This story is AU. In this story, ghosts are independent beings, like demons and fairies, instead of spirits of the deceased, and were never human.

I do not own Danny Phantom, How to Train Your Dragon, or any of the characters from either of them. They belong to Nickelodeon and Dream Works Studios, respectively.

Also, here's a big thanks to DragonLovingGirl6 for giving me many helpful pointers, and for giving me the idea to write it in the first place :)


Chapter One

Danny Fenton, a fourteen-year-old boy with sky-blue eyes, wild black hair, and a notably small frame for his age twitched once again at the continuing sounds of loud crashes and booms coming from outside. He bit his lip and snatched a sideways glance at the front door of the house he was currently hidden in, absently pulling at the collar of the dark blue hoodie he was wearing and seeming to be on the edge of giving in to some desire. His anxious fidgeting grew until finally he couldn't resist the temptation any longer. Springing out from his cramped hiding spot under the living room's coffee table, he dashed towards the steel-enhanced wooden barrier, turned the knob, and pulled.

The boy was immediately met with the sight of an intense, all-out battle. He barely had time to blink before one of the beings the people of his town were fighting against noticed him. Its beady red eyes narrowed, and it stopped its pursuit of one of his neighbors and promptly turned on him. Danny managed to slam the door just in time, barely avoiding a huge, blazing green ball of unearthly energy that was shooting towards him. He hid behind his temporary shield as the hinges rattled in their places, squeezing his eyes shut and feeling the jolt of the impact even through the thick, hard material as the blast slammed into the other side of the door. The teen shakily sank to the floor as the door's trembling finally ceased. He didn't relax.

"Ghosts," he breathed out. He opened his eyes to see spectral flames beginning to burn some of the carpet around him.

Seconds after Danny had made his whispered statement, the door flew open and the boy hurriedly leapt down the front steps, barely making it past the fourth square of the concrete walkway before a section of the house's front exploded into green flames.

Outside was a scene of absolute chaos. Humans who still had weapons fought against their attackers with all they had, striking and blasting every ectoplasmic entity in sight. Ghosts flew around stealing precious metals as well as random objects, chasing after the humans who had run out of weapons that were able to harm them.

Danny, despite his earlier hesitation, was now running through the streets, an excited grin on his face even as he was nearly hit by several stray blasts. A few of the city's citizens were carrying a huge ecto-launcher, and as the teenager ran past one man stopped to momentarily stare at him, causing the person behind him to lose balance and bang the back of the gun on his head. Danny, having seen the collision, winced and backed up, but jumped forward in surprise when a woman bumped against him from behind. He turned around to keep running, but was knocked over as someone dodging a huge, explosive blast nearly fell on top of him. The fighter merely grunted and jumped over the boy.

Danny got up and continued running, easily swerving through the mass of extremely preoccupied adults, who each quickly shouted at him to go back home upon seeing him in the middle of a raid. He paid them no mind, instead choosing to keep traveling to his intended destination.

Another blast shot through the ground right in front of him, one that would have seriously hurt him, had he not at that moment been grabbed by the back of his shirt and pulled backwards. He was roughly turned around to face his rescuer, who looked really cross.

"Danny! What are you doing out here? Get inside!" A huge man wearing a grime-smudged orange jumpsuit said before pushing the boy back in the direction of the nearest—conveniently —non-flaming building: the weapons repair shop.

The large man's name was Jack, and he had been one of the first people in the town to take up the job of ghost fighting. He was also the inventor of a large portion of the weapons that were now being used by many of the town's residents. He was a natural leader, and had the strength and imagination to back up his role as such.

As soon as he had seen Danny heading off towards the repair shop, he looked around to find another ghost to hit. Immediately spotting a rather large one, he grabbed an enormous bazooka from its holster on his back and simply slammed it down on the creature's head, after which said creature shrieked in pain and flew away from the threat. Jack turned around and faced one of the people who had been by his side for most of the time, a muscular man about a head shorter than him.

"What have we got?" Jack asked.

"Level fives, level threes, hordes of ones and twos, and even a level nine," the man answered dutifully.

"Any halfas?" the larger man inquired.

"Not so far."


One of the town's fighters gave the orders to ready a few very large anti-ghost power posts, which served the purpose of disorienting and slightly weakening every specter within a decent sized area. The streetlight-like posts were soon standing up strait, doing their job and making the fight fairer for the humans.

Danny ran past them and through the doors in the back of the repair shop, slowing down slightly as he reached a work table close to the entrance. A bald, slightly overweight man named William Lancer stood at the edge of the table and quickly replaced the empty ecto-powered battery of a medium-sized gun with a charged one. He then looked up from his work and over at the teen who had just arrived.

"It's good to see that you are still in one piece. I thought that you had been carried off!" The man exclaimed with perfect grammar. Danny reached down to pick up an enormous blaster that had been left on the floor, straining under the heavy weight. He turned to Lancer on his way to a nearby table.

"What? Who, me? Naw, I'm way too muscular for their taste; they wouldn't know what to do with all… this." He said, head gesturing to his small biceps and trying to make them appear bigger as he set the gun down.

"Well, they need toothpicks, do they not?" The older male responded, absently thinking of all of the crazy items that the ghosts stole. Lancer's comment effectively squashed any additional self-confidence that Danny might have obtained through his bragging.

A sudden pounding on the two locked, sheet-metal "windows" at the front of the small building caused the slightly put-off teenager to run forward and unlock them. Quite a few small ecto-guns and other weapons were strewn all over the front counter immediately after the small doors were opened, and Danny quickly shut and locked the openings when the town's citizens were done dumping them into the building. He grabbed all of the devices, hauling them over to his own table and beginning to work on them.

Outside, Jack shouted out instructions to the people around him, his booming voice barely carrying over the huge racket.

"Let's get to the better defenses on Silvermoon Avenue!"


"We should be able to end the raid with the launchers!"

Jack and the rest of the group with him quickly ran in the direction of "Silvermoon Avenue", dodging blasts and shooting any specter that tried attacking them, while other adults ran in all directions, carrying whatever valuable, ghost-envied materials they could to more secure places.

Down the street from Jack's group, five teens were hurrying about near a huge container full of oily liquid, each of them carrying a heavy bucket of the stuff and hurling it on any building that the green, ghostly fire had gotten to. There were Nathan, an overweight boy with curly red hair and large glasses, Dash, a tall, buff boy with sandy blonde hair and dark, violet-blue eyes and who was seemingly perfect in every physical aspect, two average-height, slim, blonde-haired twins, one of them a girl named Star and the other a boy named Stan, and…

Danny stared out into the chaos, his eyes fixed on the last teen, also carrying a large container of liquid. She was a beautiful, black-haired girl with a slim yet strong form and shocking lavender eyes. Sam… A relaxed sigh slipped past the boy's lips as he watched, until he was finally able to snap out of the trance. His jealousy came back to mind, and he looked out either side of the opening. He was just getting in position to jump out into the street when he suddenly felt a hand grab him from behind and pull him further back into the shop. Without having to look around, Danny spoke. He already knew who it was.

"Oh, come on; let me out, please! I need to make my mark!" The boy protested, turning to face Lancer as he was set back on the ground.

"You have made plenty of marks, boy, and they have all been in the wrong places." The man responded.

"Please. Two minutes. I'll destroy a ghost; my life will get infinitely better. I might even get a date."

"You cannot so much as lift a bazooka. You cannot pull the trigger of a gun without causing the whole thing to explode or something of that nature. You can't even throw one of these!" Lancer listed Danny's faults on his fingers, grabbed an anti-ecto bola from off the counter to show it to the boy, and handed it out the open windows to the waiting hands of a woman. She threw it skillfully into the sky with a slight grunt, capturing a rather fat ghost and causing it to fall to the ground.

"Okay fine, but this will throw it for me," Danny said as he looked down at a device near his feet, patting the makeshift launcher with a smirk. That is, until the jostling set it off. An ecto-bola shot out of it, barreling across the room and past the open windows before smacking right into the face of a waiting citizen, who gave a pained shout before promptly falling over, unconscious.

"Now, see, this right here is what I'm talking about!" Lancer pointed an accusing finger at the mini catapult-like contraption.

"But it, it-a mild calibration issue-" The man interrupted before Danny could go on.

"No, Danny. If you ever intend to get out there and fight ghosts, you need to stop all of... this." Lancer positioned his hands in a gesture directed toward the teenager.

"But you just pointed to all of me," Danny protested indignantly.

"Yes; that is what I mean. Stop being all of you." Lancer confirmed.

"Ohhh…" The younger male narrowed his eyes, daring the man to challenge him.

"Oh yes." Said man readily took that challenge.

"You-you sir, are playing a dangerous game; keeping this much raw… tough-ness contained. There will be consequences!" The teen leaned forward, shoving his pointer finger toward the heavens in an almost theatrical manner.

"I will take my chances. Now tighten the screws on this." Lancer handed the boy yet another ecto-weapon, and Danny grudgingly took it. He grabbed a screwdriver from out of a tool chest, all the while thinking about what he would do if–no–when he was finally able to start fighting ghosts. He knew there were a lot of types of ghosts, as well as many "levels" of how powerful they were.

Ghosts at the power levels of one to three were almost always just small to medium sized globs of ectoplasm, barely strong enough to lift anything worth stealing, but destroying one was still a bit of a hassle. Level fours and fives were a bit more varied, consisting of animal-like ghosts, slightly stronger blob-ghosts, and occasionally vaguely humanoid specters. They were even trickier to destroy, and were often smarter than lower level ghosts. Level sixes, sevens, and eights were definitely stronger, and more than half of them were humanoid, most of the rest being huge-structured beasts. And then, there were the level nines and tens. Those were the ones that only the town's very best fighters went after those. They were extremely powerful.

While Danny was lost in thought at his work station in the shop, Jack was on Silvermoon Avenue, standing atop a defense tower, a huge bazooka in his grasp. A huge level nine specter the size of a dump-truck and the shape of a cougar clung to the outside wall, snapping its powerful jaws at the man and trying to get on top of the roof without Jack blasting it. Apparently, even with its high power level, it was one of the few ghosts that couldn't fly. It stopped for a split second after Jack's latest attack, and the man took the opportunity to shout out orders to the people in some other defense towers.

"Reload! I'll take care of this," The huge man bellowed the first part loudly before muttering the last part to himself. He shot another green blast at the cougar-like ghost, which roared and snapped its jaws in retaliation. But their fight was cut short when a short burst of sharp, freezing wind tore through the air. The level nine ghost looked at Jack before warily jumping from the building to land on its feet several meters below. Jack tensed with recognition at the freezing wind, before snapping out of it and yelling for all of the others in the nearby towers to jump. Level nines and tens still weren't the most powerful ghosts out there. There was another type, one more powerful, clever, and deadly than them all. This was a ghost that could mask its ecto-signature from any of the humans' tracking devices to blend in, as if it were a human itself, save for the ghost powers (hence the term "halfa"), one that no one knew anything about, one that no one had ever even seen; but when it came, it brought with it an inevitable victory for the ghosts.

As the people quickly evacuated the towers, another freezing blast of wind came, this one stronger, before a green light appeared in the sky, growing bigger and brighter until it became a huge wrecking ball of pure energy, so blindingly bright that it seemed to be nearly white. Then suddenly, it shot forward, destroying the top half of the supposedly ghost-proof structure that Jack and the others in his group had just managed to get out of in a huge wave of spectral flames.

Across town, Danny looked up through the open windows and into the night sky, squinting his eyes and hoping to be able to spot the infamous "halfa". This ghost was a complete mystery; it never stole goods, never let itself be seen, and never missed its target. That being said, instead of catching a glimpse of what he was hoping see, Danny saw a huge, blinding white flash shoot towards one of the watch towers. Upon impact with one of them, it created an explosion that completely obliterated the control center and half of the structure beneath it.

No one had ever destroyed a halfa. Danny knew it would most likely be pretty much impossible, but he was determined to be the first.

At that moment, Lancer sighed and picked up an ecto-gun, opening the back door of the shop. "Alright, Danny; take care of matters here for a while. They need me out there." He was about to leave, but turned back suddenly. "Oh, and Danny?"

Said boy looked up to show he was listening.

"Stay. Put." The man then ran out the door.

Moments later, Danny was outside, steering his bola-throwing contraption down the street in a wheel barrel, weaving through the chaos. More than a few people noticed.


"Where're you going?"

"Get back here!"

"Yeah, I know; I'll be right back!" Danny responded distractedly to them all.

Just down the block, Jack threw a huge net over a group of ghosts, before he and several others held down the edges of it and tackled the troublesome specters inside.

"Careful!" Jack warned as some of the others began to get a little careless, while simultaneously wrestling down the largest ghost in the net to stop it from tearing free and letting the other ghosts out.

Danny, now a few more blocks away, had made it to a clear spot on the outskirts of the town, a field just a couple hundred meters from the outermost buildings.

Dropping the handles of the wheeled supply-transport and shoving the hand-made device out of it, he quickly set it up in the tall grass. When he finished he aimed it at the sky, looking through a small metal hoop he'd welded to the top to in order to get a better idea of where his target was in relation to the where the bola would be shooting.

Glancing around the star-spotted sky, he began feeling anxious. "C'mon, give me something to shoot at, give me something to shoot at…" he whispered to himself. Several minutes had passed when he briefly saw the vague outline of a dark, silent figure in the starry sky flash in his peripheral vision. He quickly turned his head in that direction before doing the same with his launcher, struggling to see in the dark. Then, a familiar freezing wind blew through the area, coming from above the nearest buildings. As a green ball of energy began to form in the sky, Danny aimed for it and waited; it would most likely be easiest to see the halfa's position right after it let go of the energy. Shielding his eyes so he'd be able to see right after, Danny prepared himself for the shaking that he knew would occur from the blast's impact on one of the buildings. Suddenly, the enormous ball of energy shot forward and exploded in green flames, which gave Danny enough light to see the halfa's silhouette starting to fly away. He looked through the hoop once more before pulling the trigger and firing the bola toward his target. The boy looked up with wide eyes to see if the bola had hit its mark, just as a pained scream came from the figure above and its already moving form shot off in a downward spiral deep into the forest.

Danny gasped.

And here it is; the first chapter of my new Danny Phantom and How To Train Your Dragon story!