Author's Note: this takes place right after the ending scene but before the part where Neku takes his headphones off. Thanks :D So much!

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"Each day the world evolves even more, son. You can't keep your head in the clouds and pretend that it is not there. You need to find a single path and study hard to stay on it. Go up the cooperate ladder and dominate it. That is all that matters in life: success."

The boy was silent, then after some time replied, "That's not the life I want."

It had been three long hours. Three long hours of waiting , not knowing if he'd be alright...

Shiki mindlessly stared at the paint on the hospitals' wall with questions and horrid images from the scene buzzing in her head. She just wanted them to go away, like a nightmare fades upon awaking. She wanted to awake from this nightmare...she wanted to take it all away and just have Neku safe.

She perked her head up when she heard footsteps approaching. They were the doctor's.

"Dr. is he?" she quickly asked. She had not seen Neku since he was taken by the ambulance. Once they had reached the hospital he was taken in for test and such right away.

The doctor pressed on his glasses with his finger. He hated this. The poor girl had waited all this time for this update, and the news he had was one she probably didn't want to hear.

"He's alive."

She sighed.

He then continued, "After the tests conducted and other things we were able to confirm that there is no permanent damage to his brain."

Shiki smiled, "So he's alright?"

The doctor shook his head no, "He has yet to wake up or respond even."

"Wait, what's that mean?"

Joshua sat with his fingers pressed to his temple. "This is most unfortunate."

"Huh?", asked Hanekoma, sitting next to him. They both sat on top the 104 building and watched the scramble walk. Every once in a while Hanekoma found himself glancing in the direction of his shop where Beat and Rhyme were heading. As soon as he and Joshua were done talking he'd have to go meet them.

Joshua sighed, "In attempt to save him I'm afraid I got him stuck in between both the RG and UG. "


"This a problem. This in between was not supposed to happen...I wasn't even aware it was possible"

"What exactly is this in-between?"

"I's a Taboo Shibuya. I'm not exactly sure how it works or most importantly how he'll get back to his real self."

"That's a problem..."

"I'm sure I'll figure it out. But till then I have to keep both versions of him safe-and there's no telling what dangers await him in the Taboo Shibuya, not that it is a problem for me."

"How's his condition in the RG then?"


"Coma?" Shiki asked, trying not to cry.

"It is very possible." Tanaka stated, "He should be able to wake up anytime. When he does his memory will be shaky, especially since this was so sudden. Then again there's always a chance he may not-"

The doctor stopped when he saw Shiki's face.

"Miss Misaki, I'm sorry. But do you know the boys family name? It is important we contact them."

She weakly managed a soft "Sakuraba."

The doctor scribbled it down on a clipboard and said that he'd try finding Neku's parents now. But before walking away he handed Shiki a bag.

While sitting in the vending area she looked in the bag that the doctor had handed her.

Inside where Neku's headphones, someone-probably that doctor, had cleaned them off.

She started crying. She had never seen Neku without them.

"Yo?... Yeah, we're here but no one else is so we're just waiting."

Beat heard Shiki sniff on the other end of the cellphone. He sighed and finally asked, "How's Phones doing?"

There was a pause. "Coma possibly."


"Yeah, right now they're trying to contact his parents."

"He has them?"

Shiki weakly laughed. "I imagine so Beat."

Neku was cold, his head felt like a train hit it, and his body ached all over. He slowly peeled open his eyes. Everything was a white and grey blur. It was empty with a major eerie feel to it. He coughed and tiredly tried to stand up but failed. He was too weak too.

"This isn't either this Hell or something?"

Neku then heard a chuckle that he would recognize from anywhere.

"It's funny you would come to to that conclusion Neku."

"Cut that crap Josh. Where am I?" He wanted to yell but his voice was to weak.

"You are in a Taboo version of Shibuya which explains your inverted surroundings and-"

"What'd you do to me this time?!" Neku exclaimed and winced at the pain in his throat.

"I tried saving you is what I did. Thanks to that car, you would have been dead if it weren't for me."

Joshua then manifested himself- or really a fuzzy hologram like picture of him, in front of Neku.

"You've not forgiven me have you?" he asked staring down at Neku.

Neku tilted his head so he could not see Joshua's face.

"What car?", he asked in an annoyed voice.

"There was a sudden collision...a Rogue Reaper's to blame."

What did Joshua mean "a collision"? Was Neku...


"No- he's too rash and would attack me from head on. I believe this one actually has some intelligence."

"Why me?" Neku asked frustrated.

"Dear Neku, are you really asking? Anyway I believe if you are able to safely reach a spot in Shibuya-well this Taboo one, where you have a deep connection to, it will trigger a catalyst that will send you back home."

"Sounds easy except...I feel weak..."

"I can tell. In the Reapers game Players were average but this is not the case here. It's possible your still very connected to the you in the real Shibuya, so as long as that Neku stabilizes, you should start feeling better as time goes on. But for now all I can tell you is to try your best to get there safely and that your not alone."

Joshua's image then faded leaving Neku by himself in the dead silence.

He slowly managed to stand up and look around. It was the crosswalk. There was not one living soul in sight. He sighed, "So much for not being alone." and turned his MP3 up.

Three Hours Later

"Miss. Misaki, I was able to contact his father. He should be here the day after tomorrow and as for you, I ask that you go home for the night."

"But-" Shiki protested but stopped when Dr. Tanaka put his hand up. "You need to rest, right now there's nothing you can do."

Shiki stared down at the cat hanging limp in her hand.

A neko...

"Can you please put this by Neku? I'll be back tomorrow."

"Sure.", the doctor said as he took Mr. Mew.

Shiki took a deep breath of the fresh air. Under any other circumstance she would have felt relieved to leave the hospital...

She pulled out her cellphone. "Beat, wait for me at WildKat. I'm on my way."

Joshua was right. Neku felt some of his strength coming back as time ticked by but the pain in his head was still unrelenting.

A car...

Neku sat in the middle of the empty scramble walk trying figure out what had happened to him and why he was alone in an inverted version of Shibuya. Joshua had said a car collision and that Neku almost ironic.

Then he recalled Joshua's instructions.

'A place I'm connected too, huh? That could be anywhere. Where I met Shiki, WildKat, or the place Joshua ki- No, I'll everywhere else before I'm ready to go back there.'

He stood up. "Hachiko it is."

As he began to walk in that direction he noticed noise...he turned his MP3 off.

There was defiantly a something clicking-no that wasn't it. He listened more carefully as he began to walk faster.

After some time he realized in dread that they were footsteps that were not his own.

To Be Continued...