One day, Ewdard and Jackobub were in the in the IKEA store, looking at curtains and telephones and beds and such. They enjoyed doing it because they loved making their place of residence look stylish. They brought with them 40000 Pesos to ay for their things with.

Then they came to a bed that looked wonderfully soft and comfortable.

"Jackobub," said Ewdard, "would you like to engage in sexual intercourse in this bed with me?"

"I would love to, Ewdard," said Jackobub.

They removed their clothing, and got into the bed. Once in, Ewdard inserted his male genitalia into Jackobub's rump and moved back-and-fourth, pleasing him.

"Ewdard, Ewdard," said Jackobub, eyes closed in enjoyment, "you give to me such pleasure."

Then a girl with no emotions named Beulah Swain came along and said, "Do you two mind if I join you in your sexual intercourse?"

"Be our guest," Ewdard and Jackobub said in unison.

So Beulah Swain joined Ewdard and Jackobub in engaging in sexual intercourse. The particular type which they were engaging in was called a "threesome" with a little "tower of power" for added fun.

"WHAT ARE YOU IDIOTS DOING!?" yelled Charlisle suddenly.

Ewdard was the first to speak. "Charlisle!" he said, "What art thou doing here at the IKEA store?"

"I worketh here!" said Charlisle, "and thou must getest out or thou art going to cost me my occupassion!"

"Okay," said Ewdard, Jackobub, and Beulah Swain in unison. They got out of bed and walked out of the store and went home.