Then, Erin opened her communicator compact which reveals to be an holographic image of her team's communication officer named Lidnsey.

"Erin, the Skullgirl has been spotted near the River King Casino!" Lidnsey reported.

"Princess! Target confirmed!" one of the Black Egret soldiers reported.

"Excellent work, soldier! Aim for the Skull Heart immedaitely!" Erin ordered.

"We don't havw a clear shot!" One of the Black Erget soldiers stated. "The target is blocked by…your cousin!"

Erin was shocked. "What? What is she doing here?" Then, she faced her cousin. "NANCY! That's the Skullgirl! Get away!"

Nancy spoke angrily. "No, Erin! It's my duty to stop her! She's mine!"

Erin's eyes lifted up. "Nancy…that's my job to stop her! Its my mom's orders to handle her! Stop being so damn jealous of my LIFE!"

Just then, two teens came by. One was a beautiful nurse with two blue ponytails while the other was a beautiful nun with terrifying blood red eyes. Nancy and the Skullgirl had mysteriously vanished into thin air.

"Very touching." The nurse said mockingly. "The name's Laura and who knew our serious princess would have a soft heart."

"Bring my cousin back!" Erin shouted.

"I don't think so." Laura replied. "Besides you seem…special. Your energy shared a powerful bond with the Skullgirl after all. But you should join her along with your cousin. Now, come."

"Not gonna happen!" Erin said with a growl.

The nun begin to shapeshift to Erin except her hair was darker blue, her shirt is greyish-blue and her mini-skirt is dark blue, and the umbrella was also greyish-blue with dark blue orbs around it.

"I'm Charlotte." The nun said, blocking Erin's path while Laura disappears. "Sorry, princess. Duty calls."

Erin tries to attack Charoltte with her umbrella and all of her might, but Charlotte blocked her attacks and Erin quickly attack her off guard. Erin and Charlotte continues to attack each other with their umbrellas, but Charlotte was finshed when Erin called out several of her troops will gather behind her and begin firing bullets through her umbrella which shoots off numerous mixed fire and oil bullets.

"Patheric imposter." Erin said coldly.

Charlotte quickly melted back into her horroringly form of flesh and gave Erin an angry glare. "Poor Princess Erin. Your grandmother and mother were the Skullgirl, and soom so shall be you. "

"Don't you dare, monster!" Erin shouted. "I'll never be the Skullgirl even if it costs my life!"

"The Skull Heart cares not if you don't want to." Charlotte explained, reverting back to her nun form. "And you carried the Skull Heart much stronger than your gramother and aunt."

"Okay…true." Erin admitted. "But I won't let that happen to me!"

"The Skullgirl and your cousin await you benearth the lasting gaze of the Trinity." Charlotte replied. Then, she slithered away.

One of the Black Erget soldiers ran up to Erin to check to see if she's okay. "Erin! Our target has been headed to the Divine Trinity's Grand Cathedral."

"Thanks." Erin nodded. "Let's move."