A/N~ This story is so short that I almost can't believe it. ^^; I had this incredibly random thought the other day about Fai's hair. (I know, right?) I realized that ever since his hair had gotten longer, I'd never seen him with it down. So I decided to write this, mostly just so that I could get this idea OUT of my head. I no longer have spellcheck (I don't have microsoft word on my new laptop, just wordpad) so I have to reread and edit as I go, so if you spot any spelling/grammatical errors I apologize.

Also, I'm taking a bit of a break from my other story, Unique. I'm not giving up on it, I have lots of ideas on the plot and what not. I've just been busy helping with sanding and painting the house.

It was a beautiful winter day; snow sparkled and glistened, snowmen and snow forts melted dutifully in the sun. The sidewalks became a dirty, soupy mess, and the previously frozen puddles began to thaw. Syaoran noticed absolutely none of this whatsoever, and neither did Kurogane. They utterly failed to notice the birds that sang in this world, or even the fact that the trees were a rather brilliant shade of purple, as though some eccentric painter had been chosen to design the scenery. They didn't notice the scarlet grass, nor the green sky; their attention was completely absorbed elsewhere: on the waist-length curtain of blond hair swinging cheerfully in front of them (although Kurogane's gaze would drift a little bit lower now and again). Ever since he'd taken Kamui's blood, Fai had let his hair grow out and tied it into a ponytail with a ribbon or string, or whatever was on hand. Today, however, for the forst time since he'd started travelling with the others, Fai had let hishair down. It now swung erratically behind the blond man as he strode gaily down the sidewalk, giving off an incredibly cheerful aura, which put Syaoran and Kurogane at a loss for words.

Syaoran tried to think of something, anything, to say, and simply cast kurogane a bewildered look. "Oy, mage."

Fai spun around gleefuly, all smiles and clouds of golden hair. "Ye-es, Kuro-tan?" Kurogane frowned and grabbed a handful of the blond's hair, twirling it almost absentmindedly. "What happened to your hair tie?" Fai smiled mischieviously and shot Syaoran a conspirital wink. "I think he likes it, don't you?" causing him to blush uncomfortably, And kurogane to chase a laughing Fai down the street.

Syaoran sighed and followed at a slower pace, shaking his head over the eccentricities of his friends.