Blistering Heat

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Chapter 1: Starting Points

Takes place after Karin ends. The Makka family bought a new house and are living peacefully.

The trees rustled, there were no leaves on these trees. All were long dead, the earth blackened waste. A house stood tall on the top of a hill, vines wrapping and twisting around it in an unearthly way.

Surely no one could live there.

Kagome sighed, trudging through some mud, and sloshing her way to the front doorstep. She gave a push with slightly more effort than was usually called for, the door was always stuck like this, a combination of wear and too much water causing the doorway to swell.

"I'm home!" She called, hearing it echo throughout the house. That wasn't true, she'd never go home.

There was no longer a home for her.

A woman in a blue suit appeared, with a glare covering her face. "Where do you think you've been little missy!"

She shifted uncomforatably. "Well..."

Without warning a shoe appeared and the woman hit Kagome over the head with it. "KAGOME!...What's your middle name?"

Kagome sweat dropped. "Why would I tell you that?"

"KAGOME SATO! I'M GONNA KILL YOU!" Kagome dodged another shoe attack.

A man with blond hair in a black suit appeared and the shoe it him in the face. He blinked, green eyes at them in an almost innocent way and Kagome's sweat drop grew.

"Amelia!" He complained. "Watch where you throw those things!" He threw the shoe off his face like it had a disease, revealing an imprint with the number 9 on it and track patterns.

Amelia crossed her arms and thrust her jaw out. "Can't you see! I'm only trying to disipline our daughter! She's a handful, you should be trying to help out too Terrance!"

He backed off waving his hands back and forth sheepishly when she brought out another shoe. "Now now, Amelia! Can't we talk about this?"

A tick mark appeared on her brow. "There's nothing to talk ABOUT!" She cried, as she hit him, the man went down instantly. Huffing she studied her work with a satisfied look on her face. "Not bad if I do say so myself."

Kagome cleared her throat. "Um...why are you guys fighting?" 'How'd I get Amelia mad at me in the first place?'

Amelia turned on her heel to point a finger at Kagome's face, said girl's eyes crossed as she tried to keep an eye on the fingers. "You'll be awakening soon young lady! When you do it'd be nice to know! You do realize you won't be able to go into the sunlight anymore don't you?"

Kagome stiffened, that stupid jewel!

She'd given a wish, not realizing it's impossible to have a pure wish and as punishment for her crime they'd taken the thing she loved most.

Sunlight. Family. Friends.

Turned her into a stupid vampire and sent her to another dimention.

"Yeah, I know." She muttered back quietly.

Amelia pursed her lips, and grabbed Kagome's chin. "I don't think you do. In a matter of minutes SECONDS in some cases, you can be burned to a crisp!"

"I know." She whispered, her eyes straying to check the pannels of the wooden floors for imaginary dust or scratches.

"I don't have to be so harsh on sister, mama." A soft voice called out from behind Kagome.

Amelia glanced over Kagome's shoulder. "Ah! There you are Terra!"

Kagome turned around to see her younger sister. Well, adopted sister. Kagome had been adopted into this crazy family of vampires when she'd saved Terra's life. Once they found out Kagome was a vampire without a family they were dying to adopt her. Or at least Terra and Terrence were.

Amelia really just wanted to be even with an old friend of hers.

Apparently she'd accidently informed her that she had two daughters and one son. Just like her to do something that stupid.

Terra's dark red hair rustled slightly as she tilted her head to the side. "Kagome-nii why are mama and papa fighting?"

Kagome laughed nervously. "Well you see..."

"That sister of yours keeps going out in the light! No matter how much I try to prevent it..." Amelia trailed off, her face horrified.

"You can't keep me indoors forever woman!" Was Kagome's biting reply.

A waterfall of tears fell down Terrence's face. "Oh Kagome! We're okay with you going outside! We'll still love you no matter what!"

Amelia threw another shoe at him. "How many times must I tell you to call me mother! Do I have to put you on my knee!"

Terra stared up at her older sister. "But Kagome-nii...won't you promise me that you'll stay inside? For me? Please?!"

Kagome gazed into those bright orange eyes and sighed, how could she say no to that look?

"Fine! I promise I'll stay inside during the daytime. Jeez you guys are way too overprotective!" Kagome grinned down at Terra, bringing her into a hug. "I love you too much kiddo."

Now, while it was true that Terra was extremely mature for her age -tell me about it, the girl acted like Sesshomaru- she WAS only 11. Kagome felt Terra wrap her arms around her contently.

If Terence and Amelia hadn't wanted to adopt her they probably still would have just to please the little cutie!

Kagome held the fabric of her sister's red sundress tightly. 'Thank you Terra.'

Amelia cleared her throat. "Sorry to interupt your little moment, but there was a reason I was looking for you ya know!"

Kagome grinned, pullling back, but kept an arm around Terra, who returned the gesture, clinging to her side. "Yes, Mama?"

Amelia smiled in a strange way, like she was inwardly laughing. "You remember that friend I told you about? The vampire that moved away?"

Kagome cleared her throat before she could continue. "Um... you do realize Kazuma isn't here yet right?"

"GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW KAZUMA!" Amelia slapped her forhead. "That boy's always causing trouble!"

Kagome giggled. Kazuma was the oldest of the three siblings, and the only male. He was... well extremely athletic to say the least. He also really liked his naps, and it took a while to actually manage to wake him up.

Although, Amelia could always do it on her first try...

A boy with shaggy brown hair, leaped down from the top floor, which just happened to be the fourth floor.

Kagome huffed, muttering."Show off. "

He grinned at her, smoothing his hair back, before ruffling hers. "What's that Kit Kat?"

Kagome fought the urge to smack him in the head with a shoe... wait was Amelia actually influencing her?

Kazuma had taken to the nickname about a month after she'd gotten here. Said he'd had a dream about kit kats and they reminded him of her. What's up with that!

"Shut up." She growled instead, sending him a quick glare. Stupid Kazuma, always smirking like that.

Amelia snapped her fingers. "Now, now kids let's get back to my news!"

Carrera Maaka sat in her chair with a cup of crimson blood in her hand, she sturred it with her pinky seemingly lost in thought.

The rest of the family looked at her like she was crazy.

"Um... sweetheart? You said you wanted to talk to all of us?" Henry, her husband said hesitantly.

She looked up with a "Hm?" and a sudden bright smile lit up her face. "Why yes! I have some great news!"

Karin looked up at her curiously. "What is it?"

"My friend Amelia is coming to stay with us for a little while, along with her family!"

Karin squealed. "That's great mama! Are there any girls?"

Ren looked like he was about to ask the same question.

Carrera nodded. "She's got two daughters and a son! We're so similar!"

That comment, however, was not what Ren was looking for. "Ages? Do you have a discription?"

Carrera glared at her son. "Ages: 11 and I believe 16. Description: Stay away." She turned her glare to the rest of the room. "I mean it, I will not be embarrased in front of this woman. Not by you or anyone else. Understand Ren?"

He snorted. "Not like I'll be here much anyway." He muttered, getting up.

"Hold it right there!" His mother cried, hitting him in the back of the knee with a random shoe and forcing him back in his chair. "You won't be going anywhere! You'll live here like a normal son until they're gone. That means so leaving, no sex scandals, in fact no women whatsoever!"

Ren's eyes widened. "I... You can't do that! I'm an adult!"

She sent him a glare, waving her shoe around threateningly. "What can't I do?"

Ren huffed and looked away. "Fine, I'll stay here. But I still get to feed."

Carrera snorted, "I'm not an idiot of course you still have to feed! These people are vampires!"

That caught Ren's attention. "Really? I've never met a vampire girl before." He looked quite interested, ignoring the angry look on Karin's face as she waved at herself and Anju.

Henry chuckled nervously, as Carrera bore a hole into her son's back. "Now, now don't get so angry! Ren, you must remember these are vampire girls, unlike humans they bite back!"

Reb shrugged. "I don't mind a little four play."

Carrera glared as she found a better solution. "They're also both underaged."

Ren's ears perked up. "So let's say that one of them isn't 16 but 18 or older. Then, I could do whatever I pleased with the girl? After all we're both adults."

Henry sighed. "Get permission from her parents first and you can have her."

Ren smirked. "Deal."

"HENRY!" Carrera yelled, throwing a particularly hard shoe at her son and a pair of high heels at her husband.

Ren chuckled, sigh yellow eyes darkening. "It's too late, there's no going back on your word now."


The doorbell rang. "Oh no." Carrera sighed, sloshing her blood around in the cup again. "Karin be a dear and get that."

Ren got up instead. "She's too slow." He muttered as an explaination.

Kagome stood nervously in front of the door. To say the least she looked depressed. Her head was all mopy and she shoulders sagged.

No one had gotten out of the car to help her.

In fact Amelia said "Be a dear and ring the doorbell."

Yep, she was all alone, in front of a super creepy house about to be faced with more vampires.

She groaned, anime tears rolling down her face. "Why does this stuff always happen to me!"

The door opened and Kagome's tears disappeared. "Eh?" She took a good look at the guy in front of her. Light blue hair, yellow eyes, really cute... Nope let's forget that last thought.

He eyed her in returned, before giving her face a flat out stare. "Sorry girl scout whatever you're selling I ain't buying."

Kagome's eyebrow twitched, and she stuck her foot in before he could close the door. "What makes you think I'm a girl scout?!"

He gave her another look, trying to see her neck. Why was she wearing a big coat anyway? It was the middle of summer.


She froze. "Who?"

"... Akita?"


"...Elizabeth?" He asked, trying again.


He ran his fingers through his hair. "You're gonna have to tell me your name."

Kagome rolled her eyes. "My name isn't your business. I'm only here cause my mom says this is where her old friend Carrera Makka lives."

Ren blinked. "You're one of her daughters? Just out of curiousity how old are you?"

Kagome glared at him. "I wouldn't tell you my name, what makes you think I'll tell you my age?"

Before he could answer, she slipped past him and made her way to the living room, him following behind her ready to grab her.

"I didn't invite you in ya know!"

Kagome shrugged, finally making it to the family room. "Does Carrera live here?" She asked, looking around at the flustered people.

Ren grabbed her shoulders and started to pull her back. "Come on girl scout."


Another voice sighed, and she looked behind her to see Kazuma coming in, his green eyes blinking tiredly. "Hey Kit Kat what's taking so long. Mom said get in get out so you can help us unpack the car."


Kazuma snorted, wrapping an arm around her shoulder so Ren had to release her, and using his other hand to give her a noogie. "I thought I already explained this to you Kit Kat. I really don't care."

Kagome flailed around trying to get him off her. "I give, I give!" She yelled, still trying to escape.

He pursed his lips, pausing in his attack. "What's my name?"

She stuck her tongue out at him. "Jerk. Pig. Idiot. Stupid. As-"

"Now Kit Kat. We can do this the easy way or the hard way."

Kagome sighed. "Kazuma?"

He shook his head.

"Kazuma-san? Kazuma-sama? Kazuma-sensei? Sato-san? Sato-sensei? Sato-sama?"

"While I like the sound of Kazuma-sama, we both know that's not what I'm refering to."

Kagome gasped. "You've got to be kidding me! I'd rather die!"

Terra stepped into the room. "Sister? What're you doing?"

Kagome gasped, what good fortune! "Terra! Can you please tell him to let me go?"

Said girl looked between the two. "Anik-"

"Nope. I'm not letting her go till she calls me the name."

Terra sighed, "Oh Aniki..."

"Now Kagome, what do we call me?"

She shook her head, mouth clamped shut. 'I'll just wait till Amelia gets here.'

Kazuma pouted, "How bout this. I'll let you go... and hug mom when she gets here."

Kagome's eyes widened. "I love you Aniki."

Kazuma beamed, hugging her. "See that wasn't so hard! You're the best Kit Kat!" He started laughing nervously. "I don't actually have to hug mom do I?"

Kagome grinned. "Yes you do, and you have to keep trying until you actually do manage to hug her."

Kazuma looked prepared to faint, and a little giggle spilled forth from Terra's mouth.

Kagome stared at her. "She just... laughed."

Kazuma nodded, his eyes just as big as hers. They both turned and ran out the door at the same time, yelling, "MOM!"

i luv niki4444

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