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House wheeled into Danielle's room. She was correcting papers. She looked up and smiled at him.

"Hey." She said turning back down to the papers. He came to her bedside and took one of the essays she was correcting and began reading it.

"In Agatha Christie's 'And Then there were None' ten people are brought to a deserted Island and are there to be punished for crimes they had committed Actually Murders they have Committed." House looked at Danielle. "Is this for real?" Danielle looked at him.

"Yes." She said. "They Just finished the book and this is the assignment. now they're studying for the test." Danielle looked at him. "Can you do me a favor?"


"Come in and explain how your job is like being a Detective?" As he was about to answer, Cuddy walked past the room, Locked eyes with Danielle and and motioned for House. Danielle Leaned over and Kissed him. "Think about it. She wants you."

"You Fired him with no just cause." Cuddy Said.

"I did not fire-" House started.

"You Had no reason to Fire me other than the fact that you are intimidated about my in-"

"I fired you because you almost Killed Danielle!" House snapped at him.

"I did not." Foreman said almost mockingly.

"Do you have proof of this."

"Go to Pharmacy." House said, tossing Danielle's file on Cuddy's desk. "you will find out he ordered penicillin to Danielle's room. And if you take one look at the front page of her file..." His voice drifted off to add drama and suspense.

"This patient is highly allergic to Penicillin." Cuddy read. Foreman's face from being smug and self confident to absolute shock. Cuddy looked at him. "How could you make such a stupid mistake?"

"I Checked her file," Foreman sputtered out, Taking it and looking at it. "This was never in here."

"It was always in there." House said. "Chase knew it."

"He's dating her best friend!" Foreman said.

"Foreman. House." Cuddy said. "Now how could you miss something that big?" She asked looking at Foreman. "Whether you say it was there or not, she's still allergic to Penicillin and it's there now. Foreman. you are suspended."

"Fired." House said.

"No." Cuddy corrected. "Suspended."

"Fine," House said. "You are not fired from the hospital." He wheeled around to leave. "But you are fired from my team."

"Oh and House," Cuddy said before he left. "I hired Thirteen again. I told you, you need a woman on your team and since yuo didn't take care of it. I did." She decided to stop his argument before he started it.

"Fine. Can't do anything about it now." House said leaving. Cuddy sighed and turned to Foreman.

"Go home." She said. "I'll call you when you can come back." He left.

Wilson had left a bit early because Keesh had offered to help him clean out his apartment He hadn't done so in a long time. And his closet needed a nice going through. She met up with him, and they both decided to get dinner first. After a nice meal, They went to his apartment As they started cleaning up House's junk that he had left. They put it in a box to bring over. Wilson picked up a Porno.

"This is what I woke up to in the morning." He said throwing it in the box.

"Eww." Keesh said. "Danielle's not going to be too happy about that."

"Not our problem " Wilson said. They went into his room and cleaned under the bed. They were starting on the closet when He had to take the Garbage that was full out of the bedroom. He took it out ito the hall. while he was gone, Keesh was still cleaning. She came across an open box. In it were a woman's wardrobe and pictures of Wilson and a blonde woman. He looked happy. Keesh started to tear up. She threw the box into the back of the closet ad got up. On her way out the room she ran into Wilson.

"Keesh." He said grabbing her shoulders. "whats going on?" She kept crying and pushed passed him. He chased her and caught her. "Tell me what's going on."

"Who's Amber?" She cried. Wilson sighed. He forgot about that box. House had told him to get rid of it a while ago. And he just shoved in the back of his closet and he completely forgot.

"Come here." He lead her to the couch and wiped her eyes. "Amber was my girlfriend. She died. She was in an accident. The bus crash damaged her kidneys so her body could not filter out the flu medication from her system. She basically overdosed on her flu medicine, and because the medication bound to the protein in her cells they couldn't use dialysis to filter it out of her system." Wilson took a shaky breath. This was the first time he talked about her death. "I forgot I still had her stuff. House told me to get rid of it. i just shoved it in the back of my closet and forgot about it." He pulled Keesh into a hug.

"I'm sorry. It's just the last guy I fell for-"

"Hey." Wilson said. "I should have told you sooner. I understand where you were coming from." He kissed her forehead

Chase checked on Danielle before he left.

"Looks like you'll be out of here tomorrow." Danielle smiled at him. She looked down at her game of solitaire. "But you'll probably have a scar but if you want, Taub-"

"Oh no." Danielle looked up with a smile. "I think scars add character to a person. See this one?" She points to her forehead. "I got this when i was 7 from chicken pox. And this one," She pointed to the bridge of her nose. "I got freshman year in first period gym class by a Frisbee " She leaned back and smiled. "So Zoey's waiting for you back at your apartment?"

"Yeah." He smiled at her.

"Take care of her." Danielle said "Or else." He smiled.

"Don't worry." He said. "I know what House tell's you-" Danielle held up a hand.

"It's between you and her." Danielle said with a smile. "I just don't want to see her hurt again."

"You won't." He said finishing out her chart. he then said bye and went home. As he got to his apartment, He heard yelling. He recognized both of them. "Shit!" He ran up the stairs. He opened the door as a vase was thrown at Zoey.

"Robert!" Zoey yelled as she ran into his arms. Get this physco out of here." She said as Cameron came around the corner. Zoey held on tighter. Cameron rushed them.

"Get your skanky whore hands off my husband." Cameron said trying to pry Zoey off Chase.

"Ex-husband Allison." Chase said pulling his Ex-wife off his Girlfriend. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"This is my home too, Robert." She said.

"Allison," Chase said, advancing, so Zoey dodge behind him. "This is not your home. You left it and me. Remember?"

"NO!" She screamed. She started crying. "Get that skank hoe out of our home." She pointed at Zoey and rushed at her. Zoey yelped but Chase blocked her. "Let me at her!" Cameron yelled reaching for Zoey.

"Allison," Chase said calmly. "You're drunk. Stop acting like this." She made another lunge for Zoey. "Zoey get to the bedroom."

"NO!" Cameron yelled as Zoey ran into the bedroom.

"Allison." Chase said walking her out of the house. "Go home." He shut the door in her face. "It's ok Zoey. She's gone." Zoey came out and huged Chase.

"I'll be back Robert!" Cameron yelled through the door.

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