Chronicles of Hikari


Hikari no Tochi, Land of Light, was a peaceful world where human and youkai co-existed in harmony. Split into four lands (Southern, Eastern, Western and Northern), each had their own rulers and lived in relative coherence. The Northern lands were ruled by King Hiashi Hyuga, Western Lands ruled by the great Lord Sesshomaru, Eastern Lands by the kind King Itachi, and Southern Lands by Onigumo.

Each ruler had but one rule, little to no interference and invasion of their lands outside of trade as written in a treaty to keep peace. And for many years, this treaty was honored.

Many ninja and shinobi hailed from the Northern and Eastern Lands, while youkai mainly inhabited the Southern and Western Lands. Borders in each land kept them all separated, with little to no communication from each land.

Consequently, an invasion of the Southern Lands from a pack of out worldly parasitic youkai came suddenly, with the people unable to properly defend themselves. Some were killed, others taken over, and tragically Onigumo was possessed and changed. Having been taken over, he shed his name Onigumo and adopted the name Naraku and set out to corrupt the rest of his land. Since the invasion was done in secret, and with no communication or relations to the neighboring lands, no aid came to the Southern Lands, and its neighbors had no idea of the slaughter and corruption to the Lands and its ruler.

After the corruption of his lands, Naraku set out to obtain and rule the neighboring lands as well, but knew that he would be unable to do so, as the other three rulers were very powerful in their own rights. This is when he learned of "The Light", a being, typically a miko, of great and unrivaled power that if captured and corrupted, would bring Hikari no Tochi to its knees.

He searched for many years in secret for this woman, to no avail, in the meantime strategizing his invasion of the Northern Lands as he viewed its king Hiashi the weakest of the Kings.

So far, he has been unsuccessful in his endeavors but he knew soon, he would find what he wanted….

"Master Naraku, the troops are ready and assembled. We're awaiting your orders to advance on the Northern Lands,"

Suikotsu, Naraku's top ranking general entered his quarters.

Naraku cast him an uncaring, almost angry look as he sipped a cup of sake. He nodded, acknowledging Suikotsu's words.

"Very well, give them my word to move out," he stated unemotionally with a wave of his hand. Suikotsu bowed and stepped back to exit the quarters.

"Suikotsu, give Renkotsu the order to find the miko of light. Assure him that if he fails to bring her, his death with be slow and painful. Very painful," the man turned youkai sneered.

Suikotsu gave a curt nod and left the room with vigor, he himself eager and ready for the opportunity to battle and kill.

He made his way to his youkai troops just outside of Narakus's palace. Youkai of all sizes, types and color resided there, all bloodthirsty and fiercely loyal to their leader and general. When they caught sight of their general they all scrambled to get into formation.

"Master Naraku has given us the word to invade the Northern Lands!" he barked. The demon troopes roared with excitement.

"Your objective is to kill anyone who gets in your way, and to capture the king and princess, alive. Failure is NOT an option. Understood?! SET OUT!" he finished, watching as the youkai all set out towards the border separating the two lands.

Smirking to himself, he made his way to his brother's headquarters. A putrid scent and smoke assaulted his nose as soon as he stepped into the tent.

"Renkotsu, it is time," he stated.

The man known as Renkotsu merely nodded, packing his many poisons and explosives. "My troops have set out to begin the invasion, but I have a special team awaiting you, and will assist you in capturing the miko for Master Naraku. But be warned, he will not accept failure, and if you value your life, you will not fail,"

Renkotsu contemplated his brother's words but gave no response. As Suikotsu began to leave, he paused at the entrance. "Heed my warning, brother,"

Naraku watched his troops leave from inside his quarters. He smirked evilly, both excited and anxious to get his hands on the Miko of Light. Once she was under his control, Hikari would be his.

He would be untouchable…..

"I'm coming for you my dear," he said aloud. "and when I get you, this world will be MINE," he finished with a sinister laugh.

Next time:

The Light is discovered!

Renkotsu smirked. "Master Naraku shall be most pleased. Who knew the "Light" we searched long and hard for would be right under our noses, in our lands?" he chuckled darkly.

Her eyes widened fearfully.

::"I'm coming for you….and when I get you this world will be MINE"::

She wanted to run, but it felt like her feet were glued to the ground. Renkotsu motioned for the three youkai accompanying him to flank and grab her. As they neared, she panicked.

Her aura began to brighten, until it blinded them. She used their momentary paralysis as a chance to make a run for it.

"You fools, she's getting away!" Renkotsu yelled.

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