[Prologue] The noise of loud voices woke me up. I tiptoed down the stairs so I wouldn't alert anoyone to my presence. When I reached the bottom, I started to follow the voices towards the kitchen. The light was on and I recognized the voices as my parents.

I stayed near the door to see if I could understand what they were talking about. I'm very young so I don't know what they were talking about, but there was one word that would ring in my mind for the rest of my life: divorce. My parents were talking about getting a divorce.

I pushed open the kitchen door to ask why they were getting a divorce, but istead I saw my dad holding my mom's arm tightly where a bruise was starting to form. My mom screamed for me to leave just as my dad picked up a glass pitcher and threw it at me.

I heard the glass break as I ran up the stairs to my room to hide under the covers and cry for the rest of the night...[END PROLOGUE]

If you have seen them you know who Castiel is. This is Just chapter 1.

I propped my feet up on the seat in front of me. The guy who was sitting in that seat turned around to give me crap, but he took one look at my tear streaked face and turned back around. He didn't offer to console me or ask what was wrong, he just turned back around. That's how everyone is on this plane. No one tried to console me, they thought it best to leave me alone. So I let my head rest against the plane window and fell asleep. I wanted to dream of people who cared for me.

I sat in the terminal waiting for my aunt to pick me up. She said she will stick out like a fairy. I never thought she meant literally. "IREEENE!" I whipped my head around and was astonished to see a fairy with brown hair waving and bobbing towards me. I didn't know what to think at first before her face registered in my mind. She came and grabbed all my stuff and started heading off. I had to jog to keep up with her. "You're going to love it here in Sweet Amoris," she practically yelled in my ear. "It's a big city but you can easily get around. OH! I also got you a new car, too. So you can drive yourself to school and what not. Don't even worry..."

I let her drone on and on about how much I would like here in Sweet Amoris. I gave her nods and smiled every now and then so he thinks that I'm listening. I wasn't thinking about my life here in Sweet, though. I was thinking about how my parents didn't love me.

I heard my parents talking about how they were getting a divorce. I knew that they were getting a divorce. I just never though that neither one would want me when they went to court. I sat outside while my parents and their lawyers went inside. They weren't discussing what they wanted from their marriage, they were discussing who would get me. My mom said that I was old enough to live on my own while dad stated that I could not be trusted.


"I'm pretty sure she can take care of herself, so I'm not taking her!" Mom shouted towards dad.

"We cannot trust her by herself. She might come back pregnant and will as me for money." Dad sounded outraged, but there was a hidden message in his words. "I don't want her, I don't love her, and I refuse to look after her!"

I blanched. My father just admitted he wanted nothing to do with me, and my mother was not better. "Well, I don't want her either but she has to go somewhere..."

I shook my head against the memory and looked at the road ahead of me. I didn't want to relive that fact that my parents rejected me...

We arrived at Aunt Ry's apartment around 9:00pm. She quickly showed me where everything was before she had to head out again. I stole a glance towards the living room before going up the stairs to my new room. I threw my stuff on the bed and walked towards the window. I looked out at the fire escape and at the landscape. Then I looked out towards the street. At first, there was nothing, then I saw flaming red hair running past towards and unknown destination. I blinked. I don't whether it was just me or an actual person that was running by, but I had no time to dwell on it. I had to go to Sweet Amoris High School tomorrow. So I got ready for bed and set my alarm.