Beyond Belief 2.0

Disclaimer: I do not own rights to Beyond Belief. The True Stories I do not own either they are stories that were told to me by various people: Names, dates, and places have been changed in the true stories to protect those involved. The fictional stories are copyrighted by me.

We live in a world where the real and unreal live side by side.

Where it's difficult to tell what is fantasy and what is reality.

Tonight we will tell five stories. Some of based on real events and others are just pure fiction.

Can you figure out which is which?

Be careful you may discover the answers are …


Host: Hello, and welcome to another beyond belief fanfiction. Tonight, you will read five stories. Some based on actual events and some pure fiction. Can you guess which is which… Lots of people like books and fans are always coming up with theories to endings of books and what they think will happen. Marissa likes to predict the end of books but she's yet to get a prediction right.

Story #1: Daydream Believer

Narrator: I've loved Harry Potter ever since I first read it. I was actually against reading it at first because I thought a book about a wizard? That's stupid! But I had been convinced by my mother to give the first book a try and I was just sucked in. After that Harry Potter became the center of my world so when I found out my friend Aaliyah was into Harry Potter too I was so excited. Anyway, the 6th book had just come out a few days before. I was on chapter 11 and she was on chapter 6 and we were talking about different theories.

Aaliyah: I'm telling you, Dumbledore is gonna die in this one. He's old and Harry doesn't need him anymore.

Marissa: It's just a blackened hand. He's powerful enough to get over it.

Aaliyah: But he's so old. He's not what he used to be.

Marissa: I still don't know.

Aaliyah: I do. Just like I know Snape is evil. Luckily, he won't be around for long.

Marissa: Thank god for that! I hate Snape.

Aaliyah: I do too.

Marissa: Think he'll kill someone?

Aaliyah: Most likely.

Narrator: Suddenly things started to click in my mind. Dumbledore being old, Snape being evil and possibly killing someone. It came to be like a scene in a movie. Dumbledore was unarmed and pleading with Snape who took up his wand and yelled 'Avada Kedavra' and then a green light flashed through my brain.

Marissa: That's it!

Aaliyah: What are you talking about?

Marissa: Dumbledore is old and on the brink of death right?

Aaliyah: Yes.

Marissa: Snape is evil and needs to go right?

Aaliyah: Yes.

Marissa: Snape kills Dumbledore!

Aaliyah: O my god! That's brilliant! How did you come up with that?

Marissa: It just came to me.

Aaliyah: Ok. That's our theory.

Narrator: We shook hands on it. A few days later I had finishing up the book and I had just gotten to the scene on the tower when…

Marissa:(gasps) O my god! Snape killed Dumbledore! Snape killed Dumbledore! I was right! O my god. I was right…

The End

Host: What happened here? Was Marissa's day dream just that? If so how do you explain how accurately she predicted the end of the half blood prince. None of her theories had ever been right before and were never right again. Did she have some spiritual connection to JK Rowling that she didn't know about or was it all just a coincidence? Is this story true or did I just dream this up?