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Summary: The ritual to restore Voldemort's form did far more than the Dark Lord thought. Now the shard inside Harry is aware and willing to help the boy. But will this work for the Dark Lord, or against him?

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~ Voice in Harry's head XD lol ~

§ Parseltongue §


Angel in My Head

Chapter Five: Reveal

Word Count: 1655


Bel's "game" had just about done him in! Though there was nothing TOO physical they had jumped from one thing to another then back again until he didn't know whether he was coming or going. She had flash cards, ink blots, mind games, and Twister. Yeah, bloody TWISTER. With the little colored dots and everything.

Try playing THAT with glasses. It's a bitch!

Granted, they had made progress. The woman had been able to evaluate his mental state and make it fun all at the same time! She really was good with children…

'Not that I'm a child, per se, but…'

~ You never got to have fun, there is no shame in indulging from time to time.~ Fallen reassured him.

'Thanks for understanding.'

~ Not a problem. I understand a lot more than you might think. ~

Mental converstations aside, it had been a really good day! Bel had given him a note about all the areas he needed to work on, things he needed to open up about, and so on. She had also informed him that should he desire another psychiatrist she would understand, however, she would be more than happy to take him on!

'Too bad I can't tell her about the magical world. Otherwise, I'd take her up on that.'

There was a quick knock on the door and, before he could answer, Bel slipped inside and closed the door gently as to not make a sound.

~ Speak of the crazy Devil… ~


"Harry… we're alone, right?" Bel peered around as if she would climb the walls just to make sure.

"Yes, we are." Harry stated quickly as to prevent her from doing something foolish… a feat he was unsure if anyone could accomplish, if truth be told.

"Good!" Bel exclaimed. "Man, what I wouldn't give to be able to put up a privacy ward like mum always did." She sighed and skipped on over to Harry's bed where she happily flopped down with a grin.

"Yeah, they're bloody useful." Harry replied without thinking then paused, eyes wide. "Wait a… are you a…"

"Accountant?" She asked with a grin. "That's what some people call it, at any rate. Sounds better than admitting there's a Squib in the family."

Harry just stared at her in shock. The psycho psychiatrist was actually a psycho mind healing Squib?

"Is it really that shocking? Come on now, I'm sure you've seen stranger things. You're Harry Potter, after all, the Boy Who Lived." Bel giggled before she sobered and took on a serious look. "Bet you hate that title, huh? It sets you aside, makes you different, when all you want is to be like everyone else."

Harry nodded. Bel understood him, and was probably the first adult to ever do so. Even if she had the mentality of someone far younger than he himself was…

"I know how you feel." Bel nodded and Harry had a look of "yeah right" on his face. "No, seriously, I know how you feel. Squib is a bitch of a word… and it always makes me want calamari." She grinned at the last part.

"What does calamari have to do with anything?"

"Well, if you are dyslexic and transpose letters, or turn them around like I do, then sometimes Squib becomes squid. Squids make calamari."

Harry's tummy took that opportune moment to growl. Loudly.

"Oh…" Harry blushed and Bel smiled.

"Yeah, it makes me hungry too! So, would you like to go out and eat? I'll even take you to the Leaky Cauldron. My treat!" She exclaimed happily.

"But… I'm in the hospital and… Would they allow me?" Harry mumbled. He wasn't sure what the facility's policy was but from the shows he'd glimpsed from time to time at the Dursleys… a patient walking out without permission was never a good thing.

"Duh, I'm a Psychiatrist. AND I work here. I'll just tell them that getting out for a bit will help with your mental health. And I'm right, aren't I? You don't like being confined, do you?"

"You're right… I've spent enough time locked up to last me a lifetime."

"My thoughts exactly! Now, let's go!" Bel said excitedly as she helped Harry to his feet. "But first you have to get dressed." She commented as she looked the boy up and down and realized he was still in his hospital gown. "Be right back!"

Harry watched in wonder as she bolted out the door, not caring one bit if people heard her.

~ Why did she enter cautiously if she is determined to let the whole place know she was here upon exiting? ~

'Probably because of what she wanted to say when she first came in. She might be crazy, but she's not stupid.' Harry shrugged. 'Besides, she's the good kind of crazy.'

~ There is a good kind? ~


Harry wasn't sure what he thought of the outfit Bel had brought him. It wasn't as bad as Dudley's cast offs per se, but the silver-green shirt hung off his shoulder in a very provocative way and the leather pants hugged his arse.

~ If I didn't know better, I would think you a succubus. ~ Fallen purred in his head, which caused Harry to blush.

'That's not possible…right?'

There was a long pause and Harry could tell his visitor was thinking.

~ Honestly? ~


~ Haven't a clue. I would have to see your family records. ~

'Where am I supposed to get those?' He could only hope it wasn't the Ministry. After the sheer incompetence the administration had shown the past two years, he really didn't want to deal with them.

~ You are going to have to deal with the Ministry. ~


Well, he would cross that bridge when he came to it. For now, he would…

~ You might want to consider going to the Ministry regardless. ~

'Why?' As far as Harry was concerned, he wanted nothing to do with the lot.

~ Because being on their good side would be in your best interest. ~ Fallen stated and Harry was skeptical.

'Seriously, how could being friendly with those incompetents be beneficial?'

~ They can protect you from Dumbledore. Fudge would be more than happy to have the Boy Who Lived endorsing him. He would help you in return for a few public luncheons and whatnot. ~

Fallen had a valid argument. Harry had never been a fan of politics, it was not an area that really interested him, but even he knew Fallen was right. Whether he liked the field or not, even he knew that politicians had power and pull… two things he would need if he was going to escape the Headmaster's clutches.

~ And I will help you every step of the way. That's why I'm here. ~

'How did you come to be in my head anyway?' Harry wondered.

Not for the first time, granted, but it was the first time he put some honest desire for an answer behind it. The other times he had just beening curious and hadn't cared if Fallen responded or not… which the "Angel" never did.

~ I have been with you since the night you lost your parents.~

Wow. A straight forward answer. Harry was pretty sure that was rarely given from his little riddler.

~ I am not little. ~ Fallen grumbled and Harry smiled.

'Sure you're not… You're just a voice in my head, but if you were out and about you would be ten feet tall and bullet proof.'

~ Just about. ~ Fallen replied in a pompous tone.

'Are you… Are you the reason I didn't die that night?' Harry asked hesitantly. He really didn't like talking about that night, with anyone, especially seeing as he knew so little about it but…

~ There were many factors involved, Harry.~

'But you were there. And you've been with me since?'

~ Yes. ~

'Was it the Killing Curse that caused you to become dormant?' Harry was just full of questions now that he was actually getting some answers.

~ Yes. ~ Single sylabol answers, yes, but they were answers nonetheless!

'How did you, er… wake up?' Harry could feel Fallen pause on this, as if he were contemplating the best way to put it. Which meant, once again, he wouldn't leave Harry in the dark like everyone else does.

~ It was a combination of three things from what I can tell, actually. The ritual… well, that triggered it. When your wands dueled, the magic which permeating the air was able to breathe life into me again in a sense… ~ Fallen stopped, as if he didn't want to tell Harry what finally woke him up.

'And the last one?' Harry prompted. The Wizarding World, Dumbledore… hell, even his FRIENDS kept him out of the loop. He'd be damned if he let Fallen do the same.

~ Do not group me with the likes of them. I might not always tell you every little thing, but I wont hide valuable information from you when you need it most. ~ Fallen stated, obviously referring to several incidents where Dumbledore and the others held intellegence that would have saved Harry from a lot of pain and heart ache.

Harry could feel Fallen cringe and Harry sent him the mental equivilant of "what's wrong?"

~ Heart ache… ~

'Why does your heart ache?'

~ No… that was the third. The catalyst to my awakening, Your dark thoughts, your heart ache, is what woke me up fully. ~

Harry stayed silent as he thought it over. Fallen had come to him in his time of need, when he was heartbroken and unsure if he wanted to continue living. Fallen had been with him since the night his parents died, a silent protector just waiting for when Harry was at his lowest. A guardian who had come to Harry's rescue when the teen needed him most…

'You really are my Angel.'


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