Brenda Bates: The killer who uses urban legends to slaughter her victims

Ghostface: The cloaked serial killer who uses horror movies, to inspire his kills

Who Is Deadliest?

To find out, our crew and horror experts will test some of cinema's most psychotic weapons. We'll see what happens, when two warriors, go toe to toe. No rules, no safety, no mercy. It will be a battle to the death to decide who is the deadliest warrior.

In the fight club, our team is preparing a battle between two serial killer. Brenda Bates, the killer who likes to use urban legends, and using them against her victims. Versus, Ghostface, a killer obsessed with horror movies, using them against his own victims.

Our experts will analyze the data and insert it into a simulator, which will show a true to life fight to determine the victor.

Geoff: "I think today's match-up will interesting, because today, we are dealing with two slashers who each seeking revenge. Plus, they are both normal people.

Leading team Ghostface will be Wes Craven, one of the most well-known horror directors, he was also the creator of another famous slasher, Freddy Krueger.

Wes Craven: "Ghostface is a psychotic killer, who watches too many scary movies. He knows how to kill, plus he is a master of stealth. Brenda has no chance."

Also fighting for Ghostface is Scott Foley, who portrayed the villain in Scream 3.

Scott Foley: "Ghostface is demented. He is fast, agile, pretty tuff. He will easily win."

Ghostface was revealed to the world in the movie SCREAM, which went on to be a huge box office success. Ghostface was portrayed by Billy Loomis and his friend Stu, who killed Maureen Prescott. One year later, they began to target Sidney Prescott. In the sequels to come, each movie, (except the 3rd one) had two Ghostfaces' trying to kill Sidney.

Our Ghostface team is confident, but the Urban Legend team isn't backing down.

Fighting for the Bates team will be Jamie Blanks, the director of Urban Legends.

Jamie Blanks: "Brenda Bates is no joke. She is a ruthless killer seeking revenge. She will kill without hesitation."

Also on the Bates team is Rebecca Gayheart, who played psychotic killer in the film.

Rebecca Gayheart: "I played Brenda Bates. She is a psycho. She is definitely crazy. She will not hesitate to kill."

In 1998, a slasher film called, Urban Legend was released into theaters. In it, the main protagonist, Natalie Simon, and her friend used an urban legend that got someone killed. That person, however, was the boyfriend of the Natalie's friend, Brenda. So, to get revenge, Brenda started using urban legends to kill Natalie's other friends. She did not succeed in killing Natalie, but she didn't die in the end either. Meaning she is not done.

Each team sounds like there confident, and out experts are beginning to choose sides.

Geoff: "I've got to give it to Brenda Bates. I'm not sure Ghostface has enough weapons to be effective against Brenda."

Max: "I think that Ghostface is going to take this one. He is relentless. He is stealthy, and pretty agile."

Each warrior comes with an impressive arsenal.

Brenda comes with: Double bladed axe, pocket knife, rope, and a M&P340.

Ghostface arsenal contains: Hunting knife, Glock 17, voice changer, and a bullet proof vest.

The first weapon we are going to test will be Brenda's double bladed axe. It will be tested on a pig carcass, which has the same skin resistance as human flesh.

Armand: "Rebecca are you ready?"

Rebecca: "Ready!"

Max: "In three…two…one, chop him up!"

Rebecca swings the axe horizontally, easily tearing through the flesh of the pig carcass and severing the pig's spine. She brings it around again, and it gets lodged into the pig's ribs. She yanks it out, and finishes off with a vertical downward cut, ripping open the carcass's stomach and spilling guts onto the ground.

Geoff: "Wooow. Look at the carnage."

Geoff: "Everything inside the pig is now outside."

Armand: "Ok let's take a look. As Geoff said, Everything inside the pig is now outside."

Geoff: "Ok, I got more than 150 PSI off of that weapon."

Rebecca: "Yeah, I was aiming for the spinal cord area to get the kill shot."

Armand: "Yeah, that definitely worked."

However, when the Ghostface team sees the results, they don't see the effectiveness of the weapon.

Wes Craven: "The weapon did do a lot of damage, but it's kind of slow. Ghostface would easily dodge this weapon."

Scott Foley: "We have a weapon that will easily maneuver around this weapon."

Up Next, we see Ghostface test his signature weapon, the hunting knife. Who will be, the Deadliest Warrior.