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Spoilers: Darker Than Black – The Black Contractor (Season1), DTB - Shikkoku no Hana (Manga); DTB – Gaiden (Ova), DTB – Gemini of the Meteor (Season2)

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Summery: Set after Gemini of the Meteor's End: Hei has his Yin finally back and they are back on their run, but their past won't let them off the hook so quickly, since the world is still not at peace. (Bad summary, sorry)

A/N: Hi, guys, this is my first fanfic for DTB and the people over in the Xmen-fandom gonna kill me if they knew I would write a story to another fandom instead of updating there… (In the middle of October the Wolverine Anime will be aired here in Germany, so I'm to 95% sure I'll be again head-over-heels for Xmen, but then again there are rumors for a 3rd DTB season also start airing mid October…)

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Recently I just watched Season1 again (German dub, no English subs) and I fell for the couple Hei x Yin and then I read the manga which takes place between season1 and Gaiden and this fanfic-plot bothers me for a few days now, so I thought I bring it to paper/HDD.

By the way English is not my native tongue.

DTB: Black Dust

Chapter 1

The fake starry sky shone brightly above his head, just like the 'new' copied Earth woke to its first 'real' day of life. But this was not of any concern to him. The only reason to live in his miserable existence lay unconscious in his arms and was breathing, this was all that counted for Hei. He slowly staggered away from the centre of the Gate towards the old subway-tunnels that held a secret path to the rest of the world, his grip tightening around the nude form of the young woman, who meant the world to him.

He didn't know how long he'd walked through the nightly streets of Tokyo or where his feet had brought him, but when Hei eventually looked up to take in his surroundings, he stood in front of a abandoned warehouse, one of his and Yin's hide-outs after they were on the run from the Syndicate.

Yin… His gaze travelled down to the angelic features of the woman he loved and suddenly he registered the cold around him and her clothless state – she must be freezing. Carefully he entered the building and went up the creaking stairs to the room he knew a single bed and blankets would await him. As gently as possible he placed her onto the gray blanket and wrapped it tightly around her fragile frame before slipping out of his coat and placing it over her peacefully sleeping form.

He stared at her a small eternity, marveling if this was yet another one of his cruel dreams, but he dared to believe that the wish he made inside the Gate might have indeed be granted. With a slightly trembling hand he reached out to stroke a silver strain from her cheek, his fingertips lingering on her cool but smooth skin.

"Yin…" Pools of tears gathered in his dark blue eyes and were allowed to find their way down his cheeks in thick rivers, when he leaned forward with a sob and gathered the sleeping beauty in his tight embrace. "I'm so sorry. I really meant my promise." His own body shook by his desperate cries.

When eventually no more tears would flow Hei loosened his grip on her lifeless form and carefully crawled onto the bed – the mattress creaking under his weight. He leaned against the headboard before lifting Yin's still body up and pulling her onto his lap. Her head rested just above his heart as he wrapped his arms around her and watched her sleep, praying for her to wake up.

His fingers seemed to have their own life when they ran through her long silver locks and began to gently stroke her arm. He buried his nose in her hair and took a deep breath of her flowery scent. "Please wake up, Yin." He whispered as silent tears streamed down his face and he tightened his hold on her even more, afraid she would vanish into thin air like in his nightmares.

Slowly her eyelids fluttered open and the dark that engulfed her her entire life lightened up ever so slightly. 'Sunlight.' She remembered this minimal change in her ever present darkness.

Taking a deep breath, it felt like breathing freely in a very long time, though the main smell lingering in the air was mold - but she wouldn't complain. Her ears couldn't make out any sounds beside a rhythmically thumping below her head and then she felt it. She was not alone. There was someone holding her fiercely. Yin panicked a little.

But then she recognized another smell. A smell that reminded her of the silver moonlight, walks on the sand and embraces, of safety and love. Of Hei.

She tried to summon her observer spirit, but the closest her unnatural 'eyes' came to her current position was a bottle of water across from their present hideout – there was no water in this room.

She carefully lifted her head and looked up, where her intuition told her Hei's face was. He seemed to sleep. Lifting her hand somehow was a great afford, but she managed to hover her fingers over his features, his breath tickling her fingertips. She didn't mean to wake him, but it felt like a lifetime ago, that she had touched him – she, not her Observer Spirit.

His skin felt a little rougher than she remembered, but her memories slowly returned and she remembered the last months, or were it years?, he had suffered, unable to see her observer spirit, she had sent out to him. She felt suddenly tears sting in her sightless eyes at the thought how broken this man had been. His face had looked so hard and jagged, but her fingertips told her a different story now: he seemed relaxed.

"Hei." She breathed, but her throat felt rough and sore, only by this single word. When she felt him shift under her, she feared to have woken him, but his arms only tightened even more around her body and he nuzzled the top of her head with his nose before planting a kiss onto her silver hair. "I'll never let go of you again, Yin." He whispered in his dream.

Blinking her eyes, her tears finally rolled down freely her pale cheeks. She had missed him so much. Even his irrational promises, or maybe especially those.

Her fingers ran through his thick mane and she nestled her face into the crook of his head, breathing in his unique scent.

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Since watching Season2 is a few years back for me, could anyone please explain me where the hell the NEW GATE appeared (also Tokyo?) and why (if this was told). So there is the sealed off Heaven's gate, the open Hell's gate and this open third and new gate, or did I got something wrong by reading other fanfics…