Host: What did you think of the girl who predicted the end of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince? Did you think this story just HAD to be made up? Sorry, not this time. It's True. … Day Dreamer Believer: FACT

What did you think of the girl who got the mysterious e-mails? Sound like something you've heard before, maybe but I made this up… the e-mails: FICTION

What about the story of the medium who's contact with the spirits helped both a woman and a young boy? If you thought this was false. I got you. It's true…. Supernatural comfort: FACT

What about the stories about the pyro demon child? Think we made this up? Well, you're right it's fiction…Fire:FICTION

Finally, What did you think of a story of the couple who was saved by bigfoot? This must be true because there are so many bigfoot sightings? Sorry, not this time.

Life lesson: FICTION

Host: So, how were you at deciphering truth from fiction? Could you figure out the truth or was it just beyond belief.