Bruce started digging through his pockets. "Where the hell are my keys?"

He stopped and pulled out a folded note. He opened it. "You look so lovely today."

He glares at it. "What the?"

Bruce didn't know what to think so he just shoved it down in his pocket and then he found his keys. He went home.

There something or someone pounced on him, embracing the Dark Knight into a tight hug.

"Welcome home, sweetie!" Clark said happily as if he hasn't seen him for months.

Bruce just frowns. "Get off of me."

Clark gets off and helps Bruce up.

"What are you doing here?" Bruce asks him.

"Well I wanted to see you!"

Bruce just stared at Clark and shook his head. "Do whatever you want." Bruce started to walk away.

Clark smiled. "So did you get my note?"

This made Bruce stop and turn around. "What note?"

"What? I snuck it into your pocket. Considering you always dig through your pockets for stuff I thought you would find it"

"This note?" Bruce takes out the note from earlier. "This strange note that I thought may have originated from a stalker?"

"Yes?" Clark answered.

"You freaking..!" Bruce then groans and rubs his forehead.

"What? What's wrong?" Clark asks, worried.

"This made me think terribly. I thought someone was following so I took the long way home using evasive movements. Do you how exhausting it is to be constantly paranoid?"


Bruce shook his head at him. "It must be nice to be so ..carefree."

Clark chuckles. "I'm not carefree. It's just I don't dwell on it as much." He grins at the glaring Batman. Clark became nervous. "Well, it's not a bad thing, I uh you do it really well."


"I love you?" Clark said trying to fix everything.

"What?" Bruce looks at him, surprised. "You love me?"

Clark finally realized what he said and blushed. He looks down and then looks back at him. He nods.

Bruce looks at him, with a neutral face. Clark looks at him, worried.

"Bruce?" There was no response. Clark waved his hand in front of the Dark Knight's face. "Bruce!"

Nothing, no response still.

"Hmm," He snaps his fingers and as last hope he just shrugs and thinks. "I guess this is my only chance." He leans in and kisses Bruce.

This got Bruce back to normal. His eyes widened and wanted to push Clark off of him, but he instead kissed back.

"So am I forgiven for the note?" Clark asks as they stopped for air.

"We'll see." Bruce then smiled predatorily and Clark gulped.

This is for wyrencounter. Sorry it took so long.