"Well, you see Legolas, I'm not from Middle-Earth. I'm from Earth."

Legolas stood there for a second without any movement. "What do you mean?"

I bit my bottom lip. How did this usually go in those fanfictions I read? I couldn't really remember so I went with what I could. "I'm not from Gondor or Middle-Earth. I'm from Earth. The place in this story." I held the book up. "Where I live we have cars, and microwaves, and iPhones. We live in really big houses and go to schools. Our life span is only about 100 years. We fight wars with guns not swords. In fact I've been shooting with my friends..." At that thought I suddenly cutoff thinking back to that wonderful day. Before I lost them to the populars.


"Hey wait up guys!" I looked ahead at Amelia and Serena. They were carrying the gun cases and I was in charge of the amo. Both of their dads owned guns and my dad had just bought one. I was so excited to finally go shooting with them.

Serena went into the booth first showing my how to shoot the pistol, load it, and warning me to never take the earmuffs off unless I never wanted to hear again. I laughed and stepped into the booth, aimed the pistol, and fired...

End of flashback:

"They sound really wonderful. Why, may I ask do you sound so sad when you speak of them."

I looked at him. Did I say that out loud? I've really got to work on that. "So that day started off as normal. We took the bus together, got to school, made fun of how weird the popular kids are,...


I fished getting stuff from my locker and ran towards the science room skidding in and making it next to my seat next to Amelia just as the bell went off.

"hey Ams."

No response.


Nothing. I looked over at Amelia and saw another girl. One of the other girls in a group in the same rank as my friends and I. Not popular not unpopular. I think her name was Kayne. I peered around the room and saw Amelia in a seat next to Jamie, the most popular girl. Serene was at the table next to them next to Jamie's copopular chick, Kiana. What the hell?

I got up and walked over to Serene. "Hey what's up?"

She took one look at me and said, "Piss off." Then flipped her blonde hair in my face.

End of Flash back.

I stared at Legolas nervously waiting for his response.

He said nothing.

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