Hey guys! So I just finished Rapture, and I have to say, those books are amazing! Although I was content with the end, I am offically declaring my self team Cam! :) I love Daniel, but Luce and Cam just seem to have a more real relationship, and their personalities go together better in my opinion. Anyways, this is what I think happened at the end of the book when all the angels were watching Luce and Daniel except Cam. Enjoy!

All rights from the Fallen series go to Lauren Kate.

He couldn't. He just couldn't. He couldn't fly to the others to watch it. Not again. He'd watched Luce and Daniel fall in love over and over so many times it made him sick. The fact that this time, it would be for good, and there was no way she was going to die, and no way that he, or anyone, could ever come between them, Cam couldn't bear it.

He thought he couldn't bear the way that Luce would look at Daniel, so lovesick it was gross. He thought he couldn't bear it when they kissed. He thought he couldn't bear it when Luce died, so young, yet such history. But no. He could deal with that. Sure, it made him want to throw up, but at least she was there. Luce would be standing just feet away from him. He would be able to touch her if he'd wanted. What he couldn't bear is the thought of those two getting the happy ending they really do deserve. Getting to live a life where there were no angels, no demons, no dark shadows following Luce everywhere. Getting to have children together, to grow old together, and die together. Getting to live the life Cam wanted to live so badly with Lucinda.

It was as plain and simple as that. The heartbreak that Cam went through had nothing to do with Lilith. It was a cover up. A cover up to hide his real heartbreak within Lucinda. He loved the way she would challenge him, tell him off when he did stupid things. He loved the way he would affect her, even if she hadn't known in what ways. He loved the way they were open with each other, somehow always knowing what the other was saying. He loved the way her dark hair and pale skin tone would bring out her grey eyes. Her eyelashes where what he loved the most about her features. They were so dark, so long and curled. When she blinked, Cam was always surprised when they didn't get tangled with in each other.

Yes, Cam was in love with Lucinda.

So that's why, even after 17 long years of accepting what was going to happen when they became mortal, when all of Luce and Daniel's friends got together to watch the final countdown, Cam stayed.

Okay, so this didn't turn out exactly as I had hoped, but it's not the worse thing I've ever written. Please leave reviews and give me feedback! Thanks! :)