I stand at a fork in the road that I fear is consuming my life. Naru-Chan asked me to go to the movies, shopping and then to sleep over at her house, she stands on the left side of the fork. On the right stands the
senshi, they are my friends also and they want to devote the whole weekend to finding out if this lingering peacefulness will last. A single fiber of me knows that I need to go with the senshi that it is my duty to go, that I really don't have this choice in the matter. But the rest of my being wants to be the normal teenager I was 3 years ago, without a care in the world, without the fate of the rest of the world, no universe resting on my chest.

I glance back and forth, Rei-Chan and the other girls becon me as does Naru-Chan. Rei-Chan and the girls are different kinds of friends then Naru-Chan is. Naru-Chan and I have been friends since we were in diapers and
until Luna showed up we were inseperable and I told Naru-Chan everything and she was my best friend.

The senshi and I have known each other for 3 years at the most...I know we have the past lives that knew each other forever but it's not exactly the same. I used to tell Naru-Chan everything, every single little detail of my life, and now, now she only knows a small portion of it.

On the other hand Naru-Chan know's things about my life that I haven't breathed a word of in front of the senshi, things like the fact that I doubt my relationship with Mamo-Chan. The senshi have no idea that that thought even crosses my mind, and yet it does, Naru-CHan and I talk about it in depth a lot. The senshi and I are the best of friends too, we have a bond
deeper than anything I have ever known. We trust each other so much that we are willing to put our lives in each others hands, we have to the fate of a world rest on us.

Slowly I take a deep breath and walk over to Naru-CHan speak a few words to her and then walk over to my senshi friends.

"What's going on Usagi-Chan?" Minako-Chan asks me.
"I'm going shopping and then to a movie with Naru-Chan. I'll be at Rei-CHan's around 7 and then we can do a sleepover OK?"

"OK Usagi-CHan." Makoto-Chan smiles, "We'll see you later."
Instead of sarcrifices one thing for another I compromise, what's the point of sacraficing my life for others, what's the point in saving the world if there is nothing good to save?