-''So, what did this… Greyson guy say?'' Boomer asked his brother as they both were sitting on their beds. Mikayla had something to do, something about a guard duty, and she explained that no matter how much she wanted to spend time with Brady, she really needed to get this done. So Brady had been given a few hours alone in the afternoon. He had sort of been bored, seeing as there had been nothing for him to do; he had decided to simply kill off some time in his room. Oh, and try to make any sense at all from the messenger had said.

-''He said a lot of things, Boom.'' Brady said, sitting up. He swung his legs over the edge of the bed, and stood up. Boomer sat up himself and looked at his brother with a face expression that expressed thorough worry.

-''Bro, if you keep thinking about that like you do, your head is going to pop. Why not just relax, and try to think about in a logic way?'' Boomer then said calmly, but apparently Brady couldn't take the hint. He started pacing around the room while swinging his arm around in an exasperated way to express confusion.

-''Alright, I get it. But I just don't understand… Why does all this happen right now? I mean, according to that Greyson person, it hasn't happened at all while our ancestors have populated Kinkow, but instead it did when even earlier people did? And on top off that, they are just having speculations about what's going to happen?'' The behavior Brady was currently having possibly could come close to hysterics. He turned around every few seconds, and his arms refused to cease their movement. Eventually, Boomer got up from his bed and braced Brady to stay still with his arms. Fortunately, Brady did calm down.

After a while.

-''Okay, bro.'' Boomer began, patting his brother's shoulders. ''It isn't necessarily a bad thing, right? I'm sure that those other-worlders will come up with a solution soon enough. If they didn't know that they could solve it, they wouldn't have presented the problem to you, right?'' That argument did seem to get to Brady's mind, and he slowly, almost absentmindedly, nodded.

-''You are right about that, Boomer.'' Brady said, earning a broad grin from his brother. ''I just wanted to know what to do. News are going to leak out one way or another, and when they do, I want to know what I'm supposed to do.'' Boomer nodded in understanding and was about to say something more when Mikayla stepped into the room.

-''Hey, guys!'' She called, stepping into the room and hugging her boyfriend. ''What's up?'' She asked. Brady decided to pay more attention to her, and less for the problem at hand.

-''Is it just me, or did it suddenly get a lot hotter in here…?'' His voice trailed off flirtingly, as he winked at Mikayla. Mikayla smiled at him and then kissed him on the lips.

In the old days before, Mikayla would probably have found Brady's flirting like that probably feel awkward, disturbing even, but now that they were a couple, it felt like the flirting was a natural part of their relationship. Frankly, Mikayla felt more and more appreciated whenever he landed one of those comments. Even more frankly, some of those comments sort of… Turned her on.

-''And he is the most handsome king in the entire world doing today?'' Mikayla then threw right back at him, grinning widely while placing a lingering hand on his chest. She could literally almost feel the goose bumps on his skin.

-''Extra sensitive today, are we?'' Mikayla teased while Brady bit his lower lip for some reason. They both were carried off into some sort of dreamy world until Boomer cleared his throat, causing their dream airplane to crash right back down into the ground of reality.

-''I'm still here, you know.'' His voice was flat, unfriendly even. Brady stepped away from Mikayla and faced his brother.

-''Okay, what's up with you and your cloud on my love parade?'' He asked, almost sort of sharply. Boomer just shook his head and pushed his way past the couple, muttering incoherent words as he stalked out of the room.

-''What's up with him?'' Mikayla asked sort of worriedly, causing Brady's gaze to move away from the entrance to the bedroom and fall on Mikayla. He then smiled sort of wickedly while placing both hands on her waist.

-''Well, aren't you especially hot today?'' Brady once again tried to flirt with her, but Mikayla felt it was off timing, seeing as Brady's twin had just left the bedroom in a rush, and he had seemed to be very angry. Mikayla gently removed Brady's hands from the sides of her mid-section. Brady raised an eyebrow while Mikayla crossed her arms over her chest. Brady then frowned and his gaze, rather halfheartedly, danced back to the doorway which Boomer had sort of stormed off through just moments ago.

-''Seriously, Brady. You know how Boomer is when it comes to romantic things. He's been more or less totally crushed ever since Rebecca broke up with him.'' Brady slumped down on his bed, letting out a breath he didn't know he had been holding.

-''I know. I feel really sorry for him. How I've found my love and how he's…'' Brady trailed off, collecting his thoughts. ''How he's been left out in the cold with no one. Maybe it is a bad idea to start flirting when he's around.'' Mikayla sighed and sat down beside him, the sides of their legs once again tightly pressed together. Mikayla placed her hand on his knee in a comforting manner.

-''Boomer's never been good with girls.'' Brady picked up on a new story while Mikayla listened intently. ''All the time through the middle and last parts of elementary school, he's been rejected, neglected and refused by all sorts of girls. One time, it got so bad that he went into a state of depression.'' Mikayla gasped and placed one hand in front of her mouth, covering it.

-''He didn't do anything stupid, did he?'' She said with an apparent trace of worry in her voice. Brady understood what she meant, and he grinned solemnly.

-''No, he didn't.'' He said, much to Mikayla's relief. ''But he was close to, once. Luckily, we were able to get some sense into him, and ever since he hasn't been dragged down into that swamp of despair anymore.'' Mikayla actually blinked as he told the short story about the backstory about his brother. Brady's smile disappeared.

-''He's sort of sad, still. Mainly because he thinks that I've got the good looks and all. Of course, some girls have actually found him sort of attractive, but it never turned up anything more than slight friendship. Or, slight and slight, he did make a good number of good friends, but... He's never had any other relationship other than the one he had with Rebecca. After we got the news of her breaking up with him, he was more or less crushed. He seems to think that he's one of the few people who are doomed to live the whole of their lives alone...'' Brady's voice trailed off, Brady looking at the girl intentively, leaving her to understand the matter herself. She did, and she felt her heart jump slightly out of sadness. No person deserved to be forced to endure that kind of feeling.

-''Well...'' She said. ''Isn't there something we can do?'' Brady looked at her and raised an eyebrow, having a face like he thought she thought he was stupid.

-''Already tried that.'' He replied. ''Just a year or so before Mason came to pick us up from Chicago; we actually tried an online dating site. When Boomer's profile was left unvisited, and his inbox was gaping after mails, he gave up on the entire thing. Inactivated his account and simply gave up. I've been feeling sorry for him ever since that happened.'' Brady said sullenly while folding his fingers into each other, staring absentmindedly in another and distant direction. Mikayla got up from that bed, taking Brady's gaze with her. His eyes were locked onto her, waiting for her to say something.

-''Brady, love, we can't just leave him out, you know. I mean, it's your seventeenth birthday in just a few weeks' time. I know everyone says, 'there's always someone out there for you', but seeing it from Boomer's perspective...'' Now her voice trailed off as well, effectively leaving her meaning clear. Brady just nodded, got up from the bed and gave her a lasting hug. She responded by wrapping her arms around his neck, holding him close in a warm embrace. None of them said anything.

Eventually, the two young lovers separated and looked warily at each other. To be honest, none of them felt like doing anything more than hug each other, not after what scene had just taken place. Brady sighed, the feeling of guilt washing over him like a tide. Almost like when he fell into the water when he surfed, both back in Chicago and here on Kinkow.

-''Mikayla, do you have any idea on how to help him?'' Brady eventually asked, earning a gentle shake of the head from the subject of the question.

-''Well, there's not much we can do, is there?'' Brady asked sort of bitterly, Mikayla nodding slowly as response to the question. Brady got up from the bed and kissed his girlfriend, even though there wasn't really any love in the air. The two teens then left the room, heavily thinking about what they would do to help the brother in distress.

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