pistol with apprehension. He wore a grey wolf pelt over his black armor.

Magni was the most recent initiate of the deathwatch. Having spent over a century of service in the Space Wolves the Grey Hunter had been selected to join the prestigious ranks of the Deathwatch and represent Russ's sons across the galaxy. Grentax II was a world in the grip of Chaos. Initially the Deathwatch had been sent to help against a murdering Chaos warband, only to find out that the situation was actually far worse than previously thought.

Instead of a small Word Bearers warband it was a much larger force that had quickly pushed aside the Guard regiments that were defending the world. Magni's ten-man kill team had already been reduced to a mere four members.

They had sent a distress call and three companies of the Aurora Chapter were being mobilized to respond, but the situation was already deteriorating quickly. The Deathwatch was already being forced to retreat through the ruins of one of Grentax II's older cities.

''A Greater Daemon. The King of Bloodthirsters. I dare not speak his name.'' Rooks hissed. Magni felt sympathy for the man, but now was not the time to stop.

The kill-team had been trying to move towards some sort of safe spot where they could safely regroup. They had already passed through some sort of underground passageway several hours ago and were only heading deeper.

''They have sent possessed Astartes to hunt us down Captain. I can feel the touch of the daemonic behind us.'' Rook told Captain Beren of the Raven Guard. The Watch-Captain nodded grimly as they headed deeper.

''Stop, this looks like a good defensive position, we can't run forever.'' Beren commanded as the kill-team members quickly moved out.

Magni took a moment to study the cavern they were in. The kill-team had evidently stumbled into some sort of large temple or a tomb. Faded carvings and inscriptions filled the wall along with worn weathered statues of some sort of ancient warriors.

The Space Wolf's enhanced senses could smell the weight of ages and the aroma of dust. However his eyes spotted something else in the gloom. A thin ray of sunlight illuminated what looked like some sort of hammer stuck in an altar in the middle of the room.

Magni took a few steps closer, looking over the thing. It did not appear rusted at all despite lying in some forgotten crypt for Russ knows how long. He could spot some sort of inspiration on the handle, in some sort of long dead language he did not quite understand.

''What is this place?'' he asked.

''Legends tell that this planet was the final resting day of a dead god, who was slain in a mighty battle with an evil serpent demon.'' Setonis answered. The Blood Raven had obviously done his research.

''Ignore it. We have more pressing matters.'' Beren said. Magni nodded and took up position.

Magni smelled them before he saw them. His senses detected the stink of warp corruption in the air, the familiar stench of mutated flesh before he saw crimson shapes dart through the darkness with inhuman speed.

The loud shriek of bolters filled the air as the Deathwatch team opened fire. Multiple bolter rounds stuck the first of the Word Bearers, tearing off the daemon-possessed marine's head as its body hit the floor hard. Then the Word Bearers reached close quarters.

Magni activated his chainsword with a throaty roar as he leapt into battle with a howl. He immediately engaged in combat with a bull-horned Word Bearer who attacked him with some sort of twisted claws, all around him the rest of the team responded. Blades and claws clashed in a swirling confused melee.

Setonis was the first to fall, a trio of Word Bearers dragging him down and ripping out his throat even as he stabbed at them with his combat knife. The Blood Raven refused to scream even as he was ripped limb from limb.

Then died Rooks. The Librarian shouted praises to the Emperor and Guilliman as he fired off bolts of lightning. He took out three of the possessed before a fourth one jumped on him and bit his head off with inhuman died as a two-headed possessed leapt at him and vomited some sort of corrosive blood, first his ceramite armor melted off in lumps, then his flesh as collapsed on the ground, his body just dsissolving rapidly.

Magni fell back, fighting every step of the way. He had already managed to hack off the arm of one of the possessed and behead another, but the remaining five possessed were closing in, arms and tentacles outstretched and hemming him in.

One of them leapt, reverse-jointed mutant claws propelling the possessed Astartes through the air in a swift motion. He collided hard with Magni who landed hard on tomb-altar. The Space Wolf felt his chainsword fall out of his grasp as the enhanced strength of the possessed warrior knocked it away. The Wolf felt claws close around his neck as he struggled against the hands of the traitor. His left arm flailed around, grasping for his chainsword as he used his right arm to punch the traitor marine repeatedly.

Then he felt his hand close around something and he tugged.

Lightning filled the air as the possessed was literally blasted off Magni. The other Word Bearers stepped back in shock as the figure before them rose in the air, forks of lightning rolling off his body. The Space Wolf suddenly stared at the hammer in his fist. He had never felt so much power in his life! All his fatigue was gone and he felt like he could shatter mountains.

He looked over the slaughtered bodies of his Deathwatch brothers and then at the forms of the possessed who seemed to be momentarily stunned. Then they attacked, inhuman daemon scream erupting out of their mouths.

''For the Allfather!'' the Space Wolf howled, his hammer just smashing the first Word Bearer into bits as he sent another flying right into the cavern wall. Arcs of electricity crackled in the air as he promptly unleashed a massive blast from the hammer.

Dark Apostle Revian smiled through thin lips as the ritual was reaching its apex. Eight hundred and eighty-eight cultists chanted praises to the Blood God as they prepared to summon Ka'Bandha, one of Khorne's most favored.

With his power at their side they would sweep away the Imperial dogs and claim this world in the name of chaos. Already overhead dark stormclouds were forming as the chanting of the Word Bearers and their cultists reached its apex. All the correct summoning circles and lines had been prepared. In the center sat Warrior-Brother Utonis, who would serve as the fleshy vessel for Ka'Bandha's glory.

''Praise the Word!'' Utonis shouted.

''Praise the Word! In the name of the Dark Gods!'' Revian gave the signal. Eight hundred and eighty-eight cultists drew their ceremonial daggers and plunged it into their necks all at once. Blood filled the ground from ruptured jugular veins as Utonis screamed.

Blood and warpstuff filled the air as Utonis rose high in the air, an unholy red light shining from his eyes as he was enveloped in the essence of the daemon king. The Word Bearer exploded in a shower of blood, a massive figure filling the air where he once stood.

Standing twice as tall as a Dreadnought walker, Ka'Bandha roared. Bloodletters shimmering into existence around him, hellblades raised in tribute to the towering red-skinned monster. A crown of horns decorated his brow as the daemon raised its massive axe and spread its gargantuan wings. Then suddenly a figure slammed into the daemon, flinging Ka'Bandha back a half a mile. The Bloodthirster suddenly howling in pain and ancient magic ruptured his flesh and cracked his bones. Ka'Bandha hit the ground with a massive thud before it got up in a flurry of flapping wings.

Magni stood before him, a defiant look on his face as he gripped the hammer with determination. Arcs of electricity crackled around the Space Wolf's black armor as his grey wolf cloak flapped in the wind. The daemon's eyes flickered to observe the hammer. He knew what it was.

''You wield the thunder god's hammer human, but you know nothing of its true power.'' Ka'Bandha growled in an inhumanly deep voice.

''Silence vile one!'' Magni flew at him again at Ka'Bandha raised his axe. The two collided in a thunderous clap as the pair of mighty titans battled it out, axe against hammer, daemon against Astartes as the two flew higher and higher.

Perhaps it was a side effect of the hammer but Magni could feel himself growing more resilient. He had already taken several axe blows yet he remained strong, striking it against the daemon again and again in titanic battle.

This had to be a gift from the Emperor, he decided. Where else could such power come from? Such strength and speed? Such incredible things? Magni knew he was no psyker, but now he was commanding the lightning and winds like the greatest of the Rune Priests.

He struck the hammer again and again into the daemon as he twisted in the air. Ka'Bandha howled and rage and pain as he struck out, his axe drawing blood from Magni as the Space Wolf took the hammer and smashed it down in a two-handed blow. Ka'Bandha's head exploded in a shower of gore as the daemon's massive body fell to the ground in a great thud. Dust rose up high in the air as the Space Wolf landed on the ground, hammer in hand as he faced the group of Word Bearers.

''Whose next?''

Captain Tullius of the Aurora Chapter muttered final prayers to Guilliman as his drop pod descended into the atmosphere. The Second, Third and Fourth Companies of the Aurora Chapter were all being sent to Grentax II to combat the force of the hated Word Bearers.

Tullius was eager to face the Word Bearers as was any true son of Guilliman. It was Lorgar who was the hated rival of Guilliman and who had betrayed the Ultramarines at Calth, inflicting heavy losses on the Ultramarines and devastating the planet. The pod's runes blinked down until the inevitable planet fall. The pod hit the ground at speeds which would have killed or crippled a normal man. Only the Astartes in their sealed power armor could survive that kind of fall.

As the drop pod hit the ground the doors blew out and Tullius unhooked himself from the restraint harness, grabbing his power sword and storm bolter, ready for a fight with Lorgar's hated sons. He was surprised.

The Aurora Chapter Captain was greeted by a field of heretic corpses strewn across as far as the eye would see. There was only a single figure that Tullius could see, a Deathwatch Astartes, a Space Wolf by the look of him, sitting on a rock with a hammer in his hands. He looked up.

''What took you so long?''