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I like to keep as close to the anime and manga as possible, so this chapter is a little like the first chapter in the manga or the very first episode, where we get to know Misaki and a little background to the story…

Chapter 4

'It's been 15 years now since the 'Hell'sGate' appeared in Tokyo and the old stars and the moon disappeared and this fake starry sky enveloped the world. Much had happened and many people had died and many fake stars had fallen in the last one and a half decades.' Kirihara Misaki thought as she left the latest crime-scene, shaking the persistent sand from her shoes.

'Since five years the public knows about the existence of Contractors, Dolls and their super-human abilities, yet nothing has changed. There are still crimes and murders done by rational thinking Contractors and the different illegal or political-driven groups they are working for. And the numbers are still increasing.' She got into her car and waited for her team to get in as well.

'Since two years I belong to the Syndicate – not the same one BK-201 began to destroy five years ago – but a new one. I together with my team – Saitou, Kouno, Ootsuka (I need people I can trust and count on), Mao and our two newest team additions Ivory (a Contractor) and his younger brother Emerald (a Doll) – work under the official disguise of Special-Contractor-Affairs-Section that investigates Contractor-related incidents countrywide, so normal humans can live in peace with Contactors.'

Misaki huffed frustrated and looked over at Saitou at the passenger seat. "Now we drove all the way to Osaka and have still not the slightest clue on those strange new stars that appear out of nowhere, pulse and then vanish without falling, just to reappear shortly some time later. Let alone the unnatural number of Moratoriums appearing lately."

On the backseat Kouno slid somewhat away from the stoic Doll – the 10 year old gave him the creeps. "But there must be a connection to those murders taking place all over the country and not only here, there are even cases in countries far away from the two open Gates. Some of the victims were killed by abilities not logged yet or the Contractors known for those abilities have a good alibi. Maybe it has something to do with this new gate?"

Misaki sighed. "That's nothing new. And the only traces like fingerprints are from humans that most likely were not involved and have passed by before the crimes occurred." From the corner of the eyes she watched the shore they were driving by. Suddenly a dark-haired man in a brown button-up shirt and dark-blue jeans caught her attention. 'Li-kun…' Without warning she yanked the wheel to the side and stopped the car at the roadside.

Jumping out of the car, the woman got a last good glimpse of the man, she hadn't seen for so long, as he paid at the small store and walked back down the sandy path to the shore.

"Kirihara-san?!" Her subordinates called after her confused and all got off the vehicle following her.

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