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Chapter 1, Max POV:

"Bloody brilliant," I muttered. I stepped into the cruise ships large interior, my head swiveling to get a good view of everything. The ships main floor/lobby was crowed with passengers, but anyone could see that it was an amazing setup. Before I go much further into what I'm sure will become a vacation similar to the apocalypse, I should probably tell you a bit about myself. And what's going on. I'll see what I can do.

My name is Maximum Ride but I go by Max. My gender? You're thinking male, you're thinking male. Was I right? Yeah, I thought so. You, however, are wrong, dear reader. I'm female, thank you very much. Whack it into your head. Seriously. Anyways, I'm 16 years old. The troubling teenage years? Hell yeah. Trouble is my middle name. Moving forwards. I have dirty blonde hair, and it's straight as a board. My eyes are a brown color, not dark but not light. You know? The color of unbarfed chocolate. Pleasant way of describing it, I know. You could call me skinny, I guess. Some of my friends call me a twig. Oh, I forgot to mention: I'm an incredible athlete, as well as guitarist and singer.

Not to brag or anything…

I have one sister, Ella Martinez. And my mum is Valencia Martinez. Yes, I'm aware that you're thinking, "Oh, you liar, you have a different last name. Pfft." I simply don't want my fathers last name. (A/N: I know Jeb's last name isn't Martinez in the books. Just bear with me on this one.) 5 and ½ years ago, Jeb left to go to some work project. He isn't returning. I haven't seen him for about 1/3 of my life, and I'm strong. I don't cry over not seeing that mans face. Back to the more relevant topic of the cruise-I'm going with Ella and my mum. We just got onto a Carnival Cruise Ship that will be cruising over the seas for 3 weeks. Crud, that's almost a whole month. The only reason I'm down about this being 3 weeks is because I haven't yet mastered the art of 'Not Being Violent and Making New Friends' yet. I'll probably get bored real fast. Goodie.

"Max, honey?" My mums' warm voice sounded from my left. "Make your way to the elevators."

Nodding to her, I grabbed Ella's wrist as she squealed in protest, and pulled her along behind me. "Excuse me! Dude, MOVE. I did NOT push you hard enough to fall over!" I snarled in a harsh and loud tone.

DING! The elevator sounded, and the doors slid open. It was empty. Score! I dragged a giggling Ella in, and mum stepped in quickly as the doors snapped shut. Excellent, just us 3. I hate being crammed into small places with complete strangers. "A job violently done," I mentally complimented myself, thinking back to the man who fell down. I jabbed the button for the 8th floor. Within 15 seconds, there was another DING! and the doors slid open to reveal a colorful room with 'Tinker Bell Green' wallpaper and dark wood tiling. To the left was a hallway labeled: 'Even Rooms.' The right hallway was labeled: 'Odd Rooms.'

"We're room 856… so we go to the left, I suppose," my mum told me and Ella.

"OMG, 856? That's, like, my favorite clothes designers favorite number!" squealed Ella. "I was reading it in a magazine on the plane ride!" She zoomed ahead while taking one of the room card keys from mum. Rolling our eyes, we jogged after Ella. The door was closing, so I darted forward and slipped in. I have a severe disability to open doors with any sort of key. Sad, I know. But I didn't run fast enough to miss the details of the teenage boy who walked into the room next to mine. Black hair that fell over his right eye, and olive skin. As far as I saw of his left eye, his eyes were an onyx black. Features that made him undeniably… attractive, to say in the least.

I shook my head, focusing on the room. It had a wooden floor that was a very light color. A white, shaggy carpet was underneath the bed for decoration. The bed itself had a bedspread that was white with and had etched, brown stripes and more definite green stripes on it. There was a balcony, with a dark wood frame, and glass in the middle with silver handles. White rectangles were on the walls to help store small accessories/decorations, and another dark wooden door was the way to access a rather, ehm, large closet. A small nightstand was to the left of the bed, and it was white with a stylish lamp on top.The room itself was better than my own, to be honest. 1 queen size bed, 2 chairs, as 42" flat screen T.V., a mini-fridge, counter space, a dresser, and a decent sized bathroom-you name it, the room has it.

"Max, this room is so you!" Ella and mum said at the same time.

"Speaking of YOU, Max…" Ella's eyes swept over my outfit. I had on a caramel colored shirt with a faint outline of hawk/eagle wings in white, and jean shorts that were baby blue with several rips and tears from past experiences. My shoes were simple white Converse. "Maybe shorter jeans and a frilly pink top…" Ella's voice dropped from confident to nothing as she saw my glare.

"First off, I hate frills. Way too girly. Second of all, I hate pink. Again, too girly. This outfit is fine!" I fumed, picking at the frayed hems of my jeans.

"Whatever," Ella grumbled. I smirked; she knew I was right.

"Girls, I'm going to have a look around. You can, too. Just be back by 6:30, we'll have dinner tonight at that time. There are clocks all around the ship. Okay?" my mum asked.

"'Kay," I said, shrugging.

"Got it," said Ella happily. And just like that, all 3 of us took a key card, and set off different ways from our room. Let the fun begin.

So, there's chapter 1! I hope you guys liked it. Next chapter will be mostly Max's POV again, but I may add in some of Fang's POV. Please, please review!

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