Long ago a pair of twin sisters saved the Underland and the Overland. Their names were Bane and Crescenda. They were the strongest warriors that ever existed. Bane had red hair tied into a braid which touched the tip of her waist. Crescenda had red hair which she let flow free behind her. Both twins have one ruby eye and one violet eye.

Bane's Pov

I held Crescenda tightly in my arms. She was having a nightmare about child birth. Our mother died because of this. Crescenda opened her eyes and looked towards me. She was born physically weak. The doctor says she might not survive if she gives birth. Then I felt a small but powerful kick. That was Crescenda's growing baby. It was really powerful. I gently kissed Crescenda at the top of her head."Don't worry, you'll be fine."I whispered to her. She still shook with fear. I know she'll be okay, I have faith that she will survive.

2 months later(still Bane's Pov)

I held Crescenda's feeble hand tightly. She was trying to give birth. I whispered encouraging words to her. Then, finally the baby was here. It lay quiet in the doctor's hands. A nurse took it away to get washed. I looked towards Crescenda. She was breathing fast. Then, the nurse came back with the baby. She handed the baby to Crescenda. Crescenda rocked the baby back and forth until she handed it to me."Is it a boy or a girl?"I asked."A girl" the doctor said with a smile. "Crescenda, what will you name her?"I asked Crescenda."Beautiful Moon" Crescenda said. I looked towards the moon. It did look beautiful."The moon does look beautiful, but what will you name the baby?"I asked, a little impatient. Crescenda raised her feeble hand and pointed at the baby."Beautiful Moon" Crescenda said, weakly. I realized she was saying that the name of the baby was Beautiful Moon. I looked towards Crescenda with a smile. But, her eyes were closed and her head drooped to her left. The doctors and nurses gasped."She's just sleeping!"I shouted so everyone would stop gasping. Everyone suddenly started crying. I was confused until I realized the terrible truth. Crescenda wasn't sleeping. Crescenda was dead.

Normal Pov

Bane mourned over her sister and when Bane gave birth she killed herself shortly afterwards. Now years later the same evil threatens both worlds again. Now it's up to two new warriors, who are descendants of Bane and Crescenda, to save everyone.