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Chapter One: The News

Paris, France

4:45 PM

Tuesday, May 25, 2018

A twenty-year-old woman ran out of her kitchen and down the white hall. A few minutes ago, she was talking on the phone and as soon as the conversation was over, she held back the urge to scream. Her long strawberry blonde hair with a light strip of rose quartz pink on the right reached down her mid back as it was in a high ponytail, neatly tied with a silk red ribbon, as it swayed back and forth from her running.

She finally stopped by a closed brown door. Even though it took her least than a minute to get there, she still took a deep breath, standing tall at her full height of five-foot-one; her rose quartz pink eyes were full of excitement. It's been two years since her and her sisters moved out of their parent's house. A month since their kid sister moved in with them.

After graduating high school, her and her sisters left to live out their dream. At first, it was a rocky start but with the four of them working, they were able to finally reach their goal. Becoming a famous band didn't take too long for them since they started their band when they were still in high school. With their father's help and their mother's influences (if that was one should call it) on club managers, they were able to get gigs at every club from eight to nine at night.

Now, everyone in France knew who they were, even people outside of France knew them. They also sold their music but because they never signed any deals with any music companies, they never sold as much as they would have, if they had a sponsor. With this news though, everything that they worked hard for is finally going to pay off.

Wait until they hear this. Beaming, she slowly turned the golden doorknob.


New York City, New York

10:56 AM

Tuesday, May 25, 2018

A young man stood by the phone, never noticing that the conversation was long over and he now was listening to the dial tone. Even at twenty, he and his brothers still couldn't take good news very well. Sometimes it would take a whole week, before the past news finally sunk in. His amber hair with a garment red tint, pulled into a sloppy low ponytail. His faded out red baseball cap worn backwards, covered any signs of him not brushing his hair.

After standing there for five minutes, he dashed up the stairs bear footed. Turning left as soon as he reached the top, stopped by the first purple closed-door on the right.

Him and his brothers have been trying to make themselves known for almost three years now and had very little success. When they were eighteen, their parents passed away and left them their family house along with their sixteen-year-old brother to take care of, as well. Luckily, the mortgage for the house was paid in full but the bills to maintain it was huge to the point that they each worked two jobs. It also didn't help that one of his brother could just eat all day and still be hungry the following morning.

They were buying food about four to five days a week. If they weren't working, paying bills, grocery shopping or practicing some new songs, they were out looking for a gig. Sometimes they would have a good week and play every night for that week. Other times, they were lucky if they manage to get one gig.

It was one of his younger brothers' ideas to make a video of one of their songs and post it on Youtube. At first, he thought it was a dumb idea but now, it wasn't so bad. After quickly regaining his breath, standing at six-foot-three, his garment red eyes were thrilled as he slowly turned the brown doorknob.


Opening the door to the work out room, she spotted her three sisters, mumbling a silent thanks because she didn't have to waste time looking for them. On the right, a twenty-year-old female was punching a black, warn-out punching bag. She stood at five-foot-five, making her the tallest out of the triplets. Her pixie cut raven black hair with jade green bangs, stuck to her forehead from the sweat.

Taking a break, she whipped off the sweat from her redden face as she took a drink from her bottle of water. A bright yellow headphone buds were in her ears, the wire traveling down towards her front right pocket, where she had place her green iPod. Dropping to the floor, she closed her eyes while resting her hands on top of her head. Bring her heart rate down as she took in deep and slow even breaths.

The redhead looked to her left and saw the last of the triplets practicing some dance steps she had recently made up. Her golden blonde hair with aquamarine blue streaks pulled into high pigtails, reaching her shoulders. Even though she was the youngest out of the three, she stood at five-foot-three, making her the second tallest out of the bunch. The white mini skirt she was wearing swirled and twirled with the moment she made. On her left arm, she had a removable black pouch that held her white iPod with neon blue headphone buds were placed in her ears.

Lastly, she looked over at their baby sister laying on the floor as she too, listened to her music. Her light purple iPod was lying on her stomach as she listened through with black headphones. Her chestnut-brown hair with lavender purple at the ends, spread out on the floor as she had her eyes closed. As if, it was forming a crown around her head. The redhead figured she must have just finished working out as beads of sweat dripped down her face. She was the same hight as her redheaded sister.

With each listening to their own music and their backs facing the door, neither heard the redhead enter. After calling for them three times, she gave up on trying to not yell. Clearly, their music was too loud for them to hear her.

Taking in a deep breath of air, she let out a high piercing scream, cutting through her sister's music as it gained their attention. Smiling, she saw a pair of jade green, aquamarine blue and lavender purple eyes facing her.

"Girls, pack your bag! We're going to London!"


He opened the door to the rec. room, which was hosting an arm wrestling contest in the middle of the room. A twenty-year-old young male with dirty blonde, sapphire blue tint hair sat at the right of the table. His usually combed hair was now in a mess; sweat dropping down from his face, as he tried to win. His right arm shaking uncontrollably while gripping the side of the table with his left. Veins started to show on the side of his face because how tightly he had his eyes and jaw closed. If he were to stand, he would reach a height of six-foot-one, making him the smallest out of the male triplets.

His opponent was also a twenty-year-old male with short midnight black spiky hair with an emerald-green tint. Unlike his brothers, he had on a full set of facial hair, enhancing the biker image that he liked to appear. Boredom plastered his face as he slowly started to push his arm down with ease. Standing at six-foot-five, he was the tallest out of the brothers.

Their younger brother, who was now eighteen, was refereeing all of this. His dark brown hair with an amethyst purple tint reached his shoulders. He also seemed to have an annoying habit of leaving his hair in his face. He was the shortest standing at exactly six-foot.

None of them notices their older brother leaning against the door frame with his arms and legs crossed. Smirking as he thought about the reaction, he might get.

"Bros, start packing your bags! We're flying to London!"

There was a loud thud as a pair of emerald-green, sapphire blue and amethyst purple eyes looked up. The three did not notice who had won as the redheaded began chuckling as he pictured how his green-eyed brother would act at the lost.


Silence. The room was nothing but silence. No one spoke as the information slowly began to sink in. All eyes were on her as if she had grown a second head. Seconds turned into minutes before one of them spoke out.

"You're joking, right? I mean, you can't be serious, right?" The girl with green eyes was staring at her redhead sister.

"You mean it? London? We're going to London, Blossom?" The girl with blue eyes was jumping up down, delighted on hearing such wonderful news.

"When are we going?" The purple-eyed girl asked.

"Yes, I mean it. We are going. I got off the phone a few minutes ago with," she paused and looked at her sisters. "BARNEY MAYOR! HE WANTS TO SIGN US UP FOR A FOUR-YEAR CONTRACT! NOT ONLY THAT, BUT HE WANTS TO MEET US RIGHT A WAY, SO HE ALREADY BOUGHT THE AIRPLANE TICKETS! WE LEAVE FRIST THING TOMORROW MORNING!" Blossom was breathing heavily after screaming the good news.

"OH...MY...GOSH! Buttercup! Bunny! Did you hear that? I can't believe it! Wait until Mom and Dad hear about this!"

The blue sister was dancing around but suddenly, she stopped and faced the oldest. Her once beaming face dropped when she thought about what her sister said. "Wait, you said we're leaving tomorrow morning? Oh no, I have to start packing now!" With that, she ran out the door before anyone could stop her.

"Bubbles, wait...Oh well, I'll just have to tell her later." Blossom watched as her sister took off towards her room.

"What else do you need to tell us," asked Buttercup.


The man with emerald eyes was rubbing his wrist. He was more shock on hearing they were going to London than knowing the fact he just lost to one of his baby brothers. "What the hell? We're going to London. Why the hell for?"

"I'm shock to hear myself say this, but for once, I agree with Butch, Brick. What's great about London all of a sudden?" The boy with sapphire eyes still hasn't noticed that he won.

Knowing Butch's temper, the purple brother slowly backed away and went towards his other brother Brick, not wanting to caught in the mix fire.

"What is that suppose to mean Boomer?" Butch glared at his younger brother, daring him to speak.

"Nothing." Boomer shrugged while shaking his head from side to side. "Even if it did mean anything, which it doesn't, your mind wouldn't begin to understand."

He knew that he and his brothers were actually, well-educated. Unfortunately, for Butch, his brothers also knew that if you push him far enough, he'd turn into a charging bull. Every now and then, one of them would use that piece of fact to their own advantage.

"If I didn't know better, I would think you were making fun of me."

"Ha! That's rich! You, thinking."


Butch leaped over the table, taking down Boomer, the table and himself to the ground. And to think, Mom would relay on Boomer or Boris to break up the fights between Butch and I. What would she think now if she saw this? Brick shock his head, pinching the bridge of his nose, slightly groaning at the stupidity of the display that was in front of him. How he became bless with those two numbskulls, he would never know.

"Would you two morons please stop fighting and shut the hell up, so that Brick could continue!"

The sound of Boris voice made his brothers freeze on what they were doing. Boomer, pinned to the ground by his right arm and torso, was pushing Butch face away using his only free arm. Butch, who had his left arm on Boomer's right arm and most of his body on top of Boomer's torso, was holding his right fist in the air as he stared up at Boris.

"Thank you." Boris turned to Brick as if he was giving him permission to continue.

"Anyways, before all this happened, what's in London is a four-year contract with Barney Mayor. We leave first thing tomorrow morning. So pack your damn bags and be ready. He wants to meet us in person. One more thing..."


It took an hour for Blossom, Buttercup and Bunny wrestling with Bubbles, as they tried to drag her out of her room. A task neither of them liked to do because they had learned that no one gets in the way of Bubbles and her clothes. The three sisters had to dodge whatever she threw at them, which usually turned out to be shoes. Luckily, they were finally able to carry her out of her room. Blossom held her by the arms, Buttercup held her by the legs, leaving Bunny to close the door behind them. Now sitting in the kitchen, each with a cup of English tea, Blossom had their undivided attention.

"We're going to be working with another band. We're even going to perform our first music video together," as she began explaining the rest of the details.


Brick managed to move his brothers out of the rec. room and into the living room. Two hours of trying to explain while Butch was yelling at Boomer for a rematch on arm wrestling, wasn't getting anywhere, again. Brick figured that if they go to the living room, Butch would go to the kitchen and start stuffing his face with food. Thus, allowing him to finish explaining the rest of the details while Butch listens in from the other room.

"So, what's the name of the group" Boomer asked while he was lying on the living room floor.


"Some American boy band called..."


"A girl band in Paris called..."


"The RowdyRuff Boys."


"The PowerPuff Girls."