Prologue- Death

She pulled herself up higher. She had to do this. If she did Raiden would leave her alone. Ever since she became an addict to the Lord of the Rings he had teased her. The laughter coming out from not only a perfect mouth, but from his dark chocolate eyes. She remembered clearly when Raiden came up to her earlier that day. It had been during lunch.


The cafeteria was bustling. The line to buy lunch looked to be 10 miles long. Silently she walked over to her table being joslted and sneered at from some kids. Why? Why did she go through this every day? She finally made it over to her table by the window. All alone she stared out the window to the leaves falling off the trees. Everything was so happy. The exact oppisite of what she was. She sighed only to find herself being poked in the back. She spun around.

" Day dreaming about falling into Middle-Earth again elf girl?" Raiden's voice was followed by a chorus of snickers.

She stayed silent. Telling Raiden about her daydreaming had been her worst mistake. It was what led to this. To her siting alone, being bullied, and everything in between.

" Some thing wrong. Huh."

She glared up at hi from underneath her hair, "Go away Raiden."

"Like that's going to happen." He said chuckling.

Finally her resolve burst, "Can you not SHUT UP! Do you not have something better to do than rip my life apart!"

Raiden looked down at her shocked at what she had said, "I… uh…"

" I didn't think so go away." She spun back around to face her lunch.

"Fine, but first you have to do something." He muttered with despise laced into his voice.


"You have to climb the tree outside." He snickered.

She froze. She hated heights and he knew this, but if it meant he would stop teasing her… "Alright."

And that was how she ended up here. Cautiously she reached up and grabbed a branch. She would not look down. She would not look down. She looked down…

and screamed.

Having lost her focus she put to much force on the branch abouve her. It snapped. Suddenly she was falling. Branches flew past whipping at her face. She did not scream. She knew falling out of this tree would mean certain death. She hit the rocky ground with a thud. She felt a rock embed itself in her back and head. Still she did not scream. Wearily she looked towards where Raiden stood. Only to find that he was gone.