I am Katniss Everde- er..Stone I am married and living happily with two children a baby girl named Rue and a baby boy named won't be going to the reaping. If you are wonder how this is possible read on.

Katniss Pov.

It was a month after my father died. My mom was capable enough to help us with our daily deeds but was still in capitol had given us enough money to get by for a month as an apology for my father's death. I sat down and started to think I am Katniss Everdeen.I am twelve years old how will I help my family live after we run out of money? I kept on asking my self questions until the door burst open. Eight year old Prim screamed and ran behind my mother as an army of Peace Keepers barged in. I got up and ran in front of mother who was holding Prim. The peace keepers came and took me I screamed Kicked struggled I did every thing I cloud but, they were too strong. My mother and Prim tried to save me but, failed. I was taken to the capitol and held in captivity. They abused and torched me in every way thinkable. I went through things that no twelve-year-old should go through. I thought why would they do this to me and they kept on calling me Priscilla then I realized they thought I was this Priscilla and she had committed some crime. I tried to tell them who I was but, they wouldn't listen to me. After Three and a half horrible, slow, and painful weeks they were about to put through Avox transformation. They had me on my knees with a tub of red hair dye in front of me and I had on peace keeper on each side of me. Each holding on of my hands be hind my back and one of their hands on my head. "Start the count down we're ready". boomed the peace keeper on the through the speakers a loud voice boomed counting down from sixty. 60...59...58...57... It continued on I blocked out the sound and looked at my beautiful brown/reddish hair about to be bloody red and thought how on person's mistake harmed me all I could do now is close my eyes and hope for the best. 5...4...3... As the speaker boomed two Katniss bit into her lip harder preparing for impact...1 STOP! Some one yelled opening the door the peace keepers stopped just centimeters before the tub of dye. I open my eyes as they peace keeper on the left of me asked the man who just came in what was happening he have the wrong girl this girl did not commit a crime! She did he said brining in a girl who looked nothing like me. The peace keepers un tied and put me in a beautiful room with Avox servants and food. And I was hooked up to a machine to heal me. My mind was having a little trouble processing what just happened so, I kept playing what just happened trough my head.

President Snow Pov.

Ugh! Stupid Peace Keepers! Do you realize that what you just did by framing that girl who didn't even commits a crime could do? If she tells the wrong person what happened it would cause an uprising! You fools! What if we compose a deal ... Like what ? This girl cares about her family more than anything so if we gave her family a benefit maybe she would keep her mouth shut. Hmm... Keep talking peace keeper. Snow hissed.