This story began as a Twitter challenge, Vampiric_Lust challenged MiamiTrue to write a vampire story on our TL's. Each one takes a turn with no restrictions or limitations. The best part is we have no preconceived story line, we just write as we go. I am posting it here now so the newcomers can catch up.

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So, just a reminder, this original story is being written on Twitter, 140 characters per posting, so the story will not have proper punctuation or unnecessary words. We are attempting to move the story along at a good pace, so enjoy and please leave us reviews.

Death by Lust - A Twitter Vampire Story

Daemian POV

Journal Entry: *lifting the goblet slowly to my mouth, I draw in a small amount of the Private Stock, swish it around, then swallow

The fireplace crackles and pops nicely as the seasoned wood greets the fire and they dance in a bath of glowing essences

Starring into the flames I recall the ages past when my parents would argue over my Father's insistence that humans are merely toys

As previously noted herein, my Father was a ruthless bastard that took no shame on the bleeding of as many a mortal as he felt the right

The living arcanes within his powerful form were built upon the foundations of greed, sin, and every form debauchery could manage to muster

Because he felt himself greater than any god, mostly because we existed long before they, forcing sex on mortals was his truest delight

My radiantly gorgeous Mother with her waist length platinum hair, sky blue eyes, and delicate goddess form, despised the idea of

my arrogant Father belittling himself with the grunts and groans of the human females. They were to respected for their blood offering

which granted us longer lives, new knowledge's, and because we need them to not band together and force our wrath should they revolt

The arcanes easily enslave the weak brain of any human, in fact, we could produce a massive army of mindless servants that would eagerly

cast themselves in the mouth of a dragon if that is what we commanded of Father truly enjoyed having such an array of lovers

Once, after we had left the frozen lands and migrated towards warmer climate, I recall my parents being summoned before the Bloodline

It was a gathering of our kind back to the beginning, the first of grandparents, parents, an aunt, and a turned female that had

become impregnated by the "influence" of my Father's majickal persuasiveness...such an blasphemy was not tainted things

Taking another drink and then another, I sit down the diamond goblet and listen to the arguing of the Bloodline & the open threats therein

After a few childish displays of arcane summoning, some ear shattering roars, and things getting "accidentally" broken, the abomination

was cast from the sanctuary of our people and forced out into the dominion of those that would love to see our total demise

Of course my Father was furious because it was HIS son that Marianna was carrying and he felt to abandon his unborn was worse than being

forced to dine on a buffet of sunlight

My Mother brought up the concern that this child, one from a Birthed blood & a turned one, might prove incapable of containing the

magnitude of arcane power that was being passed on. The Bloodline agreed and my Father withdrew from our land's to be with Marianna

I remember my Mother looking at my soul that night and telling me that one day, I would have to destroy the seed of the heresy..all of it.

Leaving the study, I take a hot shower, clothe myself in the usual attire...ripped faded jeans, black leather logger boots, a white silk

dress shirt, hair tied loosely back with a few bangs dangling, a quick mist of my favorite fragrance...'Gravity', then pause to admire myself in a mirror

designed to display reverse light thus granting me a vague reflection.

Deciding that I am delicious enough to eat, I call upon ancient powers to shred the space between realms, carve open an ethereal doorway where I step

through and emerge silently a block away from Club Draconis

Gazing up toward the dancing stars and the kissing softness of the moon, I take a lung full of crisp night air and make way to the Club

Walking past the line of excited gothickans, vampy wannabes, pretend zombies, and the naughty emo's, I am greeted by the doorman and after a few

salutatorian remarks, I am allowed entrance ahead of the waiting line behind me.

The place is already packed with an entire variety of delicious fuckables though I refrain from gaining an instant display of my desire

grab a nice chilled Cabernet, head to a dark corner and recline casually in an overstuffed leather chair

The candles look awesome tonight as they are flickering behind vine scrolled lanterns and added to the created fogs that creep the floor

one almost gets the sense that the gods themselves dance here while drinking the vintages of sin unbridled

The song 'Bleed' by Godhead is pumping throughout the Club and as I take a sip of my wine, I gaze about the place with ageless eyes that

meander into the thoughts of anyone I choose...male and female...I scan them all and devour the memories, the crimes & sins, the old

boxes of stored horrors many have unwittingly taken part in or been victim of. It's the usual, average humans gathering to party

Blinking slowly, taking another sip, I imagine myself literally destroying the tenderness of that long legged brunette across the room.

In my mind I hear her sweet moans as my hardened intentions punish the soft silk between her legs...feeling her nails tear into my flesh

and sinking my hungry fangs deep into her neck as the orgasmic eruptions of her body create convulsions that drive the blood to me

I inhale a slow breath as I focus on her, her feminine scent riding into my senses and caressing my tongue...Mmmmm...very nice flavor

Breaking the train of thought my mind goes into alert mode as the arcanes in me stir wildly as they form a protective shield

My Vampiric eyes begin to scan every inch of visible space in the Club as that hint of familiar crawls into the core of my soul