The Revenge of Runo

Three: The First Shock

Summary: With a raging war going on, who can you trust among the tricks played against you? DanxRuno ShunxAlice JuliexBilly RenxFabia

Dan Kuso stared out the castle windows absently, taking in the alien planet's beautiful utopia. He watched some of the maids glance up and with red faces, they giggled and waved up to him. He gave a small smile, causing them to giggle harder and flee. They were beautiful, like every girl on this planet, but his heart belonged to only one.

His heart gave a sharp pang as his thoughts returned to his blue haired fireball. She must have been furious with him; Dan had no doubt that Julie went to contact their mutual friend as soon as possible. He missed her terribly, and wished he had found a way to properly say goodbye.

"You idiot," Runo muttered as they walked home from school. They went to different high schools but it didn't bother them all that much. He got off ten minutes before she did so he would go and wait outside her school, walking her home everyday. "I can't believe you tried to prank your teacher."

"In my defense," Dan smiled sheepishly. "She was a real bit-"

"Don't finish that," His girlfriend warned. "You know the rule."

He rolled his eyes, giving a small smile. "No cursing unless appropriate," Dan replied. "But I think it is appropriate." Runo sighed as they approached her parents' restaurant. "Hey, my mom said to come home right away so I can't stay today. See you tomorrow?" She smiled and he leaned down to give her a quick peck on the cheek before dashing towards his own home.

To his utter shock, he found the yard probed by the "FOR SALE" sign. Dan raced inside to find his parents and demand an explanation. He got one alright.

"I'm sorry Dan," His mother said, rubbing his back. "Your father's promotion came with a setback."

"Which is?" Dan asked furiously as she continued to pack dishes into a box.

"We have to move," Miyoko replied. "Not just to a new neighborhood, but to a whole new continent. We're…we're moving to Bayview in America." Dan stood and stomped upstairs. "Dan!"

The next morning, when he picked Runo up from her house, he surprised her by giving her a furiously passionate lip-lock. She saw the fury burning in his eyes but didn't say anything, still startled by his kiss.

He managed to avoid telling her up until the last day. He was about to board the plane, giving a sad sigh as he fingered the gold chain that held the locket-the matching one he gave to Runo-when his phone suddenly buzzed. Confused, Dan glanced down at it.

Dan Kuso, how dare you not tell me! I will never, ever forgive you!

Dan shut his eyes, giving another sigh-this one filled with regret.

The Pyrus brawler reached up to his neck and clasped the gold locket still over his heart, closing his eyes as he laid down. Sleep did not come easy that night.

She screamed, blood pouring down her face. Her usually vibrant blue eyes were wide with fear, her small body shaking as the stranger loomed over her. He let out a soft chuckle and raised his staff, the tip glowing bright red as it struck down on her again. She let out another scream though this one died quickly as she fell to the ground in a state of semi-consciousness.

The man gave another chuckle, obviously pleased with himself. He raised his staff again, about to toss the final blow to the dying girl, when she began glowing a bright white that forced him to shield his eyes. The next thing he knew, he was blasted across the room with his staff now in shambles as the girl let out a cry of a banshee.

The girl's eyes were a dark red, glaring at him dangerously as he clutched his bleeding arm. Then she fell to the ground, semi-conscious, as her eyes flickered back to blue. Someone warm wrapped around her frail body, muttering something. That was when her eyes finally shut, exhaustion taking over as her body shut down.

The man struggled to sit up as he watched his prey disappear, his boss bursting in a few moments later. She looked furious, and he knew he was in trouble.

Somewhere far away, in an inescapable white area, three girls sat in a circle. You could call this place a 'limbo' of some sort, I suppose.

They stared at each other, troubled expressions on their normally pretty faces. One asked, in a rather frightened tone, "Where are we? Who are you people?"

"I don't know," One replied. "All I remember is that I was supposed to meet someone and then…poof, I ended up here."

"I suppose a similar thing happened to me," The third one added, leaning back on her elbows. "I was angry, I remember that, but I was also very sad. I was thinking about someone and…I ended up here, wherever the hell 'here' is."

The first girl replied, "I was…lonely, for lack of better word, and I was attacked. Were you?"

"Don't remember," The other two said immediately and they fell into silence.

The third girl broke the somewhat awkward silence a few minutes later-at least, they thought it was a few minutes; there was no way to tell time-and said, "I do remember something else."

"What?" The second girl asked curiously while the first one paused in her act of playing with her hair.

Girl Number Three paused as one of her hands hesitantly went up to her bare neck. "I'm not exactly sure, but it involved a necklace and that someone."

"It's not much," replied Girl Number One. "But it's still better than nothing."

"Yeah," added Girl Number Two. "If any of us remember anything, or think of how to get out of here, then we should all say something." The other two quickly agreed.

"I remember," Girl Number One exclaimed suddenly. "I remember a group. Not much, but I know a group with six adults."

"No, six kids," Number Two corrected. "They're kids, teens now I suppose. They were called…I think it was the Resistance…"

"Not the Resistance," interrupted Girl Number Three. "That was a rename later on. They were called the Brawlers…the Bakugan Battle Brawlers."

"I wonder why we would all remember that," Girl Number Two thought out loud in a curious tone.

"Who knows?" Girl Number One shrugged. "It's probably something very common wherever we came from."

"It can't be that important if we don't remember it," agreed Girl Number Three. They fell into silence and her hand still rested on her neck with a slight grip on air, as if she was unconsciously gripping something. Like a necklace.

The trumpet blared and all three girls leaped into the air. They were in an office like room, instead of the garden today.

"Man, that's annoying," muttered Amaris, dusting the dirt off her clothes. Estelle helped Nedra up, knowing the dark haired girl would shrug the offer up.

"Morning girls," greeted Kazarina cheerfully, which honestly scared her students. "I trust you slept well? Ready for a little battle with the Brawlers?"

"We're brawling them today?" Nedra exclaimed. Vera popped out onto her shoulder.

"Alright, lemme at em!" exclaimed the Subterra Bakugan excitedly. He was jumping on her shoulder. "I can't wait to crush those losers!" He was ignored.

"Well, not really a brawl," corrected Kazarina. "More like an encounter. Your mission is to study the Brawlers today. Zero in on one of the Brawlers and make them your target. Then you will spend training time today to discover your target, finding out their strengths and weaknesses. What makes them boil and what makes them depressed. You will learn to think, act, and be your target." She snapped her fingers and a huge pile of folders dropped onto the desk, scattering dust everywhere making the girls cough hysterically. "Well, have fun!" And she disappeared.

"Great," complained Nedra. "I thought we wouldn't have homework."

"I thought she was going to let us claw at them," added Amaris.

Estelle sighed as she opened one of the folders, saying, "Stop whining you two; we have lots of work to do, so let's just get started on this crap so we can move on to the real show okay?"

"And that's why you're the boss," remarked Amaris, grabbing a folder and sitting across from the ash haired girl. Nedra slid in next to the Darkus brawler, both facing their leader. "So what do we do?"

"Examine the Brawlers," replied Estelle. "We'll each pick a target and go on from there."

"But there are six of them," Nedra pointed out.

Amaris rolled her eyes. "Simple math, Red. We each get two then."

"Right…ooh," sighed Nedra, eyeing a photograph. "A Gundalian boy, a Brawler? What a shame; he's pretty cute too."

"Focus," hissed Amaris, elbowing her teammate. The other girl jumped and glared at her.

"You have sharp elbows," She muttered.

Estelle cleared her throat and her teammates gave sheepish looks. She gave a small smile and said, "Okay, so we each pick two Brawlers. Nedra, I know it's hard but you're the best with dealing with traitors so you can handle Subject Krawler."

"Subject?" snickered Amaris; she was ignored.

"Amaris, looking at his reflexes and your abilities, you'll be somewhat of a threat to him so you can handle Subject Kazami," Estelle continued, handing her the file. "I will deal with the spoiled brat, Subject Sheen. You two can decide what the others should be with."

Her teammates studied the remaining three files. Nedra said quietly, "Taking down Kazami will be hard, so Amaris should get an easy subject, like Vallory." The dark haired girl nodded in agreement.

"Kay, since Estelle is without a doubt most powerful, then she can take on Kuso," She added. "That leaves Marukuro with you, Nedra."

"Got it," The redhead replied before turning to their leader. "Is this okay with you Estelle?"

"Based on the logic you put behind it, yes," The ask haired girl replied, collecting her two files. "Let's study them and meet in an hour or so, alright?" They nodded before each touching their crystals and materializing in their respective bedrooms.

Amaris usually took a moment or two to admire her bedroom, but not today. It was still nice, for a villain's room that is. The walls were painted a dark purple, the black tiles as cold and lifeless as your ex's heart. It was fair size too, so it wasn't too crowded or too spacious. The room was shaped like a pentagon, dim lighted candles in each corner. She didn't have a lot of things in her room, only the necessities like a bed and a bathroom but she thought it suited fine. There was even a wall just to hang all her weapons…and she had lots, many of which were poisoned daggers. A door led to a private bathroom as well.

She sat on her bed, opening the first file on Vallory. A picture of him was attached and she wrinkled her nose at his orange dreadlocks.

Jake Vallory

Age: 18

Weight: 168 lbs.

Attribute: Subterra

Description (note, all these are evaluations taken from members with experience of Subject): Loud, spirited, determined, newest to the Brawlers, Dan Kuso's lap dog.

"Not much to go on," muttered Amaris as she read the rest of the file, which didn't take long at all. Then she turned to Kazami's file, and for some reason, this caused her to become slightly nervous.

Shun Kazami

Age: 17

Weight: 103 lbs

Attribute: Ventus

Description: ninja, stealthy, highly intelligent, powerful, an original member of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers, seems to be in a relationship with another Brawler by the name of Alice Gehabich. Be cautious of.

"Alice," The name rolled off her tongue, feeling slimy at first before settling in with a somewhat sweet aftertaste. She quickly dismissed the feeling. "Hm, I have some work cut out for me tonight."

"I'm home," exclaimed Nedra loudly, despite no one being in her room. She giggled and collapsed on her very bouncy bed. She loved her room, no doubt about it.

It had white walls, but it was hard to tell with all the stained blood covering it. Despite her dim-witted moments, Nedra was psycho and was delighted with the blood decorations. She had added some rather dark poems onto the walls, using blood from some animals she found to write with. The room was shaped like a circle, something that made her just a bit dizzy at time. Like Amaris, she merely had the necessities with just a spice of Nedra. A queen sized bed with dark pink sheets, covers, and black pillows. A door leading to a vanity bathroom, a large mirror, and a huge dresser overflowing with stylish clothes. Oh, and a study too but she didn't really use that.

Nedra lay on the bed, flat on her stomach, as she opened the first file.


Age: 17

Weight: 110 lbs

Attribute: Darkus

Description: Quiet, intelligent, slick and cunning, traitor to Gundalia, ally of the Brawlers, new member to Brawlers, seems to have a slight interest in princess of Neathia Fabia Sheen.

"Ooh, a love story," squealed Nedra, drawing hearts on Ren's file. She stopped herself in the middle of the seventh heart, shaking her head vigorously. "Focus, de la Stukes!" She turned to the next file.

Choji "Marucho" Marukuro

Age: 16

Weight: 92 lbs

Attribute: Aquos

Description: Highly intelligent, built Interspace, one of original members of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers, easily trusts others, Dan Kuso's original lap dog, annoyingly loyal, most innocent of them all. Known to have an alliance with original Subterra Brawler, Julie Makimato.

"Julie's a pretty name," said Nedra thoughtfully before highlighting Marucho's name. "If he's an original member, he must be pretty powerful as well. Or at least smart enough to wiggle his way through a battle. Hm, I'll have to look deeper into this little blonde munchkin." She paused before saying to herself, "If he knew this Julie, the original Subterra Brawler, then he must be pretty familiar with the attribute and the usual techniques. I'll have to think of something new to throw him off then." Another pause and small smile crossed her face. "Julie's such a pretty name; I bet she was really pretty as well. If I could, I would so change my name to Julie…but it sounds too sugary, so no. I can't become a serial killer with a sugar coated name like Julie…but it's still really pretty."

Estelle dumped the files on her desk, shooting a wistful glance at her balcony doors before sitting in the chair and staring at the golden brown envelopes.

Her room was shaped like a star, the walls painted a dark red with white carpet. Her bed was a bunk bed, with the bed on top and a desk along with a lounge chair underneath. A door led to the treasured balcony, while another door led to the simple bathroom. A wall was decorated with a few dart boards, though instead of darts, she used her tiny finger-throwing-knives. Several dim, burning candles were laid around.

She opened the first file and began reading.

Fabia Sheen

Age: 18

Weight: 105 lbs

Attribute: Haos

Description: Trained in martial arts, intelligent, powerful, clever, a bit stiff, new member of the Battle Brawlers, princess of Neathia-sister as queen, shows slight interest in Ren Krawler.

"Ew," muttered Estelle. "Let's leave this icky love stuff to Nedra." She crossed out the last part. "Let's see; she has power both in stamina and in politics. That's a tricky opponent. The fact that she's new doesn't make much of a difference." She moved on.

Dan Kuso

Age: 17

Weight: 124 lbs

Attribute: Pyrus

Description: Loud, spirited, powerful, stubborn, clueless yet determined, easily angered, leader and original member of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers, has Ultimate Bakugan, passionate about his loyalties, painstakingly loyal, background research found in a relationship with original Haos Brawler, Runo Misaki.

"Wow, I have my work cut out for me," muttered Estelle as highlighted a few key words about the Brawler. "He's powerful; what a shame he's a Brawler. The Ultimate Bakugan, huh? Not bad for a twelve year old kid, not bad at all. Says he helped saved Vestroia, New Vestroia, and was a big part of the Battle Brawlers Resistance. What happened to guys wanting to do sports instead of saving the world? Bakugan over chicks? This guy is not normal." A pause. "Runo, what an odd name. I don't think I've heard of such a name before; it sounds exotic." Another pause. "Runo," The name sounded extremely familiar to her and it bothered her. "Anyways, Kuso is obviously priority number one with this mission."

The three girls met in the garden, each gripping their Bakugan and weapons. They met each other's gazes, all determined but still slightly anxious.

"Ready?" asked Estelle quietly.

"Ready," They confirmed. Their crystals glowed and they disappeared just like that.

The first battle was about to start.

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