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Like any other respectable love story, this one started suddenly.

It was a normal Sunday morning in August, when somewhere in the state of South Carolina, Rachel Berry, along with her older sister, was walking along the shore of the Atlantic Ocean and collided with a stranger. Without giving him a second look, Rachel hurried to gather her scattered things, until they got dirty in the wet sand, apologized for her clumsiness and went her way, not even realizing that her life had just taken a decisive turn.

The man, Finn Hudson was his name, already turned towards his home and went a good fifty feet forward, when he found a lonely picture chasing the wind on the beach. Lifting it he saw a familiar stranger with a boy of about ten years.

"Rachel and Blaine, 2007" - was signed on the back.

Finn needed just one glimpse into chocolate eyes of the girl for something in him to stir. Unfortunately, he did not attach any special meaning to it, but still kept the picture by putting it inside his jacket for safe-keeping.

Later that evening, Santana, who was looking through the pictures, noticed that the one with her younger sister and son was missing. She rightly guessed that the photo probably fell earlier in the morning.

For a moment she let herself return to the incident and to think about some unusual atmosphere she felt at the time when the two strangers collided. However, Santana wrote down these thoughts on impact of the novels of the last century, which her sister made her read. She shook her head, putting a box full of photos on the bedside table, turned off the light and relaxed in the comfort of her husband's embrace. Her mind was already far into the realm of Morpheus to allow it to remember the last coherent thought for the day.

Rachel deserves someone to love her like this.

For the next eight months the missing pictures and the strange aura were forgotten at Puckerman's home.

And only Finn Hudson, from time to time, somewhere across the ocean continued to look at the photo, look at the girl's sad eyes. Each time he wanted to change it more and more.

It was a Sunday morning of April, next year, in Denver, Texas, when he first had the chance.

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