Okay, I've just recently gotten into Hatoful Boyfriend (from watching Cry's play through on Youtube, haha). I'm not even sure how it happened…but, well…here I am, already in love with one of the characters and writing something about him. Geez…I always like the sad, shy types…don't I? I hope this doesn't suck…it's pretty short.

Nageki slowly turned his head, stealing a quick glance at the small girl sitting beside him. He wasn't used to spending time in the library in another's company…it was usually just him. He had come to grips with it being that way, but now…he found that he didn't really mind the company that Chiaki provided.

Chiaki lifted her head from the book she was reading, Pride and Prejudice, to meet the bright amber eyes that bore into her.

Nageki was a bit taken aback by the sudden eye contact, something he didn't quite know how to deal with, and froze a moment before looking away. A light rose blush dusted his cheeks as he lowered his head and hid his eyes behind his green bangs.

Chiaki giggled quietly at the boy's shyness and lightly touched his shoulder. The beige fabric of his uniform sweater was soft beneath her palm.

Nageki flinched slightly at the unfamiliar contact. He wasn't used to this…to any of this. He wasn't used to the touch, or even the company, of another person like this. It had never been like this before for him…not until Chiaki came along. She didn't poke fun at him for being quiet, or fail to notice his presence in a room, or even make fun of his love of books.

All she ever did was smile at him and offer her companionship. It seemed that she loved reading just as much as he did, well almost anyway, and she spent more and more time in the small, cozy space of the school library because of him.

Nageki had been annoyed at first, but with time, she had surely grown on him. This was no longer his space to wallow in his quiet solitude, but a space where he finally had a friend.

And he couldn't be more grateful.

Chiaki patted his shoulder and he cocked his head slowly to look at her.

She grinned. "You know what Nageki? I know I say this a lot, and you must get a bit annoyed with me…but I'm really glad that I transferred here. If I hadn't, we would have never met or had the chance to become friends!" She said, her voice a soft twitter.

Nageki wasn't sure how to respond. His blush deepened and he allowed a small, ghost of a smile to play at his lips.

"Yes…I…am glad, too." He said softly.

Chiaki tittered with light laughter as she went back to her book.

A few minutes passed and Nageki looked over at her again. She did not return his gaze this time, for she was once again lost in the story that she was reading.

Nageki let his smile broaden a bit. They didn't even have to converse with each other on these little sit-ins, just being in each other's presence was enough. The silence was comfortable, as was the warmth of finally being appreciated and cared about.

Even when Chiaki just sat with him, silently, and with her nose in a book, it meant the whole wide world to Nageki. It meant the world to him…just to be noticed.