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As much as I loved her, deeply, madly, with every fiber of my being, I wasn't naive. Hell, I am so many things, but naive was *never* one of them. No. Wait. Scratch that. I *was* naive, at one point of my life, but I was never innocent. Now, I'm neither. As someone who hasn't been naive for a while, I guess I should've known. You know what they say about high school sweethearts - they usually don't last. Cold statistical fact. Except, of course, there was nothing usual about Em and I.

I wouldn't call a relationship in which, at 17, both parts of the equation had to deal with coming out - usual.

Then of course, there was this whole thing about one of us having a dad in Afghanistan, and her best friend was murdered, *and* her girlfriend.

Then, just for kicks, her own life was constantly threatened and she watched a psychopath threatening her current girlfriend with a knife, resulting in her finally murdering him.

So much blood involved. Oh yeah, and I had my share of blood too. It was my own, and I did it to myself, but it just added more red to this equation that was Em and I.

I know self inflicted pain among teens and suicidal thoughts (which, I also had, thank you very much) are more… "main stream" today, and excuse my dark approach and morbid way of talking, but all I can give you, is *my* point of view. And this is *my* story, so, yeah.

And if you think I'm a bit on the sarcastic side, in general, as a human being, you might be on to something.

But honestly? I can't imagine how it felt for her that night on the porch, to hear that this new person she chose to be with after being hurt constantly, this person who she thought was indestructible, oh yeah, she told me, this person at one point was so afraid, so on the verge of… anyways. I can't imagine what kind of a scare I gave her that night.

She told me a while later that this is when she knew that I loved her. Because it was the first time I let *her* hold *me*, emotionally, and she knew that I realized that two can dance this "being protective" tango. This relying on each other, and that I don't have to be the strong one all the time.

And what was it like for me to be there for her after everything she's been through? Well, I always knew I was going to be exactly what she needed me to be. And if that someone, back then, had to be a person who's understanding, and mature for her age, who gets death, and loss, and darkness, then I'll go on these dark rides for her, with her, and do what I can to help us find the light, together.

And then we did.

Slowly, surely, with major setbacks when Em took a man's life, you know, when I was traumatized from being kidnapped, and beaten, and with a knife to my neck? But we were always each other's cure. With time, and with understanding, and with *us*, we climbed through hell holes together, fell back in, and climbed once more, stronger than ever.

Because, you see, there was nothing usual about us. We weren't just high school sweethearts, especially since I loved her long before we even hit high school, but also because our souls acted like a 50 years olds' souls, and we recognized each other, and found each other.

So, maybe I was naive to think that after everything, there was nothing we couldn't beat if we're together, and that it would never end between us.

But it did.

3 years ago today, it did. And she's still on my mind and in my heart, every day.