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One: The Disguise Pen Series- Part One.

England frowned at Wales as he held out his hand for England to take the object in it.

"Why are you giving me a pen again?"

Wales sighed, shaking his hand impatiently.

"I told you, it's magic! All you have to do it shout out what you want to be turned into and it does exactly that! It's amazing!" Wales grinned as England raised his eyebrows at his brother dubiously.

"Of course, Dylan, whatever you say…"

"I'm serious!" Wales whined, "Look, I'll prove it to you!"

Wales cleared his throat and then, throwing his hand into the air, he exclaimed, "Disguise Pen! Turn me into a handsome sailor!"

Suddenly the room was filled with smoke and when it all cleared, England's jaw dropped. Because standing in front of him was indeed Wales but dressed as a sailor.

"I don't believe it…"England whispered, eyes widening.

"I told you! Pretty cool, huh?"

England shook his head in disbelief a few times and then narrowed his eyes on Wales.

"If this is so amazing, why are you giving it to me?"

"I've had my fun with it already. I've scared everyone enough times now so I'm handing it to you. I was thinking of giving it to Scotland or Northern Ireland but then I realised chaos would ensue if I did that so I thought you would be the perfect person for it!" Wales smiled at his brother and then looked at his watch.

"Aw crap! It's ten to two! I gotta go and so do you; you have a G8 meeting at your house in ten minutes!"

England give a yelp and grabbing the pen from Wales and giving him a quick hug, he sprinted out into the garden, got into his car and drove quickly away.

Wales watched him and grinned.

'Oo, this is going to be interesting…'

'England, you're totally late.'

England scowled as he entered his drawing room, for all seven countries where already present when he arrived. America, of course, just had to comment on his tardiness.

"I apologise everyone. I was held up with family affairs."

"Which one was it this time?" France asked, taking a draw from his cigarette, "It can't be Irlande du Nord because she stayed at my hous-"

"Stop talking. Now." England gritted out through his teeth, "But if you must know, it was Wales. Now, can we start the meeting?"

"I don't know dude." America said, flopping down on a seat at the head of the table while England sat down at the other end, glaring at the American. "Maybe if you arrived on time we would have been able to start sooner. Heck, we would have been into the meeting 15 minutes by now if it wasn't for you. And showing up late to a meeting at your own house no less…pitiful."

England dug his nails into his chair, stopping himself from jumping up on the table and lunging at America.

"And you are wasting even more time nagging me about it so if you would just shut up, we may be able-"

"Shut up? Geez, England, I don't like your attitude. Maybe I'll just go if you continue to speak to me like that."

All other members were watching the two nations, enthralled by their argument. America always sought to piss England off, no matter what. They all supposed he still held a nasty grudge against him for trying to control him and so showed it through sarcasm and name-calling.

England swallowed hard, nearly shaking with rage. What the fuck is America's problem? I won't rise to this. I am going to be the mature one here. He took a deep breath.

"Again, I apologise. I didn't mean to insult you and for that I am sorry. With your go ahead, I would like to start the meeting." He hated himself when he had to talk to America like this. It made him sick.

America, positively shining with glee simply nodded his head and England, trying his hardest not to glower at the man opposite him, began talking.

The meeting ended after 2 and half hours of non-stop talking and a couple of fights between England and France. They all agreed to meet up again tomorrow lunchtime, same place. France decided to stay afterwards for a couple of drinks and as everyone else of leaving America called out,

'Here, England, suppose you could be on time tomorrow?' Everyone else laughed as England heard the door close.

Standing still for a moment, he walked into the kitchen, followed by France, went to one of his cupboards, got a huge bowl out and then with a painfully loud scream of rage, hurled the bowl at the wall.

"Argh!" England howled, slamming his fists down on the counter, "that…that American! Who does he think he is, talking to me like that? Trying to make himself look all impressive! Oh, I'm America, and I think I can talk to the only person who ever cared for me anyway I want to because I'M A FUCKING ASSHOLE!"

France watched his friend, smirking slightly at him before interrupting his little rant.

"Angleterre, you must stop this silly nonsense. You can't get back at him."

England's head suddenly snapped up and he reached into his pocket and pulled out the Disguise Pen. France's brow furrowed.

"What it that?" He asked, intrigued.

"This is America's worst nightmare. I was late to the meeting because Wales gave me this." He held out the pen proudly and France stared at him blankly.

'Hm, oui, a pen. How extraordinary." He commented dryly but England shook his head.

"No, really, it is. It's magical! This pen transforms you into anything you want to be! And I know exactly what to do with it, and it's all thanks you Frog!"

"But I haven't said anything!" France said, trying to grasp the idea of a transforming pen.

"No, but you being here always makes me think of lust. Because all you do is talk about sex and romance and how lust can drive a person insane with longing."

"Ok…but how does this fit with America?"

England smirked wildly, "I'm going to transform myself into America's object of desire and then make him suffer by rejecting him! It's perfect!"

"I don't know," France said faltering, "Don't you think you're taking this a bit too far?"

'Oh come on France! The guy annoys the hell out of you too! Wouldn't you like to see him get a taste of his own medicine?'

France smiled slightly. "I suppose I would. Okay then, I am looking forward to this; God knows you may turn into a hamburger!" France laughed and England chuckled.

"I wouldn't put it pass him to lust after something so ridiculous; okay, here goes."

Throwing his right hand into the air, England yelled,

"Disguise pen! Transform me into America's object of desire!"

Smoke filled the room and when it cleared, France grinning like a manic, suddenly frowned.

'What the hell?'

Coughing and sputtering because of the haze, England went over to look into the mirror in the kitchen and then groaned in annoyance.

"Strange. Must be broken. I'll need to see if Wales can fix it."

Because when France looked at England, who in turn looked at his reflection, nothing about him had changed at all.

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