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Eventually, Ewdard and Jackobub were forced to give up and go home. But when they stopped at the 7-11 for a snack, they found Beulah Swain!

"Beulah Swain!" the two exclaimed in unison, "Thou art alive! What art thou doing here at ye olde 7-11?"

"I hangeth out here all along," said she. "I never raneth into the woods as I do not know my way about them."

"Why ever did we think that you had?" Ewdard and Jackobub aloud in unison together. "That was truly most foolish of us."

They then walked home and went to bed. But then the very next morning, they found Beulah Swain stooping over the commode, hacking and heaving.

"Beulah Swain," asked Ewdard, "why are you hacking and heaving over the commode?"

"It turns out that while we were engaging in sexual intercourse," said Beulah Swain, "I became pregnant and am now expecting a child!"

"What!?" asked Jackobub, just entering the scene, holding a bowl of Lucky Charms.

"Beulah Swain is pregnant!" said Ewdard, filling in Jackobub on what he missed while he was getting his cereal.

"But how?" asked Jackobub. "How did she become with child?"

"When we were engaging in sexual intercourse at some point," said Ewdard, "she conceived a child!"

"I did not know that is how children were conceived," said Jackobub.

"What is going on now?" asked Charlisle.

"Beulah Swain is pregnant!" exclaimed Ewdard and Jackobub in unison.

"What? You mean you idiots didn't use protection!?" Charlisle said.

"Protection?" asked Jackobub.

"A condom? A pill? Something to make sure that you DON'T wind up making the girl pregnant!" said Charlisle.

"We know not these concepts of which you speak," said Ewdard, Jackobub, and Beulah Swain in unison.

"Well what are you going to do now?" asked Charlisle.

"We will figure out a way to get by with the pregnancy," said Ewdard, Jackobub, and Beulah Swain, once again in unison.

"Oh dear God…" said Charlisle, rubbing his forehead.

"Whatever is the matter?" asked Esme, entering the scene.

"Beulah Swain is pregnant," said Charlisle.

"Oh, that is nice," said Esme calmly.

"Don't you understand the implications that this entails?!" exclaimed Charlisle. "Ewdard, Jackobub, and Beulah Swain cannot even cook a hot pocket. How can they care for a child?"

"Oh, Charlisle," said Esme, "you need to lighten up. So they go her pregnant when they were having sex. What's the big deal?"

"You know what?" asked Charlisle finally, "I give up. I'm sure that you will all find a way to work things out fine. In the meantime, I am going to go watch TV and root for the Steelers."

"Mother," asked Ewdard, Jackobub, and Beulah Swain in unison, "why is Charlisle such a stickler?"

"Some people are just like that, I guess," shrugged Esme.

"So, Beulah Swain," said Ewdard and Jackobub in unison, "would you care to engage in some sexual intercourse?"

"I would love to, Ewdard and Jackobub!" said Beulah Swain happily.

"Have fun, you three!" said Esme, happily leaving them to engage in their sexual intercourse.

To be continued…