Title : Imaginaerum

Pairing : Mac Taylor & Kayla Caine

Rating : K+

A/N: Own Kayla and the idea but everything not mine. Dedicated to my friend timspeedlefan.

Summary : A case of love and fight to stay together. Caine appears through the fic.

Chapter One

Mac was having a day off which was a rare thing Mac did but he wanted to as he was with Kayla who was living with Mac at his place after meeting two years after Kayla had fled from her family home.

Kayla had explained the truth to Mac who asked her to stay with him, as Kayla agreed to stay with Mac at his place when they slowly fell for each other and Mac was wary of falling in love again after losing Claire in 9/11.

Mac knew that he was falling in love with Kayla and he wanted to tell her how he felt, but was scared in case she didn't feel the same about him as he knew that he loved her so much.

Kayla was asleep in their bed when Mac joined her in their bed, as Mac then hugged her closely then Mac admitted " I love you." when Kayla replied " I love you too.".

Mac smiled when Kayla told him that she loved him too, which gave Mac such a smile that he kissed her to celebrate their love when Kayla tells Mac " I'm pregnant with your baby.".

Mac was shocked when Kayla told him that she was expecting his baby and he just smiled with happiness that he was getting the chance to be a dad.

Kayla asks Mac " Keep us a secret?" when Mac replied " Of course I will sweetheart.", as Kayla smiled knowing their relationship was going to be a secret.

Mac was so excited about being a dad for the first time and he knew that Claire would be happy for him and Kayla who had brightened up Mac's life over the last two years.

As they laid in bed together just wrapped up in the comfort of each other, it made Mac realise just how lucky he really was to find someone like Kayla.

Mac had his cell phone turned off and the apartment phone off the hook, as he wanted private time with Kayla and their unborn baby who was starting to kick.

Kayla was so excited to be carrying Mac's baby and she was a little scared at the same time but she knew that she wasn't alone with this as Mac was there.

Mac placed his hand on her baby bump when their baby kicked for the first time which made Mac laugh in amazement and he had a smile on his face when the baby kicked.

As they laid in bed together, Kayla tells Mac " I want our baby to be known as Baby Taylor until he or she arrives." which made Mac reply " Aww Baby Taylor, I love it.".

Kayla smiled in reply as their unborn baby would be known as Baby Taylor until the due date.

Kayla's family were still searching for her and there had been no sightings of her in Fort Worth Texas as she was actully in New York and living with Mac.

Mac knew the reason why Kayla fled her family home and he couldn't blame her for leaving like she did, as her own mother hit her everyday until Kayla left home.

Will Kayla's family ever find her?